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4 Best Home Health Mileage Tracker Apps: Review and Comparison

Natasa Djalovic
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April 18, 2024 1:44 AM
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Mileage tracking is vital for home health agencies managing employee reimbursements. Efficient and reliable tracking methods ensure accurate mileage data and simplify record-keeping.

After reviewing and comparing numerous apps, we’ve narrowed our list down to four standout apps, each offering unique features for home health agencies:

  • Timeero. Known for its comprehensive scheduling and accurate mileage tracking, Timeero integrates Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), making it ideal for agencies focusing on compliance and ease of use.

  • TripLog. Offers diverse tracking modes and detailed expense management, suitable for agencies seeking customizable tracking solutions.

  • Everlance. Stands out for its user-friendly interface and simplified expense management, appealing to agencies that prioritize ease of use alongside robust tracking features.

  • Driversnote. Notable for its reliable automatic tracking with iBeacon technology, perfect for agencies requiring precise tracking for multiple vehicles and caregivers.

This article examines the best mileage tracking apps for home health agencies, specifically designed to meet their unique operational needs.

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How Do I Log Mileage for Home Health Care Visits?

Logging mileage for home health care visits efficiently involves several key steps.

  1. Opt for a specialized app like Timeero, designed to track caregiving mileage accurately.
  2. Configure the app to automatically track mileage for work, or choose to log trips manually. Ensure it accurately records the start and end points of each visit.
  3. Distinguish each journey as either business-related (patient visits) or personal. Most apps provide easy-to-use features for this classification.
  4. Consistently check your mileage logs for precision, making edits to ensure they accurately represent your trips.
  5. Utilize the app's reporting functions to create comprehensive logs. These are crucial for reimbursement and tax purposes and offer a more reliable and organized method than manual logging.

Using a mileage tracker app creates records that are significantly more streamlined and accurate than traditional methods like pen and paper or spreadsheets.

How Do I Choose a Mileage Tracker for My Home Healthcare Business?

Choosing the right mileage tracker app for your home healthcare business involves evaluating several key features to ensure it meets your specific needs:

  • Accurate Mileage Tracking. The ideal home health mileage tracker app ensures meticulous mileage recording for accurate reimbursements, mileage deductions, and compliance with tax laws, which is crucial for legal standards and financial accuracy.
  • Efficient Scheduling. The best home health mileage trackers often feature efficient scheduling tools, aligning caregiver visits and optimizing routes, which is vital for managing time and resources effectively in home health care.
  • Robust Reporting Tools. The best apps provide comprehensive reporting functionalities, simplifying financial and operational data recording for streamlined management and decision-making.
  • Seamless System Integration. Integration with existing payroll and accounting systems is a key feature, reducing administrative burden and enhancing overall financial management within the agency.
  • Customization and Scalability. The app should cater to your business needs and be scalable as your agency grows.
  • Privacy and Compliance Features. Ensure the app respects caregiver privacy and complies with relevant regulations, such as EVV standards.

By focusing on these essential features, you can select a mileage tracker app that not only simplifies mileage logging but also supports the broader operational needs of your home healthcare business.

Interested in learning more about the best home health apps? Read our 10 Best Home Health Apps in 2024 article.

Timeero - The Best Home Health Mileage Tracker App

Timeero excels with its seamless integration of accurate automatic mileage tracking, scheduling, and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) compliance, positioning itself as the best all-in-one solution for home health care providers. 

Timeero’s compatibility with iOS and Android devices ensures functionality even in remote areas with weak signals.

Its user-friendly interface simplifies operations, while the mileage tracking system guarantees precise mileage logging. 

Automated and Accurate Mileage Tracking

timeero mobile mileage tracking
Use Timeero to track mileage automatically and accurately.

Timeero offers an efficient automated mileage tracking system. Once an employee clocks in for a task, the app begins tracking mileage automatically, ensuring every trip related to patient visits is accurately logged.

Timeero’s automated mileage tracking relies on drive detection technology. This feature logs miles automatically when the caregiver drives over a set speed threshold, thus reducing manual entry errors.

Timeero tracks mileage and location only during clocked-in hours, respecting employees' privacy rights.

See how Timeero compares to other best mileage tracking apps on the market today. 

Segmented Tracking for Detailed Reporting

timeero segmented tracking overview
Segmented Tracking Feature in Timeero

For caregivers visiting multiple patients. Timeero’s segmented tracking calculates mileage between each visit. It also logs time spent at the location of each client. 

