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5 Best Field Employee Tracking Apps in 2024

Andjelka Prvulovic
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April 18, 2024 1:54 AM
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If your business relies on field employees or a mobile workforce, knowing their whereabouts at all times is not just beneficial—it's essential.

But how do you track field employees?

We recommend using a dedicated field employee tracking app: a mobile app equipped with real-time GPS tracking, time tracking, mileage tracking, and other essential features. 

Today, such apps are crucial for managing your remote employees effectively.

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To help you make an informed decision, we’ve personally tested and compared the best employee GPS tracking apps in the market today. To help you confidently choose the best tracking tool for your business needs, we have listed the top five top GPS tracking apps from our reviews below.

  • Timeero -  Best Field Employee Tracking App With Segmented and Mileage Tracking 
  • QuickBooks Workforce - Seamless QuickBooks Integration for Payroll and Accounting
  • Jibble - Essential Features for Small Teams with a Generous Free Plan
  • Where's My Staff - Cost-Effective Tracking for Budget-Conscious Businesses
  • Hubstaff - Advanced Tracking and Management for Dynamic Workforces

Why is Field Employee Tracking Important?

Knowing where your field staff is at all times is a necessity, and here’s how tracking can help:

  • Safety First. It allows you to respond quickly in emergencies, ensuring the safety of your employees.
  • Trust and Fairness. It enables accurate payment based on the actual time spent on projects, fostering trust between you and your employees.
  • Boost Productivity. It improves efficiency by allowing you to send employees where they’re needed most, optimizing resource use.
  • Stay Compliant. It helps you comply with labor laws and regulations by keeping accurate work records.
  • Cost Effectiveness. Field employee tracking reduces operational costs by automating time tracking and mileage logging, minimizing the need for time-consuming manual work, and reducing errors in payroll and reimbursements.
  • Improved Accountability. It enhances management and trust, ensuring employees are exactly where they should be during work hours while providing clear, verifiable records of work activities and locations.
  • Empower Your Team. It enables your mobile workforce to perform at peak levels.

These benefits clearly show how important it is to your business to keep track of the whereabouts of your remote teams.

What Features Should You Look for in a Field Employee Tracking App?

Field employee location tracking apps do much more than just put dots on a map.

Top-notch field employee tracking apps blend location-tracking features with other essential business functions.

Ready to find the best GPS tracking solution for your employees? Here are some key features to keep in mind:

  • Real-Time and Historical GPS Location Tracking Finding the current location of field employees can often be challenging. A reliable employee GPS tracking app enables field workers to navigate to their destinations efficiently while managers gain precise insights into employee locations and real-time activities. This feature is pivotal for optimizing workflow.

  • Time Tracker with Breaks and Overtime Monitoring Critical for fair and accurate payroll processing, GPS time tracking software allows monitoring of work hours, breaks, and overtime. This encourages accurate compensation for employees’ work, fostering transparency and trust.

  • Geofencing Capabilities Geofencing and GPS tracking work together to enhance the monitoring and tracking of employees. By creating virtual boundaries around specific locations, employers can manage clock-in and clock-out procedures more effectively. This includes sending reminders to employees when on-site and potentially restricting offsite punch-ins to prevent time theft.

  • Mileage Tracking For employees who travel to different job sites or client offices, mileage tracking is indispensable. This functionality enables the accurate logging of business travel, ensuring fair reimbursement and straightforward tax deduction calculations.

  • Offline Mode Allows employees to continue tracking their time even in areas without an internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted data collection and accuracy.

  • Scheduling Streamline the process of managing employee schedules, allowing for the easy assignment of tasks and adjustments to workloads directly from the app. This makes sure everyone knows their responsibilities and when they're expected to be at specific locations.

By prioritizing these features, businesses can choose a field employee location tracking app that simplifies the tracking of workers’ whereabouts and enhances overall operational efficiency, safety, and productivity.

5 Best Field Employee Tracking Apps 

‍In your search for the best field employee tracking app, you might come across many that don’t quite hit the mark regarding accurate GPS tracking.

So, we took a close look and tested all five field-tracking apps on our list. Here’s a thorough review of what each one has to offer.

Timeero - Best Field Employee Tracking App With Segmented and Mileage Tracking 

At the top of our list of the best field employee tracking apps is Timeero. This comprehensive tool effectively tracks field workers’ activities including time spent on each job, locations visited and mileage covered. 

