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5 Best Workforce Management Software With GPS in 2024

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Workforce management is a complex task that requires accuracy and efficiency. To get the job done, there are numerous challenges for you to solve: 

  • How can you ensure your teams work on the right tasks at the right time and place? 
  • How can you monitor employee performance and progress in real-time? 
  • How can you get reliable data to optimize your operations and strategy?

The answer lies in workforce management software with GPS cell phone tracking.

This article will introduce you to the best workforce management software with GPS technology of 2024 and compare their features, benefits, and pricing. Here are the five apps that made it to our list:

  • Timeero - The Best Workforce Management Software with GPS
  • Hubstaff - Workforce Management for Hybrid Teams
  • Buddy Punch - Multiple Punch-in Options for Modern Workplaces
  • Connecteam - Workforce Management With Comprehensive Time Tracking and Scheduling
  • Homebase - Free Plan for One Location

But how do you choose the right workforce management mobile app that fits your needs? Read on as we uncover all the essential details.

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What Is the Best Workforce Management Software With GPS?

Best workforce management software with GPS is a powerful tool that can transform the way you manage your dispersed teams.

It allows you to track your team members’ location and status, assign tasks based on proximity and availability, and collect valuable insights that inform your decisions.

What are the key features of the WFM software that you should consider? Here is a brief checklist.

  • Employee Time and Attendance Tracking. This feature can help you maintain compliance with labor laws and ensure accurate payroll processing. It provides transparency and accountability for both employers and employees regarding work hours and break times.

  • Real-Time Tracking. Using this feature, you can monitor their workforce’s location in real-time, enhancing responsiveness and operational control. It is crucial for industries where immediate response and location accuracy are critical.

  • Geofencing. By setting up virtual boundaries, geofencing can trigger alerts or actions when employees enter or exit these areas. This feature is invaluable for field operations compliance, security, and efficiency.

  • Mileage Tracking. For businesses with mobile workforces, accurate mileage tracking is essential. This feature not only ensures fair and accurate reimbursement for travel but also aids in expense management and budgeting.

  • Employee Scheduling. Effective scheduling tools are vital for managing a diverse and dynamic workforce. They ensure optimal staffing levels, help avoid conflicts, and improve workforce efficiency.

  • Route Optimization. This feature is a game-changer for businesses with mobile employees. It reduces travel time and costs, significantly impacting overall operational efficiency and customer service quality.

  • Data Analytics. Analyzing workforce data provides insights into trends, performance, and strategic decision-making. It is a powerful tool to help your business improve operational strategies and workforce management.

Now that we know what to look for in workforce management software, we can continue with our list of the best GPS solutions on the market.

Timeero: The Best Workforce Management Software With GPS

Timeero is a cloud-based tracking software designed to streamline the management of field employees or those working across various job sites. 

Its intuitive user interface and comprehensive features make it an ideal choice for industries like field services, construction, real estate, home healthcare, and sales, which demand mobility and flexibility.

GPS Time Tracking

Moving away from traditional paper-based systems to an automated, accurate workflow, Timeero transforms timekeeping and payroll processes. 

This easy-to-use tracking solution helps you ensure that your businesses always have reliable payroll data at any time, eliminating the hassle of late or incorrect timesheets.

timeero gps time clock
Using the Timeero mobile app, employees can easily track their hours, mileage, and routes.

With the easy-to-use Timeero mobile app for iOS and Android, team members can clock in and out effortlessly and create instant timesheet entries. The app will ask them to confirm they’re on-site during these punches.

Employees can also use the app to log their breaks. This is especially handy if your business has established its employee break policy or operates in states with stringent break requirements. A dedicated California Break Tracker feature helps employers and employees comply with this state’s complex requirements.

The Timeero Kiosk app, with its facial recognition feature, is a robust solution against time theft practices like buddy punching. It requires employees to verify their identity using their photos, significantly enhancing security and accuracy.

timeero signature timesheet
Verify timesheets or gather proof of work with Timeero.

Timeero also comes with a Signatures feature. Your employees can manually sign and verify data on their timesheets and confirm their breaks. They can also use the app to gather proof of work by gathering your customers’ signatures. 

Historical and Real-Time GPS Tracking

Timeero tracks employee locations continuously during their shifts. 

timeero who's working web
Always know who's available.

Using the Who’s Working dashboard, you can easily see the real-time locations of your employees and how their work progresses.

The GPS tracking feature works even without an internet connection, capturing and synchronizing data once online again. This ensures continuous tracking regardless of connectivity issues.

Timeero’s geofencing capabilities allow you to set virtual boundaries around important business locations. The app will send reminders for clocking in and out and flag timesheet entries if an employee clocks in or out offsite, promoting accuracy and preventing time theft.

Replay employees' routes and view all the necessary details.

You can also use the route replay feature and see your employees’ locations during their shifts. If they switched worksites, you can see the GPS breadcrumb trail with time, accuracy, and speed details.

We’ve tested the best five GPS tracking apps - check out our article to see how Timeero compares.

Mileage Tracking

For businesses with employees on the move, Timeero’s mileage tracking is invaluable. It accurately records work-related mileage, essential for fair reimbursement and IRS tax deduction compliance, while ensuring businesses don’t overpay for mileage.

timeero mobile mileage
Automate mileage tracking using the Timeero mobile app.

Using Timeero, you can completely automate mileage tracking and record keeping. The app will start tracking their activities when your employees check in using their mobile devices. The app will recognize driving and log their mileage if they exceed the predefined speed threshold.

Features such as Commuter Mileage, Shortest Distance, and Suggested Route can help reduce your mileage expenses and improve your employees’ accountability. 

Segmented Tracking

While Timeero tops the list due to its GPS and mileage tracking capabilities, the Segmented tracking feature sets it apart from all the other workforce management apps.

timeero segmented tracking
View time spent traveling vs. time on-site at a glance.

But what makes this feature so unique?

  • It’s completely hassle-free. There is no need for multiple punches during the shift - your employees must only clock in and out once during the workday. The app will still capture every location or job they’ve been in during the shift and log the time spent on them. It will also track every trip, logging its distance and duration.

  • Segmented tracking lets you see a visual timeline of your employees’ day on the field at a glance. You will see where they clocked in and out, all their work-related activities during the day, and all the important details. If your employees spend too much time traveling or idle too long at an unknown location, you can spot it immediately.

You can also use this feature to generate reports that classify costs according to the jobs.

Job Management and Employee Scheduling

Timeero allows you to easily create jobs, such as a customer, location, or vehicle, and assign them to individual employees or groups. This includes setting geofencing options, specifying hourly rates for each job, and adding essential contact details.

timeero scheduling web
Scheduling your crew is easy with Timeero.

The scheduling feature in Timeero simplifies employee scheduling, especially for mobile and field teams. You can easily create, modify, and notify staff of their schedules, with options for employees to accept or decline shifts directly in the app.

Your employees can also use the app for the time off approval process, as all the necessary steps can be taken from the app.

Reporting and Integrations

With Timeero, businesses can generate customizable reports for various purposes. These reports can be exported for easy sharing and integration with other software. 

Timeero’s integrations with accounting and payroll software like QuickBooks, ADP, Gusto, Xero Australia, and others can help you streamline payroll and reimbursement processes.

Flexible Pricing and Trial Options

Timeero offers four pricing plans designed to cater to different business needs. The flexibility allows companies to choose a plan that fits their size and requirements, with a 14-day free trial available to test the software’s capabilities.

Basic Plan ($4/user/month): Suitable for up to 10 users, this plan includes fundamental features like track time, GPS, and mileage.

Pro Plan ($8/user/month): Builds upon the Basic plan with additional features like job tracking, integrations, scheduling, geofencing, message blasts, and time off management.

Premium Plan ($11/user/month): Offers all Pro and Basic features and advanced tools such as auto clock-out when GPS is off, public API access, commuter mileage, suggested mileage, HIPAA compliance, location addresses, and signatures.

Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for organizations with over 250 users, offering all previous features plus dedicated account management, priority support, single sign-on, and custom implementation.

Segmented Tracking Add-On (Starting at $5/user): Available for Pro and Premium users, this add-on automatically captures visits, travel time, visit time, and travel distance.

And if you choose an annual subscription, you’ll get a month free. 

To learn more about the app, check out the detailed Timeero review or subscribe to the free 14-day trial. 

Hubstaff: Workforce Management for Hybrid Teams

Hubstaff, our next workforce management GPS solution, caters to diverse teams, including freelancers and remote employees. 

