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5 Best GPS Tracking Apps for Nonprofit Organizations

Andjelka Prvulovic
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April 18, 2024 1:47 AM
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Today, nonprofit organizations face unique challenges in managing their team operations effectively. Adopting the right technological tools has become essential with the need for enhanced efficiency, safety, and accountability.

GPS tracking apps have emerged as a key solution, helping nonprofits streamline their field operations and resource management.

We’ve studied and tested numerous apps to help you make an informed decision and narrowed down our list to the 5 best nonprofit GPS-tracking apps:

  • Timeero: Best GPS Tracking App for Nonprofit Organizations with Field Staff
  • Hubstaff: Nonprofit GPS Tracking App for Hybrid Teams
  • QuickBooks Time: Nonprofit GPS Tracker for QuickBooks Users 
  • Connecteam: A Versatile Tool for Nonprofit Organizations 
  • Where’s My Staff: Basic, Budget-Friendly, Nonprofit GPS Tracker

We’ll look at their features, benefits, and how they can help your organization achieve its goals more efficiently.

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The Need for GPS Tracking in Nonprofit Organizations

Whether it’s about ensuring the safety of field staff, improving productivity, or maintaining transparency, the right nonprofit GPS tracking app can make a significant difference.

But what makes the best nonprofit GPS tracking app?

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

GPS tracking is transforming how nonprofit organizations manage their field operations. These systems enable more efficient scheduling and worker distribution by providing real-time data on the whereabouts of staff and resources. 

They simplify logistics, from route planning to resource allocation, ensuring that efforts are focused where they need to be. 

Ensuring Safety and Accountability

The safety of staff and volunteers is paramount for any nonprofit, especially those operating in remote or challenging environments.GPS tracking seed that team members are located quickly in emergencies. 

Additionally, this technology plays a critical role in promoting accountability. By providing transparent, real-time data on field operations, nonprofits can demonstrate to donors and stakeholders how resources are being used, strengthening trust and support.

Tracking Time and Mileage for Payroll, Costs, and Compliance

When it comes to payroll and cost management, the accurate tracking of hours and travel is indispensable. These practices help nonprofits comply with relevant regulations such as the FLSA or state and local laws.

For nonprofits relying on volunteers, tracking time and mileage is equally important. It helps acknowledge and reward the contributions of volunteers and plays a key role in grant applications and reporting. 

Now that we have explored the benefits of GPS tracking for nonprofit businesses let us move on to the software solutions that made it to our list. 

Timeero - Best GPS Tracking App for Nonprofit Organizations with Field Staff

Timeero, the all-in-one GPS tracking app and workforce management solution, offers features that significantly benefit nonprofit organizations.

Here’s how its key features align with the specific needs of nonprofits:

GPS Time Tracking Software

Timeero’s transition from traditional to digital timekeeping is a game-changer for nonprofits. Field staff can effortlessly track time, mileage, and routes with its user-friendly mobile app, available for iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Using the Timeero mobile app, employees can easily track their hours, breaks, and mileage.

Time tracker creates accurate and reliable payroll data, which decreases errors associated with manual timesheets. For nonprofits, this means streamlined payroll processes and enhanced accountability in field operations.

With Timeero, you can use geofencing to remind your employees to clock in and out when they arrive, leave their work site, or restrict them from punching offsite.

Besides tracking hours, nonprofits can also use Timeero to customize overtime and break rules, depending on their location.

timeero overtime settings
With Timeero, nonprofits can customize overtime and payroll settings.

For example, California nonprofits can use California Overtime Rules to ensure their employees are adequately compensated for overtime and double-time hours.

What’s more, Timeero comes with the California Break Tracker, helping organizations and employees in the Golden State stay compliant with the California Break Laws.

To top it off, Timeero includes the Signatures feature so employees can physically sign and verify their timesheets and work data  - such as hours, mileage, and breaks. 

timeero signatures
Employees can verify timesheet data and obtain proof of work using the Signatures feature.

Employees can also gather client signatures and include them on their time cards as proof of work.

Historical and Real-Time GPS Tracking

The software’s continuous tracking of employee locations during shifts is crucial for nonprofits, particularly those with field teams.

timeero location tracking
See real-time locations of employees and volunteers.

Timeero’s “Who’s Working” dashboard allows nonprofit managers to see the real-time locations of employees, an essential feature for coordinating field activities and ensuring staff safety. 

Detailed GPS tracking offers a historical view of an employee’s working hours. You can see their movements and locations by creating a breadcrumb trail.

timeero route replay
Using the Route Replay feature, get a detailed view of your employee’s routes during the shift.

The GPS tracking feature functions even in offline mode, syncing data when the connection is restored, ensuring there is no gap in location tracking.

Mileage Tracking

For nonprofits with staff frequently on the move, Timeero’s accurate mileage tracking is invaluable. It automates the recording of work-related mileage that is necessary for mileage reimbursement and maintaining compliance with IRS tax regulations

timeero mobile mileage
The Timeero mobile app automatically tracks business trips during working hours.

Timeero’s powerful tools, such as the Shortest Distance and Suggested Mileage features, help nonprofits manage transportation costs effectively and make sure they don’t overpay for mileage. 

Reimbursement accuracy is an essential aspect of cost management for resource-limited organizations.

timeero suggested mileage
You can easily compare actual vs. suggested mileage using Timeero.

Segmented Tracking

Timeero’s Segmented tracking feature sets it apart from other GPS tracking apps. This hassle-free solution requires employees or volunteers to clock in and out just once per workday while the app captures every location or job site visited during the shift.

timeero segmented tracking feature
Gain a birdseye view of your employee’s workday.

This feature enables nonprofits to get a detailed visual timeline of an employee’s day in the field, helping to monitor time spent on travel versus on-site, which optimizes productivity.

Job Management and Employee Scheduling

Timeero allows you to easily create jobs and assignments for individual employees or groups, a time-saving asset for nonprofits that often deal with various projects and volunteer activities. 

timeero scheduling mobile
You can set up Timeero to let employees accept or decline their shifts.

The scheduling functionality simplifies managing mobile and remote teams, allowing you to effectively streamline staff and volunteer management.

The app also simplifies the time-off approval process, focusing on employee availability and preventing scheduling conflicts.

Reporting and Integrations

Timeero enables nonprofits to generate customizable reports, which makes donor reporting and internal analysis a much simpler process.

Its integration with accounting and payroll systems like QuickBooks and ADP automates payroll and reimbursement processes, a significant benefit for nonprofits seeking to enhance their efficiency.

Pricing and Trial Options

With flexible pricing plans, nonprofits can select a package that best fits their company size and workforce requirements. Additionally, Timeero offers an option for an annual subscription, which includes one free month.

Basic Plan ($4/user/month)

  • Suitable for up to 10 users.
  • Includes fundamental features like time tracking, GPS, and mileage tracking.

Pro Plan ($8/user/month)

  • Builds upon the Basic Plan.
  • Additional features include job tracking, integrations, scheduling, geofencing, message blasts, and time off management.

Premium Plan ($11/user/month)

  • Offers all Pro and Basic features.
  • Advanced tools include auto clock-out when GPS is off, public API access, commuter mileage, suggested mileage, HIPAA compliance, location addresses, and signatures.

Enterprise Plan

  • Custom pricing for organizations with over 250 users.
  • Includes all previous features, dedicated account management, priority support, single sign-on, and custom implementation.

Segmented tracking is available as an add-on for Pro and Premium users, starting at $5/user per month.

Timeero offers a 10 percent discount for nonprofit organizations on all pricing plans except for the Segmented tracking add-on. To claim this discount, these organizations must submit a 501(c)(3) form allowing federal tax exemption.

Our Say

Timeero’s prime features, namely  GPS and mileage tracking, real-time employee monitoