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4 Best GPS Tracking Apps for Property Managers

Natasa Djalovic
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July 28, 2023 7:22 AM
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If you’re working in the property management business, you want to ensure the most efficient use of your resources.

You’ve probably heard about or are already using property management software, such as DoorLoop, Buildium, or Landlord Studio, that can help you out with screening tenants, collecting rent payments and late fees, or maintenance request.

But we won’t discuss property management apps in this article. Instead, we will focus on the software solutions you can use to optimize and streamline your day-to-day tasks in property management - in other words, GPS tracking apps for property managers.

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What Makes the Best GPS Tracking App for Property Managers?

Some GPS-tracking app features bring significant benefits to property management businesses. 

We’ve listed the crucial features to look for below:

GPS Time Clock

A GPS time clock is crucial for property management businesses. It helps you track when employees or contractors visit a location and how long they stay. You can easily collect this information by using a GPS tracking app on employees' mobile devices.

This app records GPS data every time an employee clocks in or out, allowing you to know their exact location and automate timesheet creation.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking can also monitor property management staff throughout their shift, not just during clock-ins and outs.

Remember that GPS tracking apps vary in accuracy and how often they collect location data. Consider these factors when choosing the right app for your needs.

We’ve tested and compared a few GPS tracking apps regarding frequency and accuracy. You can check out the article 5 Best GPS Tracking Apps: Tested and Compared to learn the results.

Real-time GPS Tracking

Some GPS tracking apps offer near real-time tracking, while others allow you to view this data historically. Monitoring your employees and contractors in real-time will help you manage them better and dispatch the available ones to the nearest location.


GPS tracking apps often come with geofencing capabilities, enabling entry detection to your sites. This means you can create geofenced boundaries around the real estate you manage and set the app to remind employees to clock in or out or alert you when your crew arrives or leaves the site.

Mileage Tracking

Your employees and contractor spend a lot of time traveling from one location to another. But, unfortunately, you can’t always be sure they are taking the most efficient route and being accountable for expenses. 

Choosing a GPS tracker with a mileage tracking feature can be great for property management businesses that want to cut down their mileage costs.

After a brief overview of what to look for, we can move on to our list of the best GPS tracking apps for property managers.

gps property management apps overview
Best GPS tracking apps for Property Managers

Timeero - Best Overall GPS Tracker App for Property Managers 

If you have one shot to choose one app to use along with your property management tool, your best bet is Timeero.

This cloud-based GPS tracking system offers all the necessary features and functionalities to streamline your day-to-day operations and workflow.

Timeero’s mobile app functions like a reliable and accurate GPS time clock that will let you collect data on your employees' and contractors' working hours and locations during their shifts. 

When your crew is logged in, you can see their hours, whereabouts, and jobs/tasks on a single Who’s working dashboard. If there is an emergency on a rental property, you will have no problem determining the available worker nearby who can jump right in and get the job done.

Using the user-friendly Job/Tasks feature, you can create any real estate you manage as a separate unit, assign employees to work on the property, and add addresses, notes, and relevant contact details, for example, contacts of property owners. You can use these jobs and tasks while scheduling your team members without a hassle, ensuring all relevant information about their shifts reaches them.

The geofencing capability offers additional options for your property management business. For example, you can set geofences around all locations you manage and set the app to send in-app reminders and notifications to your employees to clock in/out once they’re on-site or alert you of any off-site or missed punches.  

Timeero geofencing

As an additional measure, to ensure better workplace accountability and that your employees are on-site when clocking in, you can restrict their punches to the geofenced zone, which is a great way to prevent employee time theft.

In Timeero, mileage tracking functions seamlessly. The app starts logging miles automatically and records the routes your employee takes are efficient. To cut down on your mileage costs, you can also use the suggested mileage feature, showing you the shortest route.

suggested mileage Timeero

You can generate customizable reports on employees, jobs, and more from your gathered data.

Timeero reports

In addition, you can use Timeero’s integrations with common payroll and accounting software to streamline payroll and mileage reimbursement. Timeero, for example,  integrates with Gusto, QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, Rippling, Viventium, Run powered by ADP or ADP Workforce Now, Xero Australia or Paychex, so syncing data between Timeero and these solutions is quite a breeze. 

Key Features:

  • GPS time clock
  • GPS tracking
  • Real-time GPS time tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Mileage tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Track job costing in real-time and historically
  • Kiosk with facial recognition
  • Messaging blasts

Check out our Timeero review, to see all the details on how the app can benefit your business.

Timeero’s Pricing:

Timeero has simple pricing, where you pay only monthly charges per user. It comes in three pricing packages:

Basic: $4 user/month

Pro: $8 user/month

Premium: $11 user /month

Timeero offers a discount for annual subscriptions, so you get a month free of charge. There is a 14-day free trial to check out the app, and no credit card is required.


Timeero doesn’t come with a free plan.

Reasons to choose the app: 

 Accurate all-in-one time, location, and mileage tracking with scheduling and core field employee management features.

QuickBooks Workforce (FKA QuickBooks Time) - Good Choice for QuickBooks Users

QuickBooks Workforce mobile app, previously known as QuickBooks Time Tracking, is a popular time-tracking software and the next one on our list of best GPS-tracking apps for property managers. Companies that are already using QuickBooks Online or Desktop for accounting and payroll purposes could benefit from this app, thanks to its GPS tracking and geofencing features.

QuickBooks Workforce mobile app will allow your workers and contractors to clock in and out using their mobile devices while simultaneously capturing their location. Using the app, you can see the real-time location of your crew members in a single dashboard. The geofencing feature lets you set the clock in and out reminders when they enter or leave the property. 


Besides its GPS tracking and geofencing features, QuickBooks Time can help you manage your projects more efficiently. The software lets you create schedules and work orders, track time spent on your projects, and compare project estimates vs. actual costs and billable vs. non-billable hours to get better control over your resources.

Key features:

  • GPS time clock
  • GPS tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Mileage tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Project tracking
  • Kiosk with facial recognition
  • Access to W-2s and paychecks to businesses that use QuickBooks Online Payroll & QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

‍QuickBooks Time Pricing:

QuickBooks Time price consists of monthly charges per user and a monthly base fee. There are two pricing packages:

Elite:  $40 monthly base fee + $10 per user per month 

Premium: $20 base fee + $ 8 per user per month. 

There is a 30-day free trial to check the app, plus a discount for new customers.


QuickBooks Workforce, FKA QuickBooks Time is not the friendliest app on the market. Plus, its pricing is confusing and on the expensive side. In addition, our tests show that its GPS tracking leaves much to be desired. Read our QuickBooks Timer Review for more details.

Reasons to choose the app: 

QuickBooks Time works well with QuickBooks Online and Desktop, so payroll will be a breeze.

ClockShark - GPS Time Tracker for Invoicing and Quotes

ClockShark is another GPS tracker that caters to the needs of real estate managers. The cloud-based software is intuitive and straightforward. Your team members and contractors can access it via web or mobile apps designed for iOS and Android phones.

When the employees clock in or use their breaks, the app will record their location besides capturing their hours. In addition, the app will capture their location periodically, giving you a glimpse into your employees' working hours.

ClockShark has geofencing capabilities, so you can define the real estate you manage and have the app remind your crew to clock in and out or receive alerts when there is a geofence violation.

ClockShark comes with a single dashboard view of all your available employees’ whereabouts, jobs, and working time, and a scheduling feature so that you can manage them more efficiently. 

You can create and send invoices and quotes from your app, set hourly limits to your jobs, and get alerts when you reach the threshold.

Its integrations with common payroll and accounting software, such as QuickBooks,  Run powered by ADP, or ADP Workforce Now, will streamline payroll processing.

Key Features:

  • GPS Time Clock
  • GPS Tracking
  • Real-time GPS time tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Scheduling
  • Job management: Invoices and Quotes
  • Reporting
  • Kiosk with facial recognition

ClockShark’s Pricing:

Clockshark price includes the monthly base fee and the monthly costs per user. There are two pricing packages. 

Standard: $20 monthly fee + $8 per user per month.

Pro: $40 monthly base fee + $10 per user per month. 


ClockShark could do better regarding the frequency of GPS tracking; this way, it still leaves room for unwanted behaviors. A mileage tracking feature would complete the package they offer.

Reasons to choose the app:

Job management features and tracking the job costs can come in handy to property managers. 

To learn more wheter ClockShark is the right fit for your business needs, read our ClockShark Review.

Hubstaff - GPS Tracking with Geofence

We conclude our list of best GPS tracking apps for property managers with Hubstaff, a handy tool for companies that want to track dispersed teams, jobs, and projects.

As with other tools, Hubstaff relies on your employees' mobile devices to track their location while on the field. Employees can use iOS or Android mobile apps to clock in and out from work, and during their shifts, you can have real-time insight into their locations and movements.

What sets Hubstaff apart from other software on our list is the ability to automatically start the employees’ time clock once they arrive at the real estate you manage, reducing the odds of human error. Alternatively, you can set the app to send notifications upon arrival and remind them to punch in their hours.

Using Hubstaff, you can use data the app gathers for invoicing, billing, or payroll. You can also generate customizable reports, track how the progress of your project, and optimize your resources.  

Hubstaff integrates with payroll and billing software and task management apps to streamline your workflow. 

Hubstaff Key Features:

  • GPS time clock
  • GPS tracking
  • Geofencing with the auto clock in and out
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting

Hubstaff Pricing:

GPS tracking features are available to subscribers of Hubstaff Field packages. There are three packages you can choose from.

  • Field Pro: $12 per user per month. (minimum 2 users)
  • Desk Field: $15 per user per month. (minimum 2 users)
  • Enterprise: Customized offer.

Hubstaff offers a 14-day free trial to test the app. There is a discount for annual subscriptions. ‍


Since Hubstaff doesn’t offer mileage tracking, there are more affordable options on this list.

Why choose the app:

If you want to automate your timecards completely, Hubstaff may be the answer.  

How to Choose the Best GPS Tracking App for Property Management Team?

The best GPS tracking app for your property management business is the one that will improve your everyday practices and make them more efficient. Besides enhancing the accountability of your employees, such an app will help you pay them accurately for their work and get proper job costing reports.

We hope we helped you out a bit with our suggestions. As all the apps have a free trial, just pick the one that seems to fit you the most, and give it a try.

With Timeero, You Can Easily Track and Manage Your Property Managers.

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