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QuickBooks Time Pricing: How Much Does It Really Cost?

David Kariuki
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July 24, 2023 9:52 AM
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QuickBooks Time, formerly Tsheets, is a time-tracking software that enables you to track employee time for various purposes, such as payroll, billing, or creating invoices. The software includes clocking in and out, scheduling, geofencing, and other useful features.

QuickBooks Time can be accessed via a web dashboard or on Android and iOS mobile devices using the QuickBooks Workforce app. QuickBooks Time also offers the Time Clock Kiosk, an alternative to a punch clock. 

While QuickBooks Time offers reliable features and benefits, many wonder whether its functions are worth the price.

So, what is QuickBooks Time pricing, and does the quality of its service live up to its reputation? Let’s find out!

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What Is QuickBooks Workforce Mobile App? QuickBooks Time Mobile App, Renamed

You may have noticed that from late June 2023, the QuickBooks Time Tracker app has been relaunched as the QuickBooks Workforce mobile app with a new logo. They have indicated that no action is required from the customer’s end, and all their data and settings will stay the same.

But, the QuickBooks Time tracking app has not only changed its name but also added some functionalities originating from the QuickBooks Workforce app. Besides tracking and managing employee hours for scheduling, payroll, and invoicing purposes, businesses that use QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Online Payroll can now use the QuickBooks Workforce mobile app to manage W-2 forms and paychecks for their employees from a single place.

QuickBooks Time admin will need to turn on settings and permissions to ensure their team is all set to use the QuickBooks Workforce app. The only caveat is that contractors cannot access their pay information on the app but can proceed to track time efficiently. 

QuickBooks Workforce mobile app simplifies the employee experience; it allows them to track their time and view their pay details from a single app. 

Is There a Free Version of QuickBooks Time?

QuickBooks Time doesn’t have a free version. There was a free tier in the past, but that option is no longer available.

Currently, QuickBooks Time has Premium and Elite plans. But you can also select an additional bundle that comes with time tracking, such as the Payroll Premium or Payroll Premium with Simple Start. There is a 30-day free trial for QuickBooks Time, and no credit card is required to start using it.

How Much Does QuickBooks Time Cost?

‍What are the subscription options available in QuickBooks Time?

QuickBooks Workforce app has two pricing plans - Premium and Elite, with additional bundles for time tracking - Payroll Premium and Payroll Premium + Simple Start.

  • The Premium plan will cost you $8 per user per month plus a monthly base fee of $20 per user per month.  
  • The Elite pricing plan costs $10 per user per month plus a base fee of $40 per user per month. 
  • The Payroll Premium bundle costs $8 per user per month with a base fee of $75 per employee per month.
  • The Payroll Premium + Simple Start bundle goes for $8 per user per month with a base fee of $105 per employee per month.

QuickBooks Time Pricing Plans
QuickBooks Time Pricing Plans

Besides time tracking on the QuickBooks Workforce mobile app, the Elite plan includes scheduling, real-time project collaboration, and tracking with your team members. 

It also features geofencing, timesheet signatures, time off management, project activity feed, project estimates vs. actual reporting, and a mileage tracking feature.

How Does the QuickBooksTime Pricing Work?

As mentioned, QuickBooks Time offers two pricing plans with a 30-day free trial, longer than most time and attendance software provides. 

QuickBooks Time provides more geotechnology features than other apps, and its scheduling features work well for field technicians, shift-based onsite teams, and work-from-home workforce. 

Additionally, the app offers seamless integration with Intuit tools such as QuickBooks Time Accountant, making it a great choice for brands that use QuickBooks as their payroll processor and accounting software.

All plans on QuickBooks Time provide one free admin, scheduling for teams, and expert support. That said, QuickBooks Time charges additional fees to add more.

When you pay the monthly base fee, it caters to unlimited in-house customer support, account setup, all your data storage, webinars, and tutorials, as well as administrator access for persons responsible for editing timesheets, running payrolls and reports, and managing schedules. 

What Is QuickBooks Time Pricing for 10 Employees Then?

You may want to calculate how much QuickBooks Time will cost if you have multiple employees.


