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Best Mileage Tracker Apps in 2022

Vesna Mihajlovic
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February 24, 2022 8:05 AM
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If your business relies on mobile teams, or your employees use their vehicles for business-related purposes frequently, you need reliable and accurate software to track the miles driven. Deciding on the best mileage tracker app can be a game-changer in keeping records of that travel.

If you are reimbursing your employees and want to claim a tax deduction for work-related trips, you are required by the IRS to keep “adequate records” to prove your expenses. This is where the right software can be of immense help. 

With the right software to keep an IRS-compliant mileage log can be a breeze. Easily record the time, destination, and purpose of each business trip.

The truth is there are numerous mileage tracker apps out there. Just take a look at the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store, and you may easily get overwhelmed with options. The problem for businesses with a mobile workforce is that very few are built with teams in mind. 

To make things easier for you we’ve done all the legwork, and covered the most important features of the best mileage tracker apps available in 2022

Timeero - A Mileage Tracker App Built for Businesses and Teams on the Go

best mileage tracker apps overview


Timeero is assessed by numerous users as one of the best mileage tracker apps built for businesses and teams on the go. What sets this app apart from its competitors is, according to them, its user-friendliness and unprecedented ease of use, even for the not so tech-savvy folks.  

And the list of this app's benefits goes beyond its great usability. Timeero makes it easy to reimburse employees, which is incredibly important for many businesses, especially those that rely on mobile teams. 

And if you happen to use payroll and accounting software such as QuickBooks or ADP, it’s good to know that this software integrates with accounting systems, meaning it can seamlessly push your mileage and time entries into third-party payroll software.  

Essentially, this means a lot less work for your employees, especially less of those mundane, time-consuming tasks. For example, Timeero’s users have reported that they have managed to trim running payroll from 2 hours to a few minutes with the help of this miles tracker app. 

Timeero offers its users state-of-the-art geofencing technology, meaning the app can detect different locations automatically and clock workers in and out. 

This software also manages to pack multiple independent business processes into a single solution: mileage and time tracking, scheduling, and time-off tracking. 

Another one of the benefits that Timeero gets praised for is its superb customer support. As listed in the table above, there are three ways users can reach out to Timeero’s knowledgeable support team:

* Via phone and video call

* Via email

* Through live chat on the website

On top of these channels of communication, Timeero also provides its users with a lot of field support when the need arises. 


*Ease of use 

* Time and mileage tracking, scheduling features, and time-off tracking

* Users can see the full route or breadcrumb path that has been taken, the exact points, including the timestamp and how fast the driver was going    too

* Multiple integrations with industry-leading tools like QuickBooks and Xero

* Provides geofencing technology 

* Generates IRS compliant reports

* Expert support team

Best for:

If you are looking for an uncomplicated, user-friendly mileage tracker app built for teams, Timeero will not just fulfill, but exceed your organization’s needs and expectations. At this moment, the Timeero app is being used within multiple industries, including home health and hospice, property management, retail, sales reps, general contractors, and many others. 


There are very few downsides to this app. It constantly gets improved to better fit clients’ needs. On that note, Timeero developers have determined that the technology behind the automatic start and stop feature isn’t as reliable. Due to that reason, the software still doesn’t come with this functionality. 

Everlance - Automatic Mileage Tracker & Expense Management Software


Everlance is another great app to track miles, although it’s more focused on self-employed users. This mileage and expense tracking app is available on both iOS and Android devices, as well as other devices. 

It is cited as being an easy-to-use and intuitive software with a nice and simple interface. Its navigation buttons are designed to be easily recognizable and contribute to the overall ease of use. 

Also, it provides the users with a graphic representation of the mileage. The mileage is divided into four categories - work, personal, medical/charity, and unclassified, and users can set the default setting for their trips. 

It allows users to easily swipe and categorize mileage driven. As a bonus, it generates IRS compliant reports, making the process of tax deduction less tedious.     


* Admins can add frequently visited places for easier tracking

* Generates IRS compliant reports

* Allows users to track expenses, revenue, and scan and save receipts

* Premium version allows users to sync their accounts to the app for automatic transactions

* Compatible with the iPad and iPod touch

Best for:

If you are looking for an expense, mileage, and receipt tracking tool, Everlance might be a good fit. Also, it is great in catering to the needs of self-employed individuals like freelancers, small teams, startup businesses as well as real estate agents and companies. 

Potential Downsides:

Although the app comes with several great features, some users have reported issues with automatic tracking. Starting automatically at the beginning of a trip has been a problem for some users. Also, it’s been labeled as being demanding when it comes to required user input for work-related trips by some of the reviewers.  

