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Best Android Employee GPS Tracking Apps

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If your business relies on field workers who spend plenty of their working hours in the field, you need a reliable employee GPS tracking app to monitor their time and locations and ensure the job gets done most efficiently.

Besides providing accurate time cards and timesheet entries, reliable data on your employees’ locations and times are essential for improving your workflows - it helps you schedule and distribute jobs and tasks easily, gives an insight into how the work is progressing, and lets you know who you have available nearby if an emergency occurs.

To help business owners and other decision-makers narrow their choices, we’ve created a list of the best android employee GPS-tracking apps in the Google Play Store. 

We’ve also created a checklist of the most common features and functionalities at the end of the article that you can use to map your businesses’ tracking and other needs and focus on the solution that addresses them.

Timeero lets you manage and track your employees' time, location, and mileage

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What Should I Expect from Employee GPS Tracking Apps?

But before we start our list of the best android employee GPS track apps, let’s remind ourselves what we can expect during our search.

Most android GPS-tracking apps have similar fundamental features and functionalities. However, they differ in how they deliver these features, additional functionalities they offer in their packages, ease of use, customer service, and, of course, their pricing.

So, to make you more familiar with the topic, we’ve summed up some core points of employee GPS trackers so that you can know what to look for during your search. 

Data on Your Employees' Location

The main reason business owners choose employee GPS tracking apps is that they need to know the location of their remote workers during working hours.

Some of the apps on the market have a more historical approach to your employees' sites, allowing you a post-festum overview of their whereabouts during working hours. 

Other apps provide you real-time locations so you can know where each employee is at any given moment. 

The frequency of GPS tracking can also differ significantly. If your business heavily depends on knowing the exact locations, you should look for an app with a higher frequency of gathering GPS points. We’ve tested the GPS accuracy of certain apps, so you read our article  5 Best GPS Tracking Apps: Tested and Compared to see how they scored.

Timeero is the best android employee gps tracking app
Timeero: Track, schedule and manage your employees with a single app


Geofencing goes hand in hand with GPS tracking, further improving the benefits to both employees and employers. You will notice that practically every app on our list offers geofencing functionality.

Geofencing allows you to set an invisible perimeter around a particular location - for example, a job site and control the actions that can or will be performed at that location.

Timeero geofencing feature
Timeero Geofencing: Define a workplace

For example, you can use this functionality to send clock-in and clock-out reminders to your employees when they enter or leave the area. Or, you can get it to notify your managers when an employee clocks in or out-of-site.

Some apps also offer an auto clock-in and out feature, so your employees don’t have to do it manually. However, keep in mind that, still, this technology isn’t at its finest, so you can’t entirely rely upon it. 

To read more about the matter, we recommend you to check out our article Geofencing software for businesses: the pros and cons.

Field Employee Management

Having data on your employees’ locations in a single dashboard before you is instrumental when dispatching and distributing jobs.

Timeero Who’s Working
Timeero Who’s Working: Always know who is available

That’s why most apps are, at the same time, a management tool, allowing you to see the availability of your staff instantly, the job they are working on, and their working hours. With this data, you can make a fully informed decision on who to distribute a job to or whether to accept a new one.

When scheduling your employee with a new job, some apps allow you to enter notes about their tasks or job locations and give a suggested, shortest route to the destination.

Route and Mileage Tracking

Tracking route your employees took when driving, and the mileage matches great with GPS tracking, although not many apps on our list offer it.

Timeero Route View
Timeero Route View: See the entire route with breadcrumbs

This feature is a perfect fit for businesses that reimburse their employees for using their private vehicles for business trips or want to improve their employees’ mileage accountability and cut down on their expenses.

Automatic Timecard Creation and Attendance Management

When capturing GPS coordinates, timestamps are also recorded, making GPS trackers the perfect tool for tracking employees' working hours and attendance.

When employees clock in, apps now have enough data for their timecards to be automatically created and timesheets submitted for the manager’s or supervisor’s approval. This simplifies and fastens the entire workflow, at the same time making it more accurate and reliable.

Timeero Time and Mileage Report
Timeero Time and Mileage Report: Clocking in offsite

When combined with certain geofencing capabilities, such as limiting punches to specific locations or with facial recognition technology, a GPS tracking system can become your ally in stopping employee time fraud and preventing buddy punching. 

Before switching to a GPS tracking system, to avoid any potential problems, ensure you have a solid GPS tracking policy in place that your employees will be familiar with and consent to in a written form. You can also download our free template from the Employee GPS Tracking Policy article.

Now that we’ve briefly introduced the features and functionalities you can expect to find offered by the best employee GPS tracking Android apps, we’re ready to move on to our top 10 list.

Timeero - Best All-In-One Employee GPS Tracking App

When it comes to android employee GPS tracking apps, Timeero stands out as a top-notch app for businesses. 

Timeero, the best Android Employee GPS tracking app
Timeero, the best Android Employee GPS tracking app

This app is specifically tailored to streamline workflow and boost employee accountability by tracking hours and whereabouts in real-time and historically. The Who's Working dashboard instantly shows you who's working where and what, making it super easy for managers to distribute jobs and quickly find available workers on the fly.

But Timeero's capabilities don't stop there, it also allows you to create geofenced locations and jobs, enabling automated notifications for employees and managers when they check in or out of a work site. And when it comes to scheduling needs, Timeero offers seamless shift tracking and employee time off tracking to prevent potential scheduling conflicts.

The data collected by Timeero can also be used to generate customizable, detailed reports for employees, jobs, or locations. This gives managers and business owners a clear understanding of resource usage and allows for greater control over their field teams. 

Plus, Timeero integrates with top payroll and accounting software, making it a breeze to export your employees' hours and mileage expenses for reimbursement. 

All in all, Timeero is a must-have app for any business looking to improve efficiency and accountability among their field employees. Read our Timeero review to learn about all the benefits Timeero can bring to your business.

Main Features:

  • Tracking time, location, and mileage - real-time and historically
  • Who’s working: real-time data on available employees
  • Geofencing 
  • Automated time cards and attendance tracking
  • Employee scheduling 
  • Time off requests and approval
  • Customizable reporting
  • Integrations with the top payroll and accounting software for accurate data sync
  • Alerts and notifications 
  • Message blasts
  • Facial recognition, as a part of Timeero’s Terminal Kiosk 


Basic Plan: $4 user/month

Pro Plan: $8 user/month

Premium Plan: $11 user/month

Annual discount is available, saving you a month’s charges.

Free trial: 14 days, no payment information required.

Jibble - GPS Tracker for Smaller Teams

Jibble is the next app on our list of the best android employee GPS tracking apps. 


Jibble might seem like another employee GPS time tracking app with standard features like time tracking, GPS tracking, and geofencing. 

Jibble has a freemium plan, and they claim that it will stay free forever! This makes Jibble a good option for smaller teams with limited budgets. 

However, larger teams will need to pay upgrades to add more users, create more groups or set up additional geofences.

Its facial recognition feature can come in handy for teams that want to ensure workplace attendance and prevent time theft. 

Main Features:

  • Timesheet app
  • Time clock
  • Attendance tracker
  • Face recognition attendance
  • GPS tracker
  • Employee vacation tracker
  • Geofencing
  • Work hours tracker
  • Integrations with ADP, Asana, Gusto, Hubspot, Paychex, QuickBooks Online, and more.


Free Plan: For unlimited number of users.

Premium: $3,99 user/month

Ultimate:  $7,99 user/month

Enterprise: customized offer for companies with more than 500 employees.

Annual subscriptions come with a lower price -  $2,49 user/month for Premium users and $ 4,99 user/month for the Ultimate plan.

Free trial: 14-day trial 

Timesheet Mobile - GPS Tracker to Automate Timesheets

Timesheet Mobile is an efficient geofence and GPS time-tracking app designed to help businesses keep track of employee hours and locations.