For instance, if you have ten employees, you will pay as much as $140 for the Elite and $100  for the Premium plan monthly. Note that there is no annual plan you can count on for a discount.

Does QuickBooks Time Offer a Discount for Non-Profit Organizations?

Although QuickBooks Time offers various pricing packages, it doesn’t mention discounts to non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations should contact to check whether any discount options apply.

QuickBooks Time: Advantages and Disadvantages

It’s essential to understand the pros and cons of QuickBooks Time to understand if it will be a good fit for your needs. For example, to understand if QuickBooks Time has a desirable price-performance ratio, we need to look into what it offers, its pros, and its cons.

QuickBooks Time/QuickBooks Workforce Mobile App App Key Features

QuickBooks Time may be a good option if you are transitioning from pen and paper. It has several features that allow it to track and manage your mobile workforce easily. Here are some of its valuable features:


  • Mobile GPS time tracking and reporting: QuickBooks Workforce mobile app is one of the best features of QuickBooks Time. The app tracks time and GPS location, assigns schedules, attaches photos, and manages mobile and remote employees. Managers can see who is working, where they’re working, and who is closest to the next job site and can be deployed for maximum efficiency. QuickBooks Time also offers a Crew Functionality, where the group leader can clock their team in and out as they move to their job sites.

  • Employee scheduling: QuickBooks subscription plans include reliable employee scheduling functionalities, which can help improve shift planning. Managers can use the drag-and-drop tools to schedule shifts on their smartphones or computer. Using the Who’s Working tab, managers can see employees available for urgent jobs and assign them immediately.

  • PTO management: QuickBooks Paid Time Off management tools are available on Premium and Elite plans. The QuickBooks Time allows you to create custom PTO rules. Users can check their PTO balances and request time off on the QuickBooks Workforce mobile app. Managers can authorize requests and notify the employees via email or text messages. 

  • QuickBooks Integration: One of the main reasons people choose QuickBooks Time is because it integrates with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Online Payroll, QuickBooks Desktop, and other software such as Xero, Paychex, Gusto, ADP, Breezeworks, OnPay, PaymentEvolution, and more

  • Geotechnology: QuickBooks Workforce mobile app offers reliable GPS functionalities to monitor precise locations of your team’s entire shift. The app also features geofencing functionalities, which allow employees to clock in and out at job sites. The Elite plan offers automatic GPS mileage tracking to track mileage for field employees and display them on mileage, timesheets, and payroll reports. 

  • Job and project tracking: QuickBooks Time allows you to track time for different jobs and projects. It has a project tracking section that enables you to track set budgets on various projects and lets you know if you’re about to exceed the budget. This feature can be valuable for businesses that wait days or weeks to see if their employees exceed allocated hours on budgeted projects.

QuickBooks Time Drawbacks

Although QuickBooks Time is a valuable time-tracking software, it has its fair share of drawbacks.


  • Complicated to use with a steep learning curve: QuickBooks Time has a complex learning curve. Many users find it challenging to navigate the software because of its many features on the web desktop version. For instance, you need to drag and move several windows to get anything done, and some features are hidden as add-ons and come with extra charges.
  • Costly: QuickBooks Time is on the more expensive spectrum of time-tracking software. Its price has increased over time. The app requires a monthly subscription on top of per-user fees. In the past, QuickBooks Time pricing was $5 per user per month + $20 base fee and $1.25 for scheduling. Note that then, its name was still TSheets.
  • The app can be slow: Buying a time tracking tool should make time tracking easier, not more difficult. The irony is that QuickBooks Times’s apps can be sluggish. Sometimes, it can take users a while to clock in. Additionally, some users report having to refresh it persistently to get updates.
  • Little to no customer support: Users report that since Intuit took over, there has been little to no customer support. You can see what users have to stay about QuickBooks Time users here.

QuickBooks Time May Suit Some Businesses

QuickBooks Time is a versatile time-tracking system. As such, it may suit businesses with time tracking requirements beyond simple clocking in and out and those with many employees. QuickBooks Time offers a wide variety of interconnectivity with other accounting software, which allows users to make payroll and invoicing easily. 

