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5 Best Beverage Distribution Software With GPS in 2024

David Kariuki
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April 18, 2024 1:52 AM
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In the fast-growing world of beverage distribution, every minute counts. The key ingredient to success lies in optimized routes, efficient operations, and seamless execution. 

Most importantly, you always want to know where your delivery drivers and vehicles are at all times. Using the best beverage distribution software with GPS can help with that.

With the best beverage distribution app, you’ll have full visibility into your entire supply chain and distribution network, enabling you to monitor the progress of deliveries in real-time while ensuring every customer receives their order on time. No more guesswork, missed deliveries, or frustrated customers.

There are dozens of beverage-distributing software offering different features tailored to every business’s needs. We decided to do the hard part of testing and comparing every app to see what they offer to help companies in food and beverage distribution. 

But before we present you with our list of the top beverage distribution software with GPS, let's briefly discuss their benefits.

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Which Are The Best Beverage Distribution Software With GPS? 

The best beverage distribution software is designed to give you a competitive edge in the ever-evolving distribution business. It’s equipped with advanced tracking features, including a GPS time tracker, geofencing capabilities, mileage tracker, and inventory control features to help you track deliveries in real-time, manage stock levels, monitor expiration dates, and automate procurement and reordering based on predefined thresholds. Such an app also lets you identify potential bottlenecks and take immediate action.

Beverage distribution software with GPS often includes inventory management features. You can track stock levels, monitor expiration dates, and automate reordering based on predefined thresholds. This helps prevent stockouts and wastage while ensuring you always have the right inventory.

Here is a sneak peek of the best beverage distribution software with GPS available in the market: 

  • ‍Timeero - Best Beverage Distribution App With a Live GPS Location and Mileage Tracker
  • Connecteam - Reliable Live GPS Tracker With No Mileage Tracker
  • Route4Me - Routing and GPS Navigation Tracker For Delivery Drivers
  • Outfield - GPS Location Tracking App for Door-to-Door Deliveries
  • Routific - Route Planner and Optimizer For Small and Medium Sized Delivery Businesses

What Are The Benefits of Using a Beverage Distribution Software With GPS? 

The best GPS trackers for beverage delivery companies have several benefits, including:

Real-time Visibility and Control: GPS-tracking beverage distribution software gives you eye-view visibility and control over your beverage deliveries. Such software also lets you receive real-time notifications of everything happening during delivery. If your driver detours from the actual route, you will be notified immediately, and you can take action on time to prevent theft or late deliveries. By streamlining routes and eliminating unnecessary detours, managers can reduce fuel consumption, save time, streamline warehouse operations, and improve productivity.

Route Optimization: Peak traffic hours, congested roads, and unexpected traffic events can lead to slower delivery times and decreased customer satisfaction. To avoid these problems, distribution companies can maximize time and order delivery through route optimization software. When paired with GPS tracking, beverage distribution software solutions with route optimization functionalities help your drivers find the shortest routes to reduce the time spent on the road. 

Fair and Accurate Reimbursements: Delivery drivers working for beverage distributors have to report on gas and mileage usage. A beverage distribution software with GPS allows managers to track the actual route taken by the driver for fair reimbursement and accurate tax deductions. 

Improved Customer Experience: Accurate GPS tracking and route planning provide reliable and timely deliveries for customers. The food distribution software allows managers to communicate proactively with customers, providing the necessary updates on delivery times and ensuring an exceptional customer experience. 

5 Best Beverage Distribution Software With GPS 

While there are many beverage distribution apps with GPS in the market, not all of them will fit the needs of most beverage distribution companies regarding supply chain management, order management, warehouse management, and inventory management.

We decided to do the heavy lifting and test all the top beverage distribution apps with GPS, and here are the best ones that made it to our list.

Timeero - Best Beverage Distribution App With a Live GPS Location and Mileage Tracker

Timeero mobile app tops our list as the best beverage distribution app with a GPS tracker to help track delivery drivers’ time, GPS location, and mileages. It’s also a handy app for managers who want to track accounts receivable, track expenses, and remain profitable while improving customer relationships in the food and beverage industry.

