10 Best Home Health Apps in 2024

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April 10, 2024 1:08 AM
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Why should home health care agencies familiarize themselves with the best home health apps, and how can they benefit from these platforms? 


According to WHO, the number of people over 60 will nearly double between 2015 and 2050, reaching 22% of the world's population


Another stat says that about 70% of home healthcare users are 65 and older. 


If we add the impacts of the pandemic on the healthcare sector, it's clear that home healthcare providers have become more critical than ever. 


This is why they rely heavily on the latest technology to keep track of and manage their staff, organize schedules, and keep their clients safe and happy.


Here's a list of the ten best home health apps to help streamline your workflows, improve caregiver productivity, and ensure your service is top-notch. 

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1. Timeero: An Additional Home Care App with EVV, Mileage, and Scheduling Functionality 

Timeero: one of the best home health apps in 2023

Timeero earned a spot among the best home health apps thanks to its versatility and useful features. Despite the fact that it boasts all the features home health agencies need to stay compliant and manage their caregivers effectively, Timeero is super user-friendly. 

Check out our blog post if you want to learn more about the benefits of home health software. 

Key features


  • EVV. The electronic visit verification system is one of the most critical features of every home care app. As of 2020, all home health care agencies must be EVV-compliant. With Timeero, you can hold your employees accountable, accurately bill your clients, and document every visit so that you can have proof in case of a complaint or lawsuit.

  • Time, mileage, and GPS tracking. It's a comprehensive all-in-one time, mileage, and GPS tracking solution. All this allows you to monitor where your home caregivers are at any moment and ensure they always show up on time for appointments with patients.
  • Segmented Tracking will show you a visual timeline of your caregiver’s shift broken down into segments according to their activities.  In a single dashboard, you can see each ride your caregiver takes from one in-home visit to another, including the distance traveled and the duration. Also, when they visit a client, you will see the times when they arrived and left the side and the time spent there.

timeero segmented tracking
View your caregivers day at a glance

The feature is based on a hands-off approach, so your workers don’t need to clock in and out multiple times for each task - they only do it once during the day. Timeero will ensure they're not padding miles, taking scenic routes, or running personal errands while you pay for the travel expenses. In addition, mileage tracking is automatic, simplifying reimbursement and giving better insight into business expenses. 

  • The breadcrumb trail with timestamps lets you track your employees' movements step-by-step and even replay their routes.
  • Automated scheduling. Timeero also automates scheduling, thus saving you a lot of time, ensuring that all appointments are covered, preventing double booking, and improving the caregiver experience. It's even possible to set up notifications to remind your team about upcoming assignments. The Who's Working tab gives you an instant overview of all the available team members. 
  • Communication. You can message your entire team or select members using the Message Blast feature to inform them about last-minute changes or additional job details. Another handy detail is that you can also leave notes about specific patients, thus making caregivers' jobs much easier.  
  • A great mobile app. Timeero works seamlessly on iOs and Android mobile devices and keeps track of employees' hours and miles, even in distant locations with a weak signal.


To learn how Timeero can support home health care businesses and healthcare professionals, you can check out the testimonials of our clients  - A Pineywoods Home Health Care and Power for Change. 


Basic Plan - $4 per user per month

Pro Plan- $8 per user per month

Premium - $11 per user per month


2. Viventium - A Home Care App for Mid-Size Agencies 

This home care app is a cloud-based payroll and HR management solution for small to mid-size home health care agencies. Although it's among the best apps for home health care, it's worth mentioning that Viventium mainly focuses on the HR and admin aspects of running a home care agency, and its features reflect this. However, it doesn't feature a GPS and mileage-tracking functionality, which can be a downside for mobile teams.  

Key features  

  • Payroll automation. Viventium allows you to access your payroll information remotely at any time, set rate rules for different teams, contracts, departments, and locations, and ensure that employees are taxed accurately based on their state. Besides that, the self-serve functionality lets employees see the information about their pay. 
  • Talent acquisition. With Viventium, it's possible to attract top talent by advertising job openings on more than 80 job boards and social media platforms. In addition to that, you can easily manage communication with applicants and engage them. 
  • Onboarding new hires. New employees create profiles and upload their certificates so that managers can track their onboarding progress via the app. 
  • Time and attendance. Stay in the know about your employees' time and attendance, quickly calculate hours worked, and gain valuable insights into job costing. 
  • Scheduling. With this home care app, it's easy to create and manage your employees' schedules from a single platform. 


Available on request 

3. Alaya Care - An All-Around Home Care App for Big Agencies 

Alaya Care is among the best home health apps since it has features suitable for employee management and engagement in the healthcare industry. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with mileage tracking and GPS functionality. 

Key features

  • Employee time clock. This is a classic time-tracking feature for keeping your employees accountable and ensuring they show up at the client's homes on time. This feature is also powered by the breadcrumb trail and geofence technology. You'll get notifications whenever employees clock in or out and track their hours worked at multiple sites. 
  • Payroll and invoicing. Gusto and QuickBooks integrations allow you to automate the payroll process. 
  • Communication. Alaya Care comes with communication tools so that you can get in touch with all your employees easily and share important work information. 
  • Scheduling. This home care app also features a scheduling tool so that you don't have to spend hours creating schedules, finding replacements for last-minute cancellations, or avoiding scheduling conflicts
  • Knowledgebase. Employees have access to important information, including laws and regulations. 


Available on request 

4. Alora - A Home Care App for Streamlining Flows and Tracking Attendance

When we're talking about the best apps for home health care, Alora should definitely be on the list. It's an all-around attendance app for streamlining workflows and going paperless. However, some users state that it can be hard to navigate. The vendor also chose not to include mileage tracking, which some home health care agencies might perceive as a downside.    

Key features

  • Facilitated billing. With Alora, it's easy to bill all clients, regardless of their health insurance provider. This means that this home care app allows you to create claims for Medicare, Medicaid, Private Pay, and Managed Care, to name just a few. 
  • Paperless timesheets. Alora renders traditional timesheets, both paper and electronic ones, completely obsolete. You can practically digitize all your documentation and make it easily accessible. 
  • EVV compliant. Alora features a built-in EVV system, thus ensuring you can prove that your employees visited a client and provided care according to the schedule. 
  • Access to offline documentation. Even when there's no internet connection, clinicians can upload care plans, visit notes, and assessments. 


Available on request 

5. Carely - A Home Care App for Communication with Families

Carely made it to the top 10 best home health apps list due to its ability to streamline communication with families of home health care patients and team members. It comes in two versions - one for families, the other for agencies. Still, it obviously lacks some essential features every home care app should have, such as EVV, time, GPS, mileage tracking, and scheduling. 

Key features 

  • Shared notes. Since staying on the same page is crucial for home health care, Carely enables team members to exchange notes and communicate effectively. 
  • Direct communication with families. Carely allows you to share real-time updates with family members as well as post photos. This way, you will provide an exceptional user experience and build trust with them. Family members can also ask questions and share their concerns. 
  • Planned visits. This feature is useful for caregivers as they can plan activities and stay on schedule.


$100 per month per location 

6. ezClocker - A Home Care App for Mobile Teams 

ezClocker is marketed as a home care app for tracking health care staff hours remotely. Still, it comes with a number of other useful features. Although it boasts a number of useful features for home health agencies, it doesn't support mileage tracking, while EVV isn't mentioned. 

Key features

  • Mobile time card. This feature is built for the mobile workforce as it makes it possible for them to clock in and out with their mobile devices. 
  • GPS map. exClocker makes monitoring your employees' location easy so that you can always be sure that they are where they should be while on the clock. In addition to that, whenever they clock in or out, the accurate location is saved and timestamped. 
  • Online scheduling. Create and share schedules with your employees. They can access it via their mobile devices and always check where and when their next appointment is. 
  • Generate and export reports. You can easily export employee timesheets and payroll reports to .csv files and send them to your accountant. 


Basic plan for up to 15 employees: $10 per month 

Standard plan for up to 30 employees: $25 per month 

Premium plan for up to 100 employees: $50 per month 

7. CareVoyant - A Patient-Oriented Home Care App with Clinical Features 

CareVoyant is another multifaceted home care app that can make your and your employees' lives much easier. The reason why it's among the best home health apps is its patient-oriented feature set. Patient plans, point-of-care features, and a Family Portal make it a solid option. In addition, CareVoyant has standard home care app features such as scheduling, EVV, payroll integration, and communication.

Bear in mind that this solution is more suitable for larger agencies and health care institutions, while smaller businesses could benefit more from implementing Timeero and another small-scale app.  

Key features

  • Patient intake. A centralized database with all the relevant patient information, including clinical, authorization, and financial. CareVoyant automates the intake process and files the information in one place. This way, you can have a 360-degree view of every patient and access all the details. 
  • Authorization management. Home health agencies must follow physicians' orders and eliminate the services they can't bill. With this feature, scheduling only the service within the authorized limits is possible. 
  • Clinical and point of care features. CareVoyant gives clinicians access to all the relevant patient information and alerts them in real-time during clinical documentation in case of missed tasks. 


Available on request 

8. CareTime - A Home Care App for Managing Employees and Checking In On Patients 

CaretTme is a user-friendly home care management software designed to help agencies check in on their patients and manage employees' time. Unfortunately, although offering interesting features, it doesn't include mileage tracking functionality.  

Key features 

  • Billing. CareTime Payments is a built-in payment processing solution with powerful analytics that offers different payment methods, thus improving customer experience. 
  • Caregiver management. This feature encompasses different tools for managing your workforce. It contains schedule management and messaging options so that you can create schedules effortlessly and keep your caregivers in the loop with the latest updates. Notifications about no-shows, late clock-ins, upcoming shifts, and overtime are also available. 
  • Compliance. EVV, care documentation, and alerts are elements of this feature. GPS, cell phone, and telephony technologies are used for tracking all patient visits remotely from clocking-in to clocking-out.   
  • CarePortal. This feature aims to encourage patients, their families, and agencies to collaborate. It facilitates communication between all parties, improves caregiver accountability, and ensures that patients and their families have full control over the care they receive. 
  • Authorization tracking. This home care app tracks authorizations and notifies caregivers when they're running low.


Available on request 

9. CareSmartz360 - A Comprehensive Home Care App with HR and Family Engagement Features 

CareSmarts360 is another feature-rich cloud-based home care app for managing different aspects of a home health care business. One of its strongest points and the element the app focuses on is the HR component and family engagement. Besides these features, CareSmartz360 also comes with billing, scheduling, EVV, HR, and reporting features.

Key features

  • Caregiver app. Caregivers can have all the information and tools at their fingertips with the help of a single dashboard. This means they can see upcoming shifts, clock in or out, and access patient data. The available shifts tab allows caregivers to accept or decline a shift they have been offered to take. 
  • Caregiver training. This feature offers caregivers access to bite-sized courses to help them expand their knowledge and skills. Various relevant topics, such as bathing safety or understanding Alzheimer's, are available. 
  • Client&Family Portal. Patients and their families can easily see all the information about the services they receive, such as visit schedules or invoices. They can also provide important feedback to the agency or send relevant updates about the patient. 


There are three different plans - Startups, Independent Agency, and Franchisor. 

Detailed pricing available on request   

10. MedFlyt - A Home Care App for Connecting Caregivers with Agencies  

Our last pick for the best home health apps roundup is MedFlyt, a handy app for connecting caregivers with home health care agencies. But, if you look under the hood, you'll see several valuable features your home health agency could benefit from. Still, it lacks payroll integrations and mileage tracking.  

Key features 

  • Online staffing. MedFlyt's algorithm finds caregivers that are the perfect match for your clients based on their skill sets, location, and availability. At the same time, caregivers can also control their schedule by picking jobs that are most suitable for them. 
  • Onboarding and training. You don't have to worry about whether your new hires will find their footing, as MedFlyt has different options for onboarding. There's a content orientation library in 12 languages, a remote onboarding option, and online training. 
  • Compliance passport. This feature will help you make sure all your caregivers are compliant. A compliance dashboard lets you check whether all your team members provided their certificates and other documentation. Using this home health app, they can also scan and upload the missing document. 
  • EVV system. GPS location stamps let you track your caregivers' clock-ins and clock-outs and their accurate location. Every visit is documented within the app and safely stored as legitimate proof. 
  • Clinical documentation. MedFlyt digitally documents all patient visits using electronic medical records so that you can monitor all your patients online. 


Plan 1 - $7.5 per caregiver per month 

Plan 2 - $8 per caregiver per month 

Plan 3 - $9 per caregiver per month 

Plan 4 - $12 per caregiver per month 

There is also a setup fee of $2500 for each package.

So, What Apps Are Used for Healthcare? 

There are different home health apps on the market, which is good. But this abundance can be confusing since it can be hard to shortlist the best home health apps and choose the one that meets your needs and requirements. Hopefully, this list can help you decide which one works for your agency. 

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