TripLog - Automatic Mileage Tracker & Log


Overall, TripLog is a user-friendly mileage tracking tool built for individuals and enterprises. It comes with the standard auto-tracking that most mileage tracker apps come with these days, but unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to Triplog’s free version. 

This is a significant downside as the lack of automatic tracking in the free version means that the mileage has to be entered manually. Therefore, freelance workers, ride-share drivers, and small teams that often need to be mindful of their expenses wouldn’t benefit much from this software without opting for the paid version. 

On a more positive note, what sets this software apart from its competitors is its add-on, the TripLog Drive. It’s a plug-n-go auto tracking device that connects with your phone via Bluetooth.

The TripLog Drive has a built-in GPS, a trip classification button, and an indicator. It eliminates the risk of the phone battery drain, as it captures GPS data and transmits it to the app. 

What also makes this app particularly handy is its ability to track mileage in multiple ways. It allows both manual and automatic tracking, and in addition to TripLog Drive and its connection to the app, it is also compatible with mileage tracking devices. 


* Multiple ways to track mileage

* Easy trip classification  

* Tracking fuel purchases and calculating fuel economy

* Route planning

* Generating IRS compliant reports

All in all, TripLog seems to be a solid mileage tracking app, with some handy expense tracking capabilities too. The only issue with this software are the costs that come with it.

Best for:

TripLogs solutions are flexible enough to serve various industries and users, but it’s especially convenient for self-employed individuals, small size teams, and companies that need to plan and review their routes, and those who can benefit from expense tracking and scheduling features.  


Potential Downsides:

Aside from the lack of automatic tracking in the free version, TripLog requires high upfront costs for their add-ons. In-app purchases are required for many of the professional tools and features. Their price varies from $0.99 to $9.99 depending on the additional tools you are interested in. 

Also, the premium pricing plan includes only 10 users. This means that teams with 11 members or more need to opt for the Enterprise plan.

Therefore, TripLog may not be the best fit for those looking for an affordable app to track miles, especially for self-employed and ride-share drivers.

MileIQ - A Mileage Tracker App that Logs All Drives


MileIQ is one of the most popular mileage tracking apps out there. It has a clean interface. It's simple and offers flexible pricing plans. The creators of this software have done a great job with it, although it has a few limitations. It’s built on Microsoft Azure, so it prides itself on superb data security.  

Reporting and data visualization features are some of the app’s top highlights. They can provide managers with useful insights on cost efficiency related to mileage costs and productivity. 

This mileage tracker app logs all drives a person takes. This feature is handy as you don’t have to remember to log your drives. And the one-swipe classification in the dashboard makes it easy to classify your drives as personal or business in a single swipe. 

And as a bonus, MileIQ allows its users to set their business hours so it can automatically classify business and personal drives. 

On the flip side, the constant tracking feature has been a stumbling stone for some users, but we’ll address this issue further within the section dedicated to MileIQ’s downsides.


* One-swipe classification 

* The app can learn your frequent routes and classify them automatically 

* High level of security to guard users’ data

* Automatic weekly updates and monthly mileage reports

* Data visualization

Best for:

MileIQ will be loved by individuals driving for their business looking for a straightforward tech solution that will help them make paper logs a thing of the past. Uber drivers (and other ride-sharing drivers), as well as real estate agents, are among its frequent users. 

It can be very useful for workers with irregular working hours too, as they can set their work hours in the app. 

This app’s monthly pricing plan is also useful if you need mileage tracking for a temporary project or engagement.

Potential Downsides:

Generally speaking, MileIQ is a great app, but it doesn’t show the full path like Timeero does for example. Instead, only the starting point and destination are known for each trip.

Aside from that, some people dislike the constant tracking feature. Primarily, they are worried about battery drain and data usage. But aside from this, it raises privacy concerns too. This can be avoided by manually closing the app and opening it when you need mileage tracking. 

Also, some of the users cite that last minute drives may not be recorded unless you select “start drive detection” within the app. 

Hurdlr - Track Mileage, Expense, Income, and Taxes


When designing Hurdlr, much thought has been put into making the app user-friendly. Therefore, the process of feeding it with necessary information is quick and simple. 

In addition to its fresh and modern feel, this app offers its users a number of useful functionalities. For starters, a simple start and stop feature automatically logs the miles. And as a bonus, its advanced AI tracking allows users to set up rules for different locations

Aside from documenting mileage, Hurdlr enables users to set up payment alerts (they come with push notifications) and prepares them for doing income taxes. 