Segmented tracking is especially beneficial for EVV compliance, precise reimbursement and documenting the distance traveled for each patient visit.

Simplified Tax Compliance

Timeero helps ensure compliance with tax regulations by distinguishing between personal and business miles. You can easily use the CRA or IRS mileage reimbursement rate to set up the commuter mileage feature to adhere to relevant guidelines.

GPS Tracking and Suggested Mileage

timeero route replay
View exact routes taken by your caregivers.

Timeero offers a breadcrumb trail feature, which allows managers to view the exact routes taken by healthcare workers. This feature is essential for planning efficient routes and ensuring caregivers spend more time with patients.

The geofencing feature makes sure caregivers are within their designated work areas, offering an added layer of accountability and operational efficiency.

Time Tracking and Scheduling

The Timeero mobile app allows caregivers to efficiently track various aspects of their work.

Timeero allows caregivers to easily track their working hours with a simple clock-in and clock-out system. This facilitates accurate payroll processing and compliance with labor laws.

timeero scheduling feature
Quickly create and change shifts using Timeero's Scheduling feature.

Timeero’s Scheduling system helps managers avoid double bookings and provide adequate staffing for patient visits.

Creating schedules is easy. Caregivers are informed as soon as shifts are created or updated.

With the right Timeero settings, caregivers can accept or decline their shifts.

Employees are given the ability to accept or deny assigned shifts if the manager allows this setting to be applied.


timeero mileage reports
Quickly generate mileage reports with Timeero.

Timeero allows you to generate detailed reports of mileage and time, which is crucial for auditing and financial management.

Integration with Payroll Systems

Timeero integrates with popular payroll systems like QuickBooks Desktop and Online, Gusto, ADP, Paylocity, Paychex, Rippling, Xero Australia and Viventiumand others, simplifying administrative tasks and ensuring accurate home care mileage reimbursement.


Timeero offers flexible pricing to fit businesses of different scales and needs in the home health sector.

Basic Plan: Priced at $4 per user/month, this plan is ideal for fundamental tracking needs, perfect for small agencies or individual caregivers.

Pro Plan: At $8 per user/month, this plan includes additional functionalities like job management and scheduling, suitable for agencies requiring more comprehensive operational tools.

Premium Plan: For $11 per user/month, the Premium Plan provides advanced features essential for meticulous tracking and maintaining compliance, aligning with the needs of larger agencies or those with complex requirements.

Enterprise Plan: Custom-priced to suit large organizations, this plan offers bespoke solutions and dedicated support, catering to the unique demands of larger home health providers.

Businesses interested in Timeero can explore its capabilities with a 14-day free trial, providing a risk-free opportunity to assess how the app aligns with their specific operational needs.

Bottom Line

Timeero is the best overall solution for home health agencies, offering automated mileage tracking, efficient scheduling and time tracking, and seamless integration with payroll systems. Its focus on accuracy, compliance, and operational efficiency makes it a valuable tool for managing the logistics of home health care.

TripLog - Versatile Mileage Tracker with Comprehensive Features for Home Health Agencies

TripLog is a multifaceted mileage tracker app compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

It combines a variety of tracking modes with extensive expense management capabilities, catering to a broad spectrum of business needs in the home health sector.

Varied Mileage Tracking Modes

triplog autostart options mobile
TripLog mileage tracking options.

TripLog offers multiple tracking modes, including Manual, MagicTrip, Plug-N-Go, and Car Bluetooth, each designed to suit different driving scenarios and user preferences. 

MagicTrip is notable for its automatic tracking based on speed thresholds. Hardware-based options like TripLog Drive and TripLog Beacon enhance tracking accuracy for various user needs.

Comprehensive Commuter Mileage Feature

triplog frequent trip rules
Set up frequent trip rules using TripLog.

TripLog’s commuter mileage feature is instrumental in excluding employee commutes from business mileage. You can configure it to ignore the day's first and last trips or total daily commuter miles, ensuring accuracy in mileage logs and adherence to reimbursement policies.

Effective Trip Classification and Reporting

triplog image classification options
TripLog lets you easily classify trips.

TripLog allows for manual and automatic trip classification, streamlining the process of categorizing journeys as business or personal. The app also helps generate detailed expense reports using standard mileage rates, simplifying the reimbursement process for home health agencies.

Detailed Route Tracking and Employee Privacy Considerations

triplog trip preview
View specifics of each trip.

With detailed route mapping and breadcrumb features, TripLog enables employers to monitor the specifics of each trip, including speed. 

The app's automatic tracking modes, such as MagicTrip, may require a well-defined privacy policy to ensure employee drive time outside of working hours is respected.

Extended Features and Integration Capabilities

triplog trip reports
Exporting a report using TripLog.

TripLog goes beyond mere mileage tracking. It also includes expense tracking, route planning, time tracking, and employee scheduling. It supports ACH reimbursement and links to bank accounts for efficient financial management. Its compatibility with platforms like ADP, Xero, QuickBooks, SAP Concur, Paychex, Emburse, Salesforce, and Sage makes it a highly versatile tool for business management.

Pricing Options

TripLog's pricing models cater specifically to the needs of home health agencies, whether they are individual caregivers or larger teams.

Lite Plan (Free): Suitable for small agencies, offering manual GPS mileage tracking and basic expense management.

Premium Plan: $5.99/month, ideal for individual caregivers, includes unlimited automatic GPS tracking.

Teams Plan: $10/user/month, tailored for agencies with multiple caregivers, providing comprehensive mileage reimbursement solutions.

Enterprise Plan: $15/user/month, customizable for larger agencies, offering advanced tracking and management features.

Bottom Line

TripLog's diverse tracking modes, comprehensive features, and cross-platform compatibility make it an ideal choice for both small and large home health agencies. Read our in-depth TripLog review to learn more about the app.

Everlance - Streamlined Expense and Mileage Tracking

Everlance distinguishes itself with its simplified approach to expense management alongside mileage tracking. Thanks to its intuitive design and comprehensive features, Everlance made it to our list of best home health mileage tracker apps as an easy-to-use tool for managing finances and travel expenses.

Mileage Tracking: Automatic and Manual

Everlance offers both automatic and manual mileage tracking. The automatic feature starts recording miles as driving begins, which is suitable for caregivers who travel frequently. Conversely, manual tracking provides precision for specific trips, offering flexibility for diverse home health care situations.

everlance mobile app
Everlance mobile mileage tracker app.

The app’s intuitive swipe feature to classify trips as business or personal is crucial for accurate mileage logs. This simplifies claiming reimbursements for caregivers who often travel between patient locations.

Setting specific work hours for automatic trip classification can significantly reduce the administrative burden. This feature allows the app to categorize trips within work hours as business-related, aligning with the typical schedules of home health caregivers.

everlance settings
Everlance settings allow you to customize features according to your business needs.

Everlance allows for manual additions and edits. This ensures that caregivers can still accurately log their travel for reimbursement purposes even if the automatic system misses a trip.

everlance mobile
Using Everlance, caregivers can also manually input their trips.

Everlance’s offline tracking capability is pretty solid. This is a beneficial feature for caregivers who might travel through areas with poor connectivity.

Expense Management and Reporting

Easily view trips with Everlance.

Everlance enables caregivers to photograph and categorize receipts for fuel, vehicle maintenance, and other work-related costs. This feature is vital for home health agencies to manage expenses efficiently and maintain accurate financial records.

The Premium version’s ability to sync transactions directly from bank and credit card accounts significantly reduces administrative overhead, making the reimbursement and accounting processes more streamlined and accurate.

Income Tracking for Comprehensive Financial Overview

Tracking and comparing income with expenses is especially beneficial for home health agencies managing multiple caregivers and revenue streams. It offers a complete financial picture, aiding in more informed decision-making and budgeting.

Company Management Features

The company dashboard offers quick insights into reports and approvals, streamlining mileage management and expenses for multiple caregivers.

Create teams quickly with Everlance.

The ability to assign different roles and create teams with specific settings aids in organizing and managing large groups of caregivers more efficiently.


Occasional Driver: A no-cost option perfect for infrequent drivers. It includes a manual mileage tracker, basic expense management, and reporting features.

CPM Program: Priced at $10 per user each month (billed annually) or $12/month (billed monthly), this program suits agencies preferring cents per mile reimbursement based on accurate mileage logs. It features an automatic mileage tracker and smart trip classification.

FAVR Program: Tailored for comprehensive needs at $33 per user each month (billed annually). It offers personalized rate development, monthly rate adjustments, and compliance management, ideal for customizing reimbursements based on individual roles and locations.