The pricing also plays a role here since its cost may affect some businesses more or less than others. That said, this software caters to different businesses in different industries, including:

  • Businesses that use QuickBooks Accounting or QuickBooks Online Payroll: If you already use QuickBooks Accounting or QuickBooks Payroll, QuickBooks Time will integrate, simplifying budgeting, invoicing, or payroll. This way, you won’t have to enter time data twice or upload CSV files for it to work.

  • Businesses with client accounts: QuickBooks Time can help you assign hours to clients and projects for invoicing and job pricing.

  • Companies with employees in remote locations: Quickbooks Time app allows employees to clock in on the laptop, computer, or kiosk, making it a sound choice for businesses with employees working outside the office.

QuickBooks Time Pricing May Be Too Much for Some

While offering some perks, QuickBooks Time costs may be too expensive for some businesses and self-employed workers. So let’s see who may not find this solution ideal for their business.


  • Businesses on a budget: Since QuickBooks Time pricing isn’t budget-friendly, it probably isn’t the time-tracking software you may be looking for. But don’t fret; there are other powerful alternatives, such as Timeero, that offer affordable plans to fit all your business needs.

  • Self-employed workers: Single users or freelancers may not find QuickBooks Time an ideal solution, probably because they don’t need the multitude of features QuickBooks Time offers at a relatively higher price. They can go for a simpler time-tracking alternative, such as Timeero.

So, Is QuickBooks Time Expensive?

Yes. QuickBooks Yime is not a free service. You have two options - Premium and Elite plan. The Premium plan will cost you $8 per user per month plus a $20 fee, and the Elite Plan will cost you $10 per user per month plus a $40 fee.

QuickBooks Time is a pricier option than most time-tracking software. If you want a more affordable and powerful alternative with similar features, you should check out Timeero. Timeero is a time-tracking and mobile workforce management app ideal for businesses with remote employees.

How Is Timeero Different From QuickBooks Time?

Although QuickBooks Time can help you track time and location, people often want more out of it. The complexity of the software, coupled with the high price, may be among the reasons most businesses might seek an alternative.

Timeero is the best time and mileage tracking app that offers time tracking, GPS location tracking, scheduling, mileage tracking, and many more features and functionalities for an affordable price. We’ve tested both apps side-by-side, so check out our Timeero vs. QuickBooks Time Review to see how they compare.

Let’s look at some of these benefits Timeero offers to its users.


Timeero has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it very easy to use. You can easily find your way around both mobile and web apps. Among the major reasons people choose Timeero over the QuickBooks Workforce mobile app, formerly QuickBooks Time, is its ease of use. 

timeero time clock mobile app

Simply hit the clock-in button, and the app will automatically start tracking time and location. On the Timeero web dashboard, features are straightforward, and you can access everything from time tracking to employee timesheets with a click of a button.  

Read our detailed Timeero Review to see the app’s other unique features.

Easier Clock-In and Clock-Out With Geofencing

One of the biggest problems with time tracking using a time tracking solution is that employees forget to clock in and out. Then you have to fix the missing timesheets. 

But Timeero makes clocking in and out easy using your iOS or Android mobile device. When employees clock in or out, the app will record their time and location, ensuring they are at their designated workplace when the punches occur.

Timeero also offers geofencing capabilities, which makes GPS tracking effective. Managers can create virtual boundaries around job sites and set up the app to send employees clock-in and out reminders once they enter or leave the geofenced areas. This ensures no punches are missed and prevents employees from submitting timesheet entries for work outside the geofenced location.

With these options, you will have peace of mind knowing your employees are clocking in and out when they should.

GPS Location and Segmented Mileage Tracking

Timeero is a powerful app that combines location, time, and mileage tracking in one place. It is specially tailored to fit the needs of businesses that need to monitor their employees’ location and travel expenses. 

With Timeero, you can easily track and get real-time and historical insights into your employees’ routes and mileage.

How does it work? 

It’s simple. Your employees just need to clock in and out using their mobile app once a day. 

Timeero will automatically start tracking their location as soon as they clock in. When the app recognizes driving speed, it automatically captures the business mileage.

timeero route replay
View employees' routes in detail

Timeero lets you see your employees’ exact clock-in and out locations and the routes they took using the route replay feature and breadcrumbing technology

timeero segmented tracking
Timeero Segmented Tracking: Entire workday at a glance

And if you choose the Segmented Mileage feature, it will segment the entire workday into travels,  jobs, and the locations they visit, providing detailed information such as the distance, duration, and time of each activity.