You can read our honest Timeero Review to see the app’s other features.

GPS Location Tracking

Among the most critical aspects to track for your delivery drivers is where they spent the day and at what time.

Timeero’s real-time GPS location tracking feature allows managers to see the actual location and time of the delivery driver once they clock in and out. On the dashboard, you can click the “Who’s Working” tab to see who is available, their hours, and their location. 

timeero who's working
Timeero’s Who’s Working tab displays the current time and location of your field agent in real-time

You can zoom in to get finer details of the time spent on a specific location, the route taken, and how many places the driver visited. Furthermore, drivers can see the shortest route to their destination, saving them the time that would otherwise be spent navigating sharp curves, unsuitable bridges, traffic snarls, and other restrictions that may delay process manufacturing and shipment delivery.

Timeero also offers a route replay feature that recreates the driver’s journey from when they clocked in to when they clocked out. You can use the breadcrumbing feature to see exactly where the driver clocked in and out and all other GPS points they toured during delivery.

timeero route replay mobile
The Route Replay feature on Timeero shows all the places the driver visited

timeero route with breadcrumbs
Timeero’s breadcrumb technology and route replay show the driver’s path, including the stops and breaks.


What stands out on Timeero is the geofencing functionality that goes hand in hand with GPS tracking to provide more clarity on the daily activities of field employees. 

Using the geofencing feature, managers can set virtual boundaries around a particular warehousing location to monitor what every driver or employee is working on at a specific period.

Employers can set reminders and notifications to ensure users remember to clock in and out of the site. This feature ensures no punches are missed, and drivers do not lie about their time clock card or location to claim reimbursement for tasks not done.

Mileage Tracking

Timeero tops the list of the best mileage tracking apps, allowing food distributors and beverage distribution companies to track the mileage of their delivery drivers and field workers. 

timeero mileage reports
On the Timeero dashboard, you can see detailed reports of all mileage tracked for every driver

Timeero uses motion detection technology to track and record mileage once a vehicle exceeds the predetermined speed limit of 4.47 miles per hour. While this is the default speed on the Timeero app, users can customize it based on their business needs. This allows drivers and field agents to track mileage without tracking idle time that may be spent on traffic. 

The best part is that the mileage tracker also works offline, meaning field agents and drivers can still track mileage accurately even when they visit areas with poor internet connection. The app provides a summary report of all the mileage tracked, time, and distance covered, essential for fair reimbursement and tax deductions.

Delivery drivers living in states with strict laws on mileage reimbursement can confidently use Timeero’s mileage tracker. The app provides accurate mileage and IRS-compliant logs at par with the laws and regulations. 

Read our Employee Mileage Reimbursement to understand the rates, rules, and regulations on mileage reimbursement.


  • User-friendly interface for all types of business, including e-commerce
  • Reliable and accurate real-time GPS location tracking
  • Budget-friendly mileage tracker app
  • Route replay with breadcrumbing technology
  • Automatic mileage tracker
  • Accurate, IRS-compliant mileage reports


  • No automatic clock in and out. Timeero developers have discovered that the technology behind the automatic clock in and out feature isn’t as reliable. Therefore, the software doesn’t support this functionality.

Timeero Pricing

Timeero pricing plans include:

  • The Basic Plan at $4/month per user
  • Pro Plan at $8/month per user
  • Premium at $11/month per user

A 14-day free trial is also available.

Connecteam - Reliable Live GPS Tracker With No Mileage Tracker

connecteam homepage

Connecteam offers a simple and intuitive app that allows users to start and end their shifts with a simple click. On the Connecteam app, we discovered that it lets managers create a standalone time clock for multiple locations and branches. Every site can have its unique sales orders, geolocation data, overtime, break, and shift attachments. This allows managers to track labor costs, no matter the number of branches.  

Read our detailed Connecteam Review to see all the features the app offers.