Timesheet Mobile

 It enables employees to clock in and out using their mobile devices, automating the timekeeping process and allowing real-time syncing with a company's web portal. If some employees don’t use Android or iPhone devices, they can still clock in via the Integrated Voice Response system.

You can set Timesheet Mobile to send punch prompts and alerts and track travel time and distance. The app can also remind employees to take breaks and help businesses streamline time off requests and approval processes, ensuring a well-rested workforce.

Timesheet Mobile app is particularly well-suited for businesses with mobile employees in the construction and trade, cleaning, security, catering, or transportation industries. Furthermore, the app has a COVID-19 self-screening option. 

Timesheet Mobile can also be integrated with payroll software like Quickbooks, ADP, Xero, and others for easy data sync.

Main Features:

  • GPS Time Clock, tracking time and location
  • Geofence Auto Punch and Violations
  • Clock In/Out using dial-up
  • Timesheets
  • Reporting
  • Team messaging and alerts
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Tracking Employee Absences
  • Track travel time and distance
  • Integrations with popular accounting and payroll apps 
  • COVID-19 self-screening


  • Basic: $3.49 user/month for unlimited punches, $14.99 base fee.
  • Per Punch: 15 cents per punch, $29.99 base monthly fee.
  • Small Business: $9.95 user/month for unlimited punches, $29.99 base monthly subscription..
  • Medium Business: $2.49 user/month for unlimited punches, $149 monthly base fee.
  • Large Business: Customized offer.

If you’re new to Timesheet Mobile tracking solution, you pay a discounted price of 50% for the first three months. 

Free trial: a 30-day trial

Gleeo - Start GPS Time Tracking for Free

The Gleeo app, crafted in Switzerland, is a powerful employee GPS time tracking software for Android users.


Using Gleeo, businesses can effortlessly monitor their team's time cards and whereabouts and seamlessly switch between projects. They can also use customizable timesheet structures to export data in CSV format and use them in spreadsheets such as Google Sheets or Excel.

Main Features:

  • One touch time tracking
  • Timesheets
  • Location capturing
  • On-the-fly reports
  • View and edit timeline manually
  • Sync data across multiple devices


  • Basic Version: Free
  • Pro Version: CHF 2 user/month (currently approximately $2.23)
  • Sync&Team: CHF 3.80 user/month (currently approximately $4.23)

Free trial: 30-day trial of Gleeo is also available.

Hubstaff - Employee GPS Tracking with Project Tracking

Hubstaff is a great GPS tracking software that businesses can use to keep tabs on remote teams, job sites, team projects, and individual tasks. 

This GPS-tracking app is perfect for businesses with employees who are constantly on the field, such as delivery drivers, sales teams, cleaning services, construction workers, and restaurants. It uses geofencing and the device's GPS location to keep track of employee time for more accurate time cards and payroll.

The reporting feature in Hubstaff lets businesses see exactly where employees’ time is being spent and how they can optimize their resources.

Plus, it plays well with various popular task management, payroll, and billing software, making it easier for businesses to streamline their workflow and manage their time and resources. 

Main Features:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Geofencing 
  • Fleet tracking
  • Timesheets
  • Reporting
  • Employee scheduling and shift management
  • Shift reminders and various attendance alerts
  • Integrations with software such as Freshbooks, QuickBooks, Asana, Gusto, Trello, etc.


Employee GPS tracking is available in Hubstaff field packages.

  • Field Pro: $12 user/month (minimum 2 users)
  • Desk Field: $15 user/month (minimum 2 users)
  • Enterprise: Contact Hubstaff for a customized offer.

An annual subscription saves you two-month charges.

Free trial: a 14-day free trial to try the app.

AllGeo - Optimize Resources with a GPS Tracker App

The next on our list of best android employee GPS apps is AllGeo (formerly known as myGeo Tracking).

AllGeo android app for gps tracking

The app is designed especially for field services to optimize their operations. AllGeo GPS tracking tool consists of a platform with industry-specific solutions.