Users can even get quarterly tax estimates, which is a nice addition, especially for self-employed individuals. Hurdlr goes one step further and offers integrated tax filing as well. 

Centralizing data has been another priority when building this app, therefore it allows users to track a number of important business data (like expenses and tax deductions in real-time) and monitor their income. And the 256-bit SSL encryption ensures the security of sensitive data.


* Information is shown in real-time (income tax estimates)

* Quick and easy process of inputting information

* One-stop-shop for mileage, expense, income, and tax tracking

* The app’s API enables connection to platforms like Freshbooks, PayPal, Uber, and Square

* It supports a great number of financial institutions (over 10,000) in the U.S. and Canada

Best for:

Hurdlr is an automatic business expense and mileage tracker app geared towards self-employed individuals, independent contractors, freelancers and sole proprietors including realtors, hosts, ride-sharing drivers, and couriers. And it’s especially helpful for the users in need of a mileage app with a tax tracking feature. 

The free version is suitable for part-timers and side gigs. 

Potential Downsides:

Although some of the bugs reported in the past by users have been fixed, slow starting is still being mentioned as an issue. According to some app users, automatic tracking can start after up to a mile of travel. This means that the first mile doesn’t get tracked, and therefore can’t be deducted from the taxes.

Company Mileage - Expense and Mileage Reimbursement Software


Company Mileage is a software that is focused on calculating employee mileage and sending this information automatically to the expense reimbursement program. It is designed to simplify mileage reporting, reducing this otherwise time-consuming task to just a few minutes a day.

Similar to some other apps, Company Mileage also allows its users to upload and store receipts of their expenses, for an even easier reimbursement process.

Thanks to this app the managers can monitor the point-to-point travel of their employees. 


This app’s reporting and analytics feature is pretty handy too, as it allows users to customize their IRS-compliant reports to their unique needs. 


* Calculates the expenses that are to be reimbursed

* Point-to-point calculation ensures mileage tracking accuracy 

* Customizable and IRS-compliant reports 

* High level of data security thanks to data encryption 

* Integration with payroll and accounting systems

Best for:

Company Mileage is built to simplify the reimbursement process. Organizations that reimburse their employees are the ones that can benefit from this app the most. 

Potential Downsides:

The Company Mileage app comes with some great features, but the fact is that it’s on the expensive side. Aside from the pricing, it relies on Bing maps that are not as accurate. Also, this software doesn’t track the mileage like most of the other apps listed. 

Instead, the user types in the starting point and destination and the software calculates the driving distance between the two. As a result, the management has no insight into the routes taken by their employees.

Stride - Automatic Mileage, Expense & Tax Tracker


Stride is a completely free mileage and expense tracking software. It’s designed to run in the background and log every mile driven, just like a few other apps on this list. However, this software comes with a twist. What differentiates it from the competition is its potential to identify tax-saving opportunities and save money on the tax bill. 

It also allows users to save photos of their receipts so they can easily track their expenses. And with bank integration available, it’s even easier to import expenses. Essentially, this app helps its users collect all the necessary information to file in an IRS-ready report. 

Stride also offers in-app guidance on how to track your expenses and what expenses you can deduct. And as a plus, Stride’s experts are there to help their users find new write-offs and provide real-time support with any tax-related question they may have.


* Tracks miles taken automatically

* Generates IRS-compliant reports 

* Helps users save money on takes

* Automatically maximizes mileage deductions 

* Simplifies the process of tax filing

Best for:

This app is the best fit for individuals who work for themselves like independent contractors, rideshare drivers, delivery drivers, sales and real estate agents, freelancers and part-time employees that require simple software for mileage and expense tracking. 

Potential Downsides:

Some users have reported that the app isn’t as accurate as it should be in tracking miles, but its designers are constantly working on fixing the bugs and improving its functionalities. 

SherpaShare - Rideshare Driver Assistant


SherpaShare has been designed specifically for rideshare drivers. It has been praised by Uber and Lyft drivers for running in the background without too much noise and disturbance. The drivers are prompted by single notification reminders to review and categorize their trips. 

SherpaShare provides its users with real-time data intelligence. It suggests more profitable routes for the drivers and goes beyond that. It also tracks hourly income and profit for its users. 

In addition to that, this smart software tracks miles automatically upon starting the vehicle. This makes the entire process of tracking mileage driven a whole lot easier since the users don’t have to waste time and remember to manually indicate the start and stop for each trip. 

Its extensive analytics that encompasses summaries, reports, and Excel sheets is securely backed up in the cloud.

