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TSheets Pricing (aka QuickBooks Time) - How Much Does It Really Cost Overall?

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June 7, 2021 4:15 AM
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Is TSheets free?

Nope. Yes you read that right. TSheets is not a free service. Even though back in the day there used to be a free tier. That option is no longer available.

How much is TSheets?

TSheets has two pricing tiers, Elite and Premium. The Elite plan is the more expensive plan, and it comes with project tracking features and geofencing.
Currently, the Elite plan costs $10/user/month with a $40 base fee. The Premium plan is the less costly version and the price is $8/user/month with a $20 base fee.

What is TSheets pricing for 10 employees?

So if you have 10 employees, excluding the administrator account, you can expect to pay $140 a month for the Elite plan and a $100/month for the Premium plan. There is no annual plan.

Does TSheets give out a discount for non-profit organizations?

TSheets does offer a non-profit discount of 20%. Like many software companies, you will need to show your form 501c3 certificate before any discount can be applied to your account.

So is TSheets expensive?

We think TSheets is more expensive than your average time tracking software. If you are looking for a time tracking software similar to TSheets, you should highly consider Timeero. Timeero is a time tracking and mobile workforce management app, ideal for businesses with employees who work outside an office.

tsheets vs timeero

How are we different from TSheets?

TSheets can help you track time and location. But too often, we hear of people wanting more out of it. So before you click the upgrade button or continue overpaying for TSheets, we think you should check out how we are similar and different from TSheets here. Timeero offers time tracking, mileage, location, scheduling, and many more for a much more affordable price.

Looking for a more affordable TSheets alternative?

Sure! Reach out to us for a demo here or by starting a chat with us on the bottom right...... or just go ahead and take Timeero on a test drive by starting right here.


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