GPS Location Tracking

Connecteam ERP software offers a similar tool to Timeero tucked under the time clock, where you can see who’s working at what time and at what location. The app provides a map where you can zoom in to see where every worker or delivery driver clocked in and out, their work hours, and the job they were assigned.

The breadcrumbing technology creates a trail of every driver’s location, giving you a wider view of where every driver spent the day. Additionally, Connecteam enables you to create job locations with geofences, a great feature for beverage distribution companies with a workforce always on the go. The app offers three geofencing options: Required, Off, and Optional. 

We created our geofence location and set our options to “Required” to see if the app could prevent off-site clocking in. 

We tried to clock in outside the geofence, but the app displayed an error “You are not in the work zone.” But once we entered the geofenced area, the app clocked in and out without a problem. The only drawback is that the geofencing feature is not available on the Basic paid plan.

Mileage Tracking

Unlike Timeero, which offers a dedicated mileage tracker, Connecteam doesn’t have a mileage tracker. This might be a miss for delivery distribution companies with a field workforce always moving. However, Connecteam allows you to add mileage when submitting time cards manually.


  • User-friendly employee interface
  • Reliable real-time GPS tracking
  • Breadcrumbing technology
  • Geofencing functionalities


  • Unreliable offline mode
  • GPS location tracker with breadcrumbs not included in the Basic and Advanced paid plans.

Connecteam Pricing

Connecteam has three paid plans:

  • The Basic plan costs $39 per month for the first 30 users and $0.6 per month for additional users.
  • The Advanced plan costs $59 per month for the first 30 users and $1.8 per user per month for additional users. 
  • The Expert plan costs $119 per month for the first 30 users and $3.6 per user per month for additional users. 

A 14-day free trial is also available.

Route4Me - Routing and GPS Navigation Tracker For Delivery Drivers

route4me homepage

Route4Me leverages bleeding-edge technologies and route optimization algorithms, allowing managers to plan and dispatch the most time-efficient and cost-effective routes effortlessly.

GPS Location Tracking

Route4Me dynamic routing software offers user-friendly tools for planning routes for teams who need to tour multiple destinations with different time windows. 

On the app, the user can add or import multiple locations and addresses, and the app can optimize your routes to give you the shortest and fastest route possible to arrive at their destination. 

The GPS feature on the app enables managers to view the exact location of the delivery driver and what routing activities they are performing at the moment. Moreover, Route4Me also allows users to track breadcrumbs to show every move the driver took, including the speed, date, and time the driver was at a specific location. To recreate the whole driving process, you can select the “Movie” tab, and the app will replay the entire route with even finer details on the map.

Mileage Tracking

Route4Me lacks a dedicated mileage tracker to track mileage, but it shows the actual location of the driver. You can monitor their exact location, track breadcrumbs, create geofences around specific addresses, and use a route simulation tool to discover the fastest route possible.


  • Reliable route planner with unlimited stops
  • GPS navigation feature to track route progress
  • Add or import multiple locations and addresses
  • Breadcrumbing technology to track every move


  • No dedicated mileage tracker
  • Lacks a “pi-drop” function for deliveries with no address on it

Route4Me Pricing

Route4Me SaaS solution offers three pricing plans for route management starting at $200 monthly. The Route Optimization costs $300 per month, and the Business Optimization goes for $450 per month.

Outfield - GPS Location Tracking App for Door-to-Door Deliveries

outfield homepage

The Outfield app allows managers to track and monitor field team activities easily. Outfield CRM software further predicts and optimizes your routes based on a combination of historical data and real-time events, allowing for better and more accurate routing. 

GPS Location Tracking

As a beverage distribution company, you want to keep tabs on what your delivery drivers are doing. The Outfield app is designed to help these managers track their employees thanks to GPS location and geofencing features that further improve the traceability of the entire distribution fleet.

Like Timeero, Outfield cloud-based app allows you to create geofenced places and assign them to your delivery drivers. When they enter the geofenced area, Outfield automatically sends a notification, prompting them to clock in. The app will notify them to clock out once they leave the geofenced site.