SherpaShare can even help drivers cut their expenses. If you opt for super premium pricing plan you get all the basic functionalities plus priority support and exclusive discounts. These discounts include insurance, in-vehicle accessories and other related products and services. 


* Automatic mileage tracking without limitations: for as many trips as a user makes during a month

* Helps drivers identify the most optimal route

* User-friendly and intuitive UI

* Insightful analytics for rideshare drivers including hourly revenue and profit tracking, heatmap that show where other drivers are active, chat    feature, and tip for destinations based on past drives

* IRS-compliant mileage log

Best for:

SherpaShare is a great app for Uber and Lyft drivers, and other rideshare drivers working for similar companies or businesses that offer taxi services. Delivery drivers can benefit from this app, too. 

Potential Downsides: 

When it comes to SherpaShare, there are two main drawbacks: it doesn’t offer a free version and caters to a relatively smaller market.  

The Verdict: What Is the Best Mileage Tracker App?

As you may have guessed, there is no one answer to this question. What’s the best mileage tracking app will greatly depend on your business and its specific needs. For example, do you need a mileage tracking app for teams or are you an independent worker? 

When deciding on the best mileage tracking app, you need to take into account things like this one. Bear in mind that although their main goal is to track mileage, apps differ in certain features and functionalities. 

Still, there are some essential features that make a great app that will support your business operations and act as a valuable business ally. Let’s take a look at some of the core features that any mileage tracking app should have.

Automatic and Real-time Tracking

Automatic tracking in real-time via GPS, including the route taken and its time, has become a gold standard in the industry. You can just get in your car as usual and drive. It saves time and effort and increases accuracy too, as it eliminates the need to log information for each trip. 


This feature is, of course, immensely important for businesses of all sizes. Moving from pen and paper, or spreadsheets takes away all of the mundane, tedious tasks. Aside from this, to be able to label any app as being the best app for tracking mileage, it needs to record the miles driven accurately so businesses only pay for the actual expenses.

Ease of Use

There are some incredibly useful apps out there, but their interfaces are simply confusing or not intuitive enough, making their everyday usage a bore. In other words, the users shouldn’t have to think too much to achieve their end goal. 

A logical path to follow makes for easy navigation and contributes to the app’s greater usability. 

Simply put, a great user interface is a must.  

Integrations to Third-Party Systems

If we are talking about mileage tracking, it only makes sense for the app to provide its users with third-party integrations. The software we choose should make our lives less burdensome and our daily responsibilities easier. 

When it comes to businesses that rely on mobile teams or any other company that needs to track mileage, exporting timesheets and mileage to accounting software is an essential feature. Timeero’s integration with QuickBooks, for example, allows users to map jobs and employees to this accounting software and streamline the payroll process.  

Stellar Customer Support

If a problem arises while using the app, all of us want it to be resolved promptly. And let’s be honest - not all of us are tech-savvy. In addition to this, technology keeps changing so it’s difficult to keep up sometimes. 

This is why having an available and knowledgeable support team makes all the difference. Great apps will make sure to provide their customers with timely and appropriate assistance while showing an impeccable attitude. 

Introducing New Features 

The best of the best take one step further in addition to all the above listed, and carefully listen to their users. Being able to adapt to users’ needs and commitment to continuous enhancements is what really sets apart winning apps from the competition.

What does this mean? First of all, introducing new features by listening to user feedback, fixing bugs and resolving security issues quickly, and using updates to streamline the way the app works.

Best Mileage Tracker Apps in 2022 - Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the right mileage app should save you time on manual data entry work and calculations while providing accuracy. All of the above-listed mileage tracking apps come with a number of useful features, and all of them are tailored to specific audiences and their needs. 

Before deciding on any one of them, make sure to understand its functionalities well, and if possible try it out for free prior to subscribing to a paid version.

The Revolution in Mileage Tracking for Teams

There are numerous apps designed to track miles, however, not all of them are designed with the same features and functionalities. They differ in ease of use as well, which can make a great impact in carrying out your work responsibilities. 

A well-built miles tracker app is designed with users in mind and focused on solving their problems. As such, it has the potential to take your business to the next level.

If you’re looking to move your business forward, and need a reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use mileage tracking app for teams, Timeero may be your best bet. 

Ready to take that step and move your business further? Start your free trial with Timeero now!

Vesna Mihajlovic

Vesna is a psychologist, researcher, and writer with a wide range of interests focused on one goal: utilizing digital solutions to take businesses to the next level. Her expertise in human resources and workforce trends combined with her understanding of software’s role in business optimization is invaluable in helping them stay on top of the curve.

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