GPS Location Tracking and Geofencing 

Timeero’s real-time GPS tracking feature provides managers with field employees’ precise time and location data as they clock in and out. The app records specific locations visited during work hours, providing a comprehensive overview of an employee’s workday.

The ‘Who’s Working’ board displays currently available employees, complete with a detailed map pinpointing their exact location and other relevant information.

Timeero is the field employee tracking app
With Timeero, you always know who is currently on the clock.

The route replay feature allows you to retrace an employee’s movements from the moment they clocked in. Clicking on the breadcrumbs reveals a field employee’s location at specific times of the day.

Timeero time and mileage tracking feature
View field employee’s business routes in detail.

Timeero’s geofencing feature complements GPS tracking to provide deeper insights into your employees’ daily activities. Managers can establish geofenced areas around designated job locations and receive notifications when an employee clocks in or out of the site.

Timeero geofencing
Description: Timeero lets you create geofenced worksites. 

Employees can set reminders to help them remember to punch in upon arrival at the job site and restrict time clock punches to onsite only. 

Timeero prevented clock in outside the geofence
You can prevent workers from clocking in outside of the work area.

Segmented Tracking

Timeero's Segmented Tracking system stands out as a key feature for managing employees who visit multiple sites daily. Segmented tracking captures every segment of an employee's journey, detailing routes, distances, and time spent at each location.

Timeero segmented tracking
Get an interactive timeline of your field employee’s workday.

Employers gain a visual timeline of daily activities, creating a detailed analysis of travel efficiency and on-site work time. Operational adjustments can be made according to the details provided in segmented tracking that will lead to significant cost savings and productivity enhancements.

Mileage Tracking

As field employees often spend many hours traveling from place to place, a reliable mileage tracker is needed to track mileage for accurate reimbursement and IRS tax computation. ‍

Timeero mileage tracking feature
Timeero tracks mileage accurately.

Timeero’s mileage tracker records mileage automatically while employees are on the clock. The best part is that both iOS and Android Timeero mobile trackers work offline, meaning workers don’t have to worry about tracking mileage even when visiting areas with poor internet coverage.

The mileage tracking feature relies on drive detection technology, granting employees more  control and peace of mind. When an employee is on the clock and their vehicle reaches the predetermined driving speed, Timeero will log mileage automatically, eliminating the need for manual start-stop actions.

This effortless tracking equips employees with precise, hassle-free mileage records.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Timeero revolutionizes time and attendance tracking by transforming it from a tedious, error-prone process into an automated, precise tracking system.

Track time, overtime, and breaks using the mobile app.
Easily track time, overtime, and breaks using the mobile app.

With Timeero, employees can track time seamlessly using their mobile apps. Timeero’s GPS time clock ensures compliance with stringent labor regulations by accurately tracking employee’s work hours, breaks, mileage, and overtime, mitigating the risk of non-compliance.

The California Breaks Tracker demonstrates Timeero’s dedication to adhering to state-specific labor laws, offering businesses a robust tool to evade expensive legal penalties.

Timeero allows employees to attach notes, photos, and digital signatures to their time card entries, further improving their credibility.

Innovative features like the Terminal Kiosk use facial recognition to deter buddy punching. Timeero proactively addresses the widespread issue of time theft, protecting businesses from financial losses.

Efficient Scheduling for Dynamic Workforces

Timeero scheduling
You can set up Timeero so your employees can accept or decline a shift.

Timeero scheduling is both flexible and intuitive, addressing the scheduling challenges of mobile and field employees. Instant notifications to staff about schedule changes or new assignments keep everyone aligned, reducing missed shifts and improving overall operational flow.

Timeero's time-off tracking feature easily handles leave requests, maintaining uninterrupted service delivery.

Facilitating Payroll and Administrative Efficiency

Beyond tracking and scheduling, Timeero streamlines payroll processes and ensures regulatory compliance, reinforcing its position as an indispensable tool for businesses with field employees.

Timeero integrations
Quickly export time and mileage data for payroll and reimbursement.

Timeero integrates with other platforms, such as

  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Xero Australia
  • Gusto
  • Rippling
  • RUN powered by ADP®
  • ADP Workforce Now
  • Viventium 
  • Paychex
  • Paylocity
  • Zapier


‍Timeero offers a straightforward and scalable pricing structure designed to fit the needs of any organization, from small teams to large enterprises. 