These varied plan options from Everlance provide flexibility for home health agencies of different sizes and needs, from individual caregivers to larger teams, ensuring compliance and efficiency in mileage tracking and reimbursement processes.

Bottom Line

Everlance, with its robust features for mileage tracking and expense management, can serve as a valuable tool for home health agencies. During our review of Everlance, we noticed occasional inconsistencies with its automatic tracking reliability, such as capturing only fragments of rides or occasionally missing drives. Despite these limitations, its comprehensive suite of features make it a useful tool for managing the financial operations of home healthcare services.

Driversnote - Mileage Tracking with IBeacon Technology

driversnote mobile app
The Drivernote user interface is intuitive and user-friendly

Driversnote, a user-friendly mileage tracker app for Android and iPhone, offers features ideal for home health agencies. Its ease of use and automation capabilities make it an attractive choice for teams that require reliable and efficient tracking of work-related travel.

Mileage Tracking and Automation

driversnote trip preview
View trip details easily.

Utilizing motion detection technology, Driversnote automatically tracks mileage when certain conditions are met, such as exceeding a base speed. This feature ensures that all trips are logged, simplifying the process of classifying personal and business travel for accurate reimbursement and tax purposes.

In addition to automatic tracking, Driversnote allows for manual trip addition. This flexibility is crucial for adding historical data.

Creating Teams and Setting Mileage Rates

Driversnote supports the creation of teams within the app, allowing home health agencies to manage multiple caregivers. Agencies can set custom or use IRS standard mileage rates to automate the reimbursement process, ensuring fair compensation for miles driven by each team member.

Location Logging for Client Visits

driversnote locations
Adding locations to Driversnote.

By adding customer locations to the app, Driversnote can automatically identify when a driver parks within 500 meters of a known location, such as a patient’s home, selecting it as the end destination. This feature provides a quick overview of client visits, enhancing the management of caregiver schedules and client interactions.

The app allows you to add multiple vehicles and maintain separate logs for each, a beneficial feature for agencies with several cars or caregivers who use different vehicles.

Driversnote iBeacon for Enhanced Accuracy

The iBeacon feature, an additional Bluetooth device placed in the car, syncs with the driver’s smartphone to initiate trip tracking upon entering and exiting the vehicle. This enhances the accuracy of business mileage tracking, ensuring that only trips made in the company vehicle are logged.

Trip Classification and Reporting

driversnote tracking methods
Caregivers can easily classify their trips.

Driversnote offers a straightforward interface for classifying trips as personal or business, either on the mobile app or the web dashboard. This simplifies the process used to generate IRS-compliant mileage reports.

The app provides several auto-classification options:

  • Based on previous trips
  • Always as business or personal
  • Based on work hours

 This functionality is handy for reducing the manual effort involved in classifying each trip.


  • Lite Plan (Free): Ideal for individuals, offering GPS tracking for up to 15 monthly trips, with trip management and report export options.

  • Basic Plan: $11/month, expands on Lite features, providing unlimited trips and including auto tracking with an iBeacon for automated trip logging, suitable for frequent users.

  • Teams/Companies Plan (Custom Pricing): Tailored for business needs, this plan adds administrative tools for report sharing and user access management, along with a streamlined approval process for mileage.

Bottom Line

For home health agencies, Driversnote offers a blend of automatic and manual mileage tracking, team management, and customizable reporting features. While it has some limitations in initial trip tracking accuracy and battery consumption, its ease of use, automatic trip classification, and robust offline mode make it a viable option for agencies looking to streamline their mileage tracking and reimbursement processes.

To learn more about the app, read our detailed Driversnote review.

Choose Timeero as Your Partner

Timeero stands out as the best home health mileage tracker for several compelling reasons. Firstly, its blend of accurate mileage tracking and comprehensive scheduling is perfectly aligned with the dynamic needs of many home health agencies. 

Timeero offers seamless Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and HIPAA compliance, essential features for meeting healthcare regulations.

 Additionally, its user-friendly interface simplifies the tracking process, making it accessible for caregivers of all tech proficiencies. 

Priced competitively with a basic plan starting at $4 per user each month, Timeero provides a cost-effective solution without compromising functionality, making it an ideal choice for agencies prioritizing efficiency, compliance, and ease of use.

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