AllGeo consists of more field service apps to modernize certain workflows that you can choose according to your business needs:

  • Field service visibility (GPS tracking and visualization)
  • Field service time clock (GPS time and attendance)
  • Field service EVV (Geofence-based EVV)
  • Field service Safety (Customizable Lone Worker Safety)
  • Field service Inspection (Digiral forms, Inspection, and checklists)
  • Field service load (GPS load tracking)
  • Field service mileage ( GPS mileage tracking and visualization)
  • Field service X (Customizable workflow)

You can use AllGeo to track time, location, and mileage records clock in/clock, and monitor field employees’ safety.

Main features:

  • Time tracker
  • Employee GPS tracking 
  • Mileage tracker
  • Geofencing
  • Route planning
  • Automation alerts
  • Push messages 
  • Integrations


AllGeo’s pricing is a bit complex. They offer three plans: Track, Time Clock and Field Data. The price depends on the size of the mobile team and the functionalities you want to add. We’ve collected details for the team numbering 11 members with a monthly subscription.

  • Track: Location tracking $7.5 user/month + mileage tracker $7.5 user/month. 
  • Time Clock: Manual time clock with GPS $7.50 user/month or Automatic time clock with  geofence $15 user/month or IVR/ SMS time clock $7.50 user/month
  • Field data: Mobile forms $15 user/month and/or QR Notes, Pictures, Signature $15user/month

There are additional add-ons for each package you choose at the price of $7.50 per user/month. 

By switching to an annual subscription, you get a 30% discount. 

Free trial: You can check out the app using a 14-day free trial.

QuickBooks Workforce (FKA QuickBooks Time) - Easily Integrates with QuickBooks

quickbooks workforce mobile app
QuickBooks Workforce mobile app, previously known as QuickBooks Time Tracker

QuickBooks Workforce mobile app, previously QuickBooks Time, is another great tool on our list of the best android employee location-tracking apps.

Using QucikBooks Workforce, employees can easily clock in and out from their job using their mobile phones, even if they are offline. When they get online, the app syncs all their captured GPS points and time data. 

You can also set up a geofenced area and let the app send clock-in reminders to employees when they arrive at their job site.

The "Who's Working" feature lets you know who of your staff is available in real-time. Moreover, QuickBooks Time offers a scheduling feature, allowing you to assign jobs easily. 

Main Features

  • Time and GPS Tracking
  • Real-time monitoring via Who’s Working 
  • Geofencing
  • Mileage tracking
  • Streamlined payroll and invoicing
  • Employee scheduling
  • Customizable reports
  • Timesheets
  • Time-off 
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Project tracking
  • Integrations with Quicktime, Square, Gusto, and more
  • Access to W-2s and paychecks for businesses using QuickBooks Online Payroll and QuickBooks Desktop Payroll)


Elite: $ 10 per user/month +  $40 base fee per month

Premium: $8 per user/month + $20 monthly fee

New users get the app for half the price for the first three months of use. 

Free trial: If you are interested in trying out this software, there is a free 30-day trial.

Timely - GPS Tracking for Laptop Users

Timely android employee tracking apps

While most of the apps in our list of best Android employee GPS trackers are focused on monitoring and managing field employees, Timely is crafted primarily for remote workers who work on their laptops or desktops.

Besides logging hours, the app monitors how employees spend their working hours. It offers an activity breakdown, so they can have an insight into how much time they spend using specific applications or attending meetings and working on documents or emails.

If employees install Timely on their phones, the app will also log how long they stay at specific GPS locations.

Besides accurate and detailed timesheets, the tool comes in handy for tracking projects’ budgets, differentiating estimated time vs. logged hours, billable and non-billable hours, etc.

Main features:

  • Auto track work hours
  • The mobile app lets you keep track of GPS locations
  • Task and activity breakdowns
  • Track project’s budget
  • Estimated time vs. logged hours
  • Billable vs. non-billable hours


  • Starter:$11 users/month
  • Premium: $20 user/month
  • Unlimited: $28 user/month
  • Unlimited+: get in touch with Timely for a customized plan

The annual subscription comes with a lower price of up to 22%. 