Basic Plan $4/user/month includes essential time, GPS, and mileage tracking for up to 10 users.

Pro Plan $8/user/month includes Basic Plan features while adding jobs, scheduling, geofencing, and more.

Premium Plan $11/user/month includes advanced features like commuter mileage, HIPAA compliance, and signatures.

Enterprise Plan Custom pricing for organizations with 250+ users, dedicated support, and custom features.

There is a free 14-day trial available to test all of Timeero’s features. If you opt for an annual subscription, you can enjoy Timeero for one month free. Check out our detailed Timeero review to learn more about its features and benefits.

Our Say

Timeero sets the gold standard in field employee tracking, blending real-time GPS, advanced mileage tracking, and geofencing with unparalleled ease of use. Its unique Segmented Tracking offers businesses precise insights into employee movements, ensuring accurate data for decision-making.

With competitive pricing and a user-friendly interface, Timeero is ideal for businesses of all sizes seeking to improve productivity and operational efficiency. 

QuickBooks Workforce - Seamless QuickBooks Integration for Payroll and Accounting

With its QuickBooks Workforce mobile app, the QuickBooks Time tracking solution is best known for its smooth integration with QuickBooks payroll and accounting software. 

QuickBooks Time offers a wide variety of tools for businesses that need efficient timekeeping and location tracking software. This system is a good choice for teams that need an effortless workflow between their field activities and payroll management.

QuickBooks Workforce Time Clock
QuickBooks Workforce Time Clock

QuickBooks Workforce GPS tracker automates location tracking and fosters accountability among field employees. 

The "See Who’s Working" feature and geofencing capabilities enhance operational transparency, allowing managers to oversee field activities and ensure employees are where they should be.‍

Mileage Tracking 

QuickBooks Time provides a no-fuss approach to logging every mile traveled during work, streamlining expense tracking for businesses concerned with precise mileage for reimbursements or tax purposes.‍

QuickBooks Time timesheet timeline preview

However, during our 2023 Timeero vs QuickBooks Time comparison rides, we discovered that the QuickBooks Workforce mileage tracker took a while to start, causing gaps where the app doesn’t track miles.

Efficient Scheduling 

QuickBooks Time Scheduler
QuickBooks Time Scheduler

The app’s scheduling features allow for easy setup and adjustment of shifts, with notifications to keep everyone informed. This keeps schedules clear and current without burdening staff with unnecessary complexity.


QuickBooks Time is distinct when it comes to its ability to sync effortlessly with QuickBooks accounting software, automating the transfer of payroll data and minimizing manual entry errors. 

This integration and compatibility with other platforms like ADP and Paychex underscores its utility for businesses seeking a unified management solution.

QuickBooks Time Pricing

Premium Plan Priced at $20/month with an additional $8 per user/month, this plan encompasses essential features for streamlined payroll, scheduling, real-time staff visibility, and customized reporting.

Elite Plan At $40/month with an additional $10 per user/month, the Elite plan expands on the Premium offerings with advanced tools for mileage and project tracking, project collaboration, timesheet signatures, and enhanced geofencing.

Our Say

QuickBooks Time is a solid base for businesses aiming to sync their field operations with QuickBooks. However, our testing revealed occasional inconsistencies in mileage tracking.

Regarding pricing, QuickBooks Time has a higher entry point than Timeero. For businesses prioritizing immediate access and extensive mileage tracking capabilities, Timeero could be a more cost-effective alternative.

To read more about the app, read our QuickBooks Time review.

Jibble - Essential Features for Small Teams with a Generous Free Plan

Jibble has distinguished itself in the field employee tracking app market by focusing on the needs of businesses with smaller teams.

Jibble combines real-time GPS tracking with intuitive attendance and time management features, aiming to make workforce management straightforward and efficient.

Real-Time GPS Tracking and Geofencing

Jibble’s app, accessible through iOS, Android, and web browsers, offers an effortless method for tracking work hours. Its standout feature is the GPS tracking capability, which provides live updates on employees' locations, which is a large part of managing field teams effectively.

Jibble authorized locations
You can use Jibble to create authorized locations where field employees can clock in.

The geofencing function improves workforce management by establishing virtual perimeters around work locations. This way, employees clock in only when they’re within the designated areas, directly impacting the accuracy of time records and payroll. 

Jibble Policies
Choose between flexible, moderate, and strict time-tracking policies.

Jibble alerts managers about location breaches, helping maintain strict compliance with work schedules.

Time and Attendance

Jibble simplifies timekeeping, offering a flexible tracking tool compatible with various devices. 

Jibble timesheets
Jibble timesheet preview

Jibble automatically compiles time entries into online timesheets, facilitating easier payroll and invoicing processes. This eliminates the need for manual timesheet entries, saving valuable time and reducing errors.

Employee Scheduling and Comprehensive Reporting

Jibble scheduling
Easily set scheduling rules. 

The software supports efficient scheduling and task management, helping businesses assign and track employee tasks and schedules. This is vital for ensuring that resources are allocated appropriately and projects remain on track.

Jibble work schedules
Set overtime rules, breaks, locations, and auto deductions.

Jibble also delivers advanced reporting capabilities that allow managers to create detailed subgroup analyses and graphical reports. This provides deep insights into work patterns and productivity which aids in strategic decision-making.

Invoicing and Payroll Integration

Jibble simplifies financial management by providing automated invoicing and payroll integration. This makes the billing easier and ensures accurate payroll processing based on logged work hours.

Jibble offers integration with various platforms, including ADP, Freshdesk, Gusto, Paychex, Paylocity, QuickBooks Online, and Zoho Books.


Free Plan Includes essential features for time and attendance tracking for small teams or businesses that are just beginning to explore time management solutions. 

Premium Plan Starting at $3.99/user/month, the Premium Plan includes additional scheduling and reporting tools.

Ultimate Plan Priced at $7.99/user/month, the Ultimate Plan allows full access to Jibble’s capabilities, including enhanced geofencing and task tracking.

Enterprise Plan Custom pricing is available for large businesses or those with specific needs, emphasizing Jibble’s ability to scale.

Our Say

Jibble’s simplicity and efficiency in time and location management, makes it a great choice for smaller teams. Its strengths lie in GPS tracking, geofencing, and a user-friendly approach to scheduling and reporting. 

However, Jibble falls short as a comprehensive field employee tracking solution due to its lack of mileage tracking.

For businesses with many mobile employees requiring precise mileage tracking for reimbursements and tax deductions, additional tools or apps featuring mileage tracking may be necessary.

Where's My Staff - Cost-Effective Tracking for Budget-Conscious Businesses

In our quest to identify the best field employee tracking apps, Where's My Staff earns its place for businesses seeking a cost-effective yet comprehensive solution. 

Combining user-friendly NFC/QR and GPS tracking functionalities, it's created to optimize the management of attendance and location for field employees, ensuring operational efficiency across various industries.

Time and Location Tracking 

For those in the field, Where’s My Staff employs GPS tracking, enabling employees to mark their attendance with a simple swipe in the app. This feature is crucial for verifying that field employees are at designated work locations, supporting operational safety and coordination.

For office environments, Where’s My Staff allows team members to use their mobile devices to scan NFC/QR tags for attendance, capturing each scan's precise date and time. This method facilitates accurate attendance recording within fixed worksites.

Where’s My Staff mobile app
Where’s My Staff mobile app is easy to use.

Focused on accessibility, Where’s My Staff offers an easy-to-use interface that ensures all employees can easily navigate the app, regardless of technical skill. The offline functionality guarantees that attendance and location data are logged even in areas without an internet connection, syncing once online.

Where's My Staff app real-time location
See field employees’ real-time locations.

Real-time location tracking and historical route data offer valuable insights into operational dynamics, enabling better workforce management.

Where's My Staff app employees’ routes
Review employees’ routes.

Customizable Management Options

The software supports the creation of multiple branches and departments, which is much needed for businesses operating across different locations. Customizable working hours allow monitoring of attendance patterns, including late arrivals and early departures.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate customized reports
Generate customized reports.

Where’s My Staff provides detailed reports of employee time, attendance, and locations, which can be exported to Excel for further analysis. 


Time Clock Plan At $0.99 per employee/month, this plan offers precise time tracking, attendance records, location tracking, multi-branch, and shift management.

GPS Locator Plan Priced at $1.50 per employee/month, this plan builds on the Time Clock Plan features with real-time GPS tracking and detailed path monitoring.

There is also a 14-day free trial to explore features, with no credit card required.

Our Say

As it meets the basic requirements sufficiently, Where’s My Staff offers a cost-effective solution for small businesses looking for essential GPS tracking software. However, companies seeking more advanced features may need to explore additional tools or consider integrating Where’s My Staff with other software to address their operational needs comprehensively.

Hubstaff - Advanced Tracking and Management for Dynamic Workforces

Hubstaff has carved out a niche in the workforce management market, tailoring its features for businesses that require a mix of in-office and field employee tracking. Its suite of tools is designed to simplify and improve tracking, scheduling, and management of dynamic teams.

GPS Tracking and Geofencing for Field Precision

Hubstaff's app, available on iOS and Android and via Chrome extension, facilitates easy time tracking with a start button feature, logging work hours down to the second.

Hubstaff mobile app interface.
Hubstaff mobile app interface.

Its GPS tracking capability shines for field teams, offering real-time location monitoring and automated time tracking at job sites, thanks to geofencing. This ensures employees are where they should be, enhancing operational accountability.

By setting up geofenced areas, Hubstaff starts or stops tracking time as employees enter or leave a job site, which is crucial for accurate billing and payroll. The system also alerts managers to any deviations from the schedule, such as missed shifts or early departures.

Hubstaff geofencing
Create geofenced zones for your work orders.

Time and Attendance

Offering a versatile time-tracking system accessible via multiple devices, Hubstaff automates timesheet creation, simplifying payroll and invoicing processes while ensuring accurate reporting of hours worked.

Employee Scheduling and Task Management

With project management tools integrated, Hubstaff aids in task allocation, schedule management, and tracking project progress, which is critical for optimizing resource allocation and meeting project deadlines.

Integrations and Payroll

Hubstaff reports
Easily generate reports.

Automatic invoice generation and streamlined payroll processing reduce the complexity of financial management, which is especially beneficial for businesses managing budgets carefully.

Hubstaff integrates with numerous software for improved workflows, such as QuickBooks, Gusto, FreshBooks, PayPal, Asana, Trello and more.


FreePlan Available for one user, covering essential time tracking with limited reporting capabilities.

Starter Plan Priced at $4.99/user/month, the Starter Plan is ideal for small teams, offering basic time tracking, activity levels, and limited reports.

Grow Plan Costing $7.50/user/month, this plan builds on Starter, adding tasks, project budgets, and expense management.

Team Plan Set at $10/user/month, it is created for larger teams needing comprehensive insights, unlimited tracking, and advanced scheduling features.

Enterprise Plan Priced at $25/user/month, this plan offers full functionality, including HIPAA compliance and enterprise deployment for large-scale operations.

Optional Add-Ons like insights, tasks, extended data retention, and location tracking can be added, starting at $2/user/mo, allowing businesses to tailor the service to their specific requirements.

Our Say

Hubstaff offers a comprehensive solution for companies aiming to improve workforce management with detailed tracking, productivity monitoring, and financial management tools. 

With its flexible pricing and customizable add-ons, Hubstaff meets the varied needs of businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, ensuring a suitable plan for every team’s operational needs and budget.

It’s worth noting that just like Jibble, the Hubstaff mobile app lacks a mileage tracker. This could be a drawback for companies with a mobile workforce that rely on mileage tracking for precise reimbursement and tax deduction calculations. For more information on the app, read our Hubstaff review.

How Do You Monitor Field Employees for Optimal Performance?

best field employee tracking apps comparison

Efficiently monitoring field employees is essential for businesses that rely heavily on a mobile workforce. Timeero is the standout option among the top GPS tracking apps evaluated, thanks to its comprehensive feature set tailored for field service optimization.

Unlike some alternatives, Timeero offers unique advantages such as segmented tracking and detailed mileage tracking alongside its robust suite of geofencing, real-time location tracking, and scheduling. This combination ensures managers have a 360-degree view of their teams, facilitating precise workforce coordination and management directly from a single, intuitive dashboard.

When comparing pricing and features, Timeero presents a compelling value proposition. It not only includes functionalities that some competitors lack—like mileage and segmented tracking—but also does so at a competitive price point. This makes Timeero a functional and economically sound choice for businesses of all sizes.

Maximize Efficiency with Timeero.

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