To further confirm that the employee was at that specific location, the Outfield app allows you to take pictures and attach them to show that you were at that location at a particular time. 

Mileage Tracking

While Outfield is more of a GPS-tracking app, it also offers basic mileage tracking. It provides reliable insights for tracking and route planning for field employees. For instance, the route planner and optimizer allow users to schedule multi-stop routes accurately to ensure they don’t waste time and resources on unexpected travel logistics such as traffic snarls and inefficient routes.

Outfield leverages real-time traffic updates and historical data to determine the shortest and fastest route. Select your desired destination and hit the “plan route” tab on the Android or iOS app to get the best results. 


  • Reliable live GPS tracking
  • Route planner and optimizer for field employees
  • Proof with notes and photos


  • Lacks a dedicated mileage tracker
  • Users can add time before they clock out manually. This means that users can falsely add hours not spent in that location.

Outfield Pricing:

Outfield pricing method depends on the choice of the model, starting from Upstart to Champion and Dynasty. 

Routific - Route Planner and Optimizer For Small and Medium Sized Delivery Businesses

routific homepage

Routific is GPS and route optimization software designed to cater to the transportation and logistics industry. It features plenty of route optimization tools such as stop durations, time windows, vehicle types, breaks, and vehicle capacities to manage delivery operations which is why it’s one of the candidates for the best beverage distribution software list.

GPS Location Tracking

Routific’s GPS tracking feature does a commendable job of tracking the live location of truck drivers and providing updated ETAs throughout the day. This way, the manager can track exactly where the driver is, and the customer will know when they can expect their delivery via automatic SMS and email notifications. 

What really stood out for us was the route optimization feature. You can easily drag and drop stops between routes. The app will optimize your way based on real-world factors such as time windows, vehicle capacities, vehicle types, driver speeds, priority stops, driver breaks, and more. You can also delete or add last-minute orders on the app.

We also discovered that Routific has two mobile apps for drivers: Routific Driver and Routific Driver Lite. You can only track the live GPS location of your delivery drivers only when using the Routific Driver mobile app.

For drivers using the Routific Driver Lite, managers can only track the driver’s delivery progress once the stops are completed or skipped. In this case, you will not see the driver’s GPS location on the map. No matter which app you’re using, Drivers will always receive their route via clickable end-to-end SMS text messages. 

Routific software uses Google Maps and OpenStreet Maps data to locate actual addresses and create routes. But if your business is located in an area with poor connection or inaccurate data map, you may have trouble getting the best results regarding live GPS tracking and route optimization.

Mileage Tracking

Since Routific is more of a route optimization software than a mileage tracker, it focuses on driver tracking. This involves monitoring a driver’s speed, location, route, and delivery status. 

The app offers a digital map where you can see where all your delivery drivers are and what they are doing. Driver tracking creates a transparent environment where drivers know their routes and actions are recorded. This leads to more responsible driving habits, fewer unnecessary stops, and on-time deliveries, further improving business profitability.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Great route optimization
  • Proof of delivery using photos and notes


  • Quite pricey compared to other apps
  • Routing issues in areas with lower connection
  • Customer notifications may cost extra

Routific Pricing

Routific offer three pricing plans:

  • The Essentials plan starts at $49 per vehicle per month
  • Professional plan at $59 per vehicle per month 
  • Professional Plus at 93$ per vehicle per month 

A 7-day free trial is also available.

Choose The Most Reliable and Accurate Beverage Delivery Software 

Modern beverage delivery management software combines live GPS tracking, route optimizations, driver tracking, and AI-based traffic prediction to ensure drivers take the shortest, most efficient path to their destinations. These features also allow managers to track and monitor their drivers’ location and activities in real-time to ensure the deliveries are made on time.

If you’re looking for reliable and accurate delivery software for your beverage company, Timeero checks all the boxes in real-time GPS tracking, time tracking, and mileage tracking. 

Take Timeero for a spin by subscribing to the 14-day trial and see what it offers. 

Track and monitor your delivery drivers’ live GPS location on one interface.

Start using Timeero today!
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