Free trial: You can try Timely free for 14 days, no credit card details required.

ClockShark - Great GPS Tracker for Field Employees

ClockShark android gps tracking app

Clockshark is a great android employee GPS-tracking app that can help businesses keep track of employees’ time and whereabouts and manage remote teams more efficiently. 

The app offers core GPS tracking features and geofencing. It keeps track of employees' locations and shows them in real-time and historically. Using the geofencing feature, you can mark specific sites so that the app can notify you when your employees clock in or don’t show up for their shifts.

Besides, the app has solid scheduling and employee time-off tracking features. Clockshark also lets you store your customer information and manage your jobs, allowing you to keep records, documents, and photos for your projects.

However, Clockshark does not track mileage and routes your employees take when driving, which can be a downside if you’re reimbursing for mileage, or you want to cut down your fuel expenses.

Main features:

  • Time tracking
  • GPS tracking
  • Geofence time tracking
  • Real-time location monitoring in a single map
  • Clock-out questions
  • Job and task tracking
  • Employee scheduling and time off
  • Reporting
  • Customer management
  • Job management
  • Integrations with top accounting and payroll software

We've tested the app, so you can check our ClockShark Review to learn more about it, or see how it compares to Timeero.


Standard: $20 base fee + $8 user/month 

Pro: $40 base fee + $10 user/month 

New customers get 50% off the monthly base fee for the first six months of use. An annual subscription brings lower prices, equal to two or three months free of charge.

Free trial: You can try ClockShark for free for 14 days. 

Labor Sync - Multilingual GPS Tracker App

Labor Sync

The Labor Sync GPS tracking app is a great tool to track, monitor, and report on employees' time and whereabouts via their smartphone or computer.

Using Labor Sync, employees can clock in and out using their PIN, start jobs and record all job activity. The app also keeps track of location via GPS locator on job entries or breadcrumbing. Employees can also split travel and job time with the Start Travel feature.

Main features:

  • Tracking time and attendance
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Start Travel 
  • Customizable, real-time reports
  • Integrations with QuickBooks for seamless payroll
  • Export reports in PDS and Excel
  • Multilingual - available in 17 languages
  • Field notes and messaging
  • Log in the entire crew


Labor Sync has very simple pricing. You pay $10 a month for an active employee.

Free trial: You can try Labor Sync free for 14 days.

How to Choose the Best Android GPS Tracking App for Your Business?

Choosing the best app for your business needs can be challenging. Besides the GPS tracker app's obvious features - keeping track of employees' work hours and locations, these apps often come with other great functionalities, enabling you to manage your workforce more efficiently. 

However, the way these features are combined in a single app is quite diverse.

You can use our check-list of most frequent features besides GPS tracking features to map your business needs and then narrow down the list:

✅Real-time monitoring of employee locations and routes

✅Tracking employees’ time and overtime

✅Mileage tracking

✅Geofencing with automated actions, such as auto clock in & out, alerts and reminders

✅Employee scheduling

✅Mileage tracking

✅Tracking absences


✅Tracking breaks

✅Customizable reporting

✅Project tracking and management


✅Integrations with other software, payroll, and accounting solutions or project management software you use.

Moreover, some apps offer more specific tracking features that bring additional value to certain companies.

So, when searching for the best android employee GPS tracking app, you should first consider all the processes you want to improve by using a single solution or the app’s integrations with other tools you’re already using.

For example, if you’re reimbursing your employees for mileage or would like better control over your mileage costs, you can narrow your list significantly. Few android employee GPS tracking apps offer this feature - Timeero, allGeo and QucikBooks Time (now QuickBooks Workforce mobile app). So a closer look at the apps, their features, and pricing plans can be fruitful. 

All apps offer a free trial, so it’s best to use this opportunity and test some of them. While testing the app, pay attention to the quality of the customer support they are providing and the ease of use, as it can make a massive difference during the transition. 

Timeero Tracks Your Employees’ Time, Location, and Mileage

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