This comprehensive tool offers a blend of time management, project management, and employee activity tracking functionalities, making it a valuable asset for modern businesses.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Hubstaff provides a flexible time-tracking system that your employees can access via desktop and mobile apps and a Google Chrome browser extension. It supports various operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, ensuring broad compatibility.

hubstaff dashboard
Hubstaff Dashboard 

The automatic creation of timesheets can help you streamline the payroll and invoicing processes. 

Your managers can review, approve, or reject timesheets and time-off requests, ensuring accurate and timely employee management and payroll processing.

Geofencing and GPS Location Tracking

Hubstaff’s GPS tracking feature is particularly beneficial for field teams. It records and tracks employees’ locations automatically, enabling managers to monitor their movements during work hours. 

hubstaff location tracking
Hubstaff Location Tracking

The geofencing feature starts or stops tracking time based on the employee’s location, enhancing accountability and efficiency.

hubstaff geofencing
Explore the Geofencing feature in Hubstaff for efficient location tracking

Plus, you can use geofencing and restrict employees from checking in offsite, adding another layer of accountability to your attendance management.

Employee Scheduling and Task Management

Hubstaff’s project management features include team scheduling and task management, which can help you assign and monitor work efficiently. 

These tools are instrumental in managing employee schedules, client invoicing, and overall project tracking.

Comprehensive Employee and Productivity Monitoring

Hubstaff’s productivity monitoring tools provide real-time insights into app and website usage, helping managers identify idle time and optimize task assignments. This feature is key to understanding which steps to take to improve your business efficiency.

‍Hubstaff activity monitoring  
Hubstaff activity monitoring  

With features like screenshot monitoring, Hubstaff offers reliable insights into how employees spend their time. This functionality aids employers in assessing productivity levels and ensures that work hours are utilized effectively.

Invoicing and Payroll Management

Hubstaff enables automatic invoice generation based on hours worked or projects completed, simplifying the billing process.

The app supports automatic payroll processing, using time entries to generate timesheets and process payments for worked hours.

Hubstaff Pricing: 

Starter Plan ($7/user/month): Offers basic time tracking, timesheets, activity levels, limited functionalities for screenshots, app & URL monitoring, reports, payments, and client & invoice management.

Grow Plan ($9/user/month): All Starter plan features plus tasks, enhanced reporting, one integration, idle timeout, project budgets, work breaks, and expense tracking.

Team Plan ($12/user/month): Builds upon the Grow plan with additional features like unlimited screenshots, app & URL tracking, auto discarding idle time, team management, payments & payroll, unlimited integrations, overtime tracking, time off & holidays, scheduling & attendance, client budgets, timesheet approvals, and daily & weekly limits.

Enterprise Plan ($25/user/month, billed annually): This is the most comprehensive plan, encompassing all Team plan features plus location tracking, a corporate app, and higher limits on the public API.


A 14-day free trial is available to test the app’s capabilities.

While Hubstaff excels in employee and project monitoring and time management, its lack of mileage tracking might be a limitation for businesses with field employees. To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the app, read our honest Hubstaff Review.

Buddy Punch: Multiple Punch-in Options for Modern Workplaces

Buddy Punch, a cloud-based workforce management software, is tailored to fit the needs of various organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises.  It is particularly useful as a workforce management system for companies with remote teams or multiple job sites.

Versatile Clock-in/Out Options

Buddy Punch stands out with its multiple punch-in options, including facial recognition, PIN codes, usernames and passwords, and QR codes. This flexibility caters to different workplace environments and employee preferences, adding to the ease of use.

Buddy Punch Time Card
Buddy Punch Time Card

Using punch limiting, you can prevent early clock-ins and late clock-outs and ensure employees are only clocking time within designated areas.

Buddy Punch Punch Limiting
Buddy Punch: Punch Limiting

Geofencing, in particular, uses GPS technology to enforce location-based time tracking, which is crucial for field teams.

Managers can monitor employees’ hours in real-time, tracking attendance, time-off requests, and overtime. This feature is vital for maintaining accurate work records and ensuring compliance with work schedules.

Employee Scheduling and PTO Tracking

The drag-and-drop scheduler in Buddy Punch allows for easy creation, editing, and sharing of employee schedules. This feature is complemented by automatic punch-out functionality, which clocks out employees at the end of their scheduled shifts, helping you maintain accurate records of your employees’ work hours.