Besides tracking and capturing employees’ routes, Timeero provides additional functionalities regarding mileage tracking.

For example, if you assign your employees a certain job, the app can show them the shortest route to the worksite. The suggested mileage feature will compare the shortest route with the actual one, showing you the difference in mileage. 

Knowing your employees’ routes will also give some ground for implementing a mileage reimbursement policy and controlling expenses. Similarly, having the right mileage logs for your employees allow for fair reimbursement and computation of tax deductions come tax time.

Timeero tracks mileage accurately and provides IRS-compliant logs that follow the laws and regulations on mileage reimbursement.

Mileage tracked by Timeero can easily be exported to QuickBooks or other accounting or payroll software for reimbursements. ‍

Check our detailed guide on Employee Mileage Reimbursement to read more about the rates, rules, and regulations on mileage reimbursement.

Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling is often a challenge, especially for businesses with field and mobile employees.

Timeero offers scheduling functionalities at no additional cost, which works in tandem with time tracking. 

Timeero lets you schedule shifts easily

Like the scheduler on QuickBooks Time, Timeero’s scheduling feature allow users to create a new schedule effortlessly. The great part is that you can create a repeating shift with simple clicks or drag-and-drop to reschedule the shift to another day or employee quickly.

One significant difference many Timeero users love is that the app allows employees to accept or decline assigned shifts.

When assigned a shift, employees get notified through smartphone notifications and email. And the schedule creator will be notified if they choose to accept or decline a shift.

More Affordable Than QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time is more expensive than Timeero. 

For a start, both apps offer a free trial: Timeero offers a 14-day free trial, while QuickBooks Time offers a 30-day free trial.

This allows you to have a firsthand feel for all their premium features.

That said, QuickBooks Time is relatively expensive compared to Timeero. At a $20 monthly base fee plus $8 monthly expense per user,  QuickBooks Time is more pricey than Timeero’s starter pack at $4 per user per month.

Timeero’s Pro plan costs $8 per user per month with no user limits and more advanced features. 

This is an ideal plan for businesses that want geofencing capabilities, robust scheduling functionalities for team members, time-off management, and Timeero advanced integrations. 


In a nutshell, Timeero is more affordable, and you get more than what is on QuickBooks Time (and QuickBooks Workforce mobile app) for almost half the price. 

Check out Timeero vs. QuickBooks Time pricing comparison:

QuickBooks Time and Timeero pricing comparison

Easily Integrates With QuickBooks

Timeero easily integrates with QuickBooks products, including QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. It also integrates seamlessly with other software, such as:

  • Gusto,
  • ADP Workforce Now,
  • Rippling,
  • Viventium,
  • Paychex,
  • Xero,
  • RUN powered by ADP.

Timeero & QuickBooks: Take the Best From Both Worlds

QuickBooks Time offers many benefits, but it lacks all the robust features your business might need. And for what it provides, you have to pay top dollar. 

That’s where Timeero comes in. 

You can integrate Timeero with QuickBooks to easily and quickly export timesheets and mileage to speed up invoicing and payroll processing. Why spend time on manual entries when you can go to a fancy dinner instead?‍

Try Timeero’s 14-day free trial today!


How Much Does Quickbooks Time, Formerly Tsheets, Cost per Employee?

QuickBooks Time is not a free service. You have two options -Premium and Elite plan. The Premium plan will cost you $8 per user per month plus a $20 fee, and the Elite plan will cost you $10 per user per month plus a $40 fee.

Which QuickBooks Subscriptions Include QuickBooks Time?

QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium and Elite subscriptions include QuickBooks Time at no additional cost.

What Is the Difference Between QuickBooks Time Elite and Premium?

The Premium plan offers key features: time tracking, scheduling, project management, and integration with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Payroll. Besides these features, the Elite plan includes real-time project collaboration and tracking with your team members, geofencing, timesheet signatures, project activity feed, and project estimates vs. actual reporting.

Get Your Work Done and Save Money with Timeero.

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