Buddy Punch Scheduling
Buddy Punch Scheduling

Buddy Punch lets you track all types of PTO, allowing employees to request time off directly in the app. Managers receive notifications for these requests, streamlining the approval process.


The software offers various customizable reports, providing insights into payroll, daily hours, activities, and more. These reports are essential for analyzing workforce productivity and making informed decisions.

Buddy Punch integrates with various software, including accounting and payroll systems like QuickBooks, Paychex, and Gusto, which streamlines payroll processing and time tracking. 

Buddy Punch Pricing

The pricing structure offers different plans, catering to various business sizes and requirements.

Standard Plan ($4.99/user/month + $19 base fee): Essential time tracking features, including unlimited free administrators, mobile app access, GPS on punches, time off tracking, job tracking, reporting, alerts & reminders, payroll integrations, break planning, and multi-channel support.

Pro Plan ($5.99/user/month + $19 base fee): Expanding on the Standard plan, the Pro plan introduces scheduling capabilities such as employee scheduling, shift trades & covers, schedule templates, schedule notifications, availability management, and early/late/absent reporting, tailored for businesses that require detailed scheduling tools in addition to time tracking.

Premium Plan ($7.99/user/month+ $19 base fee): The Premium plan includes all features of the Pro plan plus advanced real-time GPS tracking, GPS activity reporting, and a real-time location dashboard, making it ideal for businesses needing comprehensive location tracking and management.

Enterprise Plan: This top-tier option encompasses all the features of the Pro plan, plus added functionalities such as API Access and Single Sign-On (SSO). Custom pricing.

While BuddyPunch excels in providing a range of clocking options and robust scheduling features, the absence of an online timer for billable hours and limited phone support might be considerations for some businesses. Read more about it in our Buddy Punch review.

A 14-day free trial is available to try out the app.

Connecteam: Workforce Management With Comprehensive Time Tracking and Scheduling

Connecteam stands out as a versatile and user-friendly scheduling and time clock software that can handle the dynamic needs of both office-based and remote teams. 

Efficient Time Tracking for Diverse Work Environments

Connecteam’s time-tracking feature is designed with simplicity, making it accessible for all team members, regardless of how tech-savvy they are. 

connecteam time clock mobile screenshot
Use the mobile time clock’ in Connecteam for efficient time tracking

The app allows employees to clock in and out easily, selecting assigned jobs with just a few taps. This simplicity in operation ensures that even those less familiar with technology can navigate the app effectively.

Connecteam creates separate time clocks for various company locations, allowing for tailored settings like payroll, geolocation data, and overtime for each site. This feature benefits businesses with multiple branches, ensuring streamlined labor cost management across locations.

Connecting geofence mobile
Connecteam’s Geofencing feature for precise location tracking

With its geofencing feature, Connecteam allows businesses to set virtual boundaries for clocking in and out. This ensures that employees only log their hours within the designated work zones, which is especially useful for teams bound to physical locations.

The Face ID login feature on Connecteam’s Kiosk App enhances security and accountability. While it doesn’t directly match an employee’s photo with their profile, it attaches the photo to the activity log, providing an audit trail for reviewing attendance.

You can also configure Connecteam to prevent early clock-ins and automatically clock out employees at the end of their shifts. 

Automatically managing clocking times helps enforce work schedules and maintain accurate time records.

Real-Time GPS Location Tracking

Connecteam’s GPS tracking allows you to monitor the real-time location of your workforce, which is crucial for managing field teams. 

It also includes breadcrumb technology to trace the movement of employees during work hours, although it may not update as frequently as some competing apps.

Scheduling, Task Management, and PTO Tracking

Building schedules is straightforward, with options for drag-and-drop functionality and pre-made templates. Employees can set their availability and claim open shifts, fostering a more flexible and employee-friendly scheduling process.

Connecteam scheduling
Connecteam lets you create schedules

Connecteam’s task management module helps you organize and assign tasks efficiently, allowing for the creation of sub-tasks and setting deadlines and reminders.

The app facilitates tracking and managing paid time off, adhering to various state laws regarding breaks and overtime.

Connecteam Pricing:

Small Business Plan ($0): A free plan designed specifically for small businesses, offering full access to all hubs and features for up to 10 users.

Basic Plan ($39/month for the first 30 users + $0.6/additional user): This plan includes time tracking, GPS, payroll integration, shift info, and adding images to forms, among other features.

Advanced Plan ($59/month for the first 30 users + $1.8/additional user): Builds on the Basic plan by adding smart groups, admin permissions, geofence for the Time Clock, advanced filtering, recurring tasks, and more.

Expert Plan ($119/month for the first 30 users + $3.6/additional user): The most comprehensive plan offering everything in the Advanced plan plus live GPS tracking, process automation, multi-branch management, new device login alerts, and more.

Enterprise Solution: Custom pricing available upon request. This plan is for businesses that require a personalized approach, including private branding, API access, Single Sign-On (SSO), and more.

A 14-day free trial with full feature access is available. A discount for annual subscriptions is available.

While Connecteam offers a range of robust features, it does have some limitations. Users have reported occasional app crashes and unresponsive buttons, such as the ‘switch job’ or ‘end shift’ functions. 

Additionally, the app requires an active internet connection to function optimally, which could be a drawback in areas with unstable connectivity. In 2023 we tested this software solution to learn more about it. For more info, read our comprehensive Connectam review

Homebase: Free Forever Plan for One Location

Homebase is a versatile solution for businesses looking to streamline workforce management processes, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises. 

This software, which combines time tracking with scheduling capabilities, is designed to meet the diverse needs of companies managing office-based and remote teams.

Simplifying Time Tracking and Employee Scheduling

homebase mobile app
Homebase mobile app

Setting up and using Homebase is straightforward. Creating employee profiles, setting permissions, and initiating time tracking can be easily done. Employees can clock in with a simple click, making the process efficient and reducing the chance of errors.

homebase geofencing
Homebase comes with a geofencing feature

Homebase offers a geofencing feature, allowing businesses to set specific geographic boundaries for clocking in and out. This way, the app ensures employees are within their designated work locations, adding more accountability and accuracy to time tracking.

While Homebase includes a facial recognition feature for clocking in and out, it doesn’t match the photo with employee profiles for validation. 

This could limit its effectiveness in preventing buddy punching, though it does attach photos to timecards for manual review.

Employee Scheduling and Workforce Management Features

Homebase’s scheduling tools provide a robust system for shift management. Features like shift trading and auto-scheduling take into consideration employee availability and preferences, facilitating a more dynamic and responsive scheduling process and improving employee productivity.

homebase scheduling feature
Homebase Scheduling

Homebase’s automated clock-out feature is designed to manage employee shift times effectively. You can set up the system to automatically clock employees out at the end of their scheduled shifts, enforce work schedules, and minimize the risk of unauthorized overtime.

Homebase includes a notification system that reminds employees to clock in and out to tackle the challenge of employee forgetfulness. This feature helps maintain accurate time records and reduces the administrative burden of correcting timesheets.

Homebase Pricing

Homebase’s pricing structure is unique as it charges per location, not per employee.

Basic: available for one location and up to 20 employees, covering basic time tracking, scheduling, messaging, and hiring.

Essentials ($24,95/location/month): Includes basic features, team communication, and performance tracking.

Plus ($59,95/location/month): Offers Essentials features, labor cost tracking, time-offs, and PTO management.

All-in-one ($99,95/location/month): Comprehensive plan including all Homebase features, advanced human resources, and hiring tools.

Yearly subscriptions come with lower prices. Homebase offers a 14-day free trial for full feature access. 

Despite its user-friendly interface, Homebase does have its limitations. While it excels in user-friendliness and basic geofencing capabilities, businesses requiring more advanced GPS tracking or those operating in areas with unstable internet connectivity might find it lacking. 

Read our detailed Homebase review lo learn more about this workforce management solution. 

Pick the Best Workforce Management Software With GPS

Best workforce management tools with GPS will address various aspects of field workforce management. 

Our list includes some great software options that will help you streamline your workforce management and, at the same time, allow for scalability and customization to meet your unique operational needs.

Luckily, all the apps we’ve presented have the free trial option, so you can give your favorites the spin before committing.

And, since you’re already here - you’re just a step away from your go-to solution. With easy onboarding and excellent customer support, Timeero will improve your workforce management and skyrocket employee performance. 

Improve your workforce management with first-rate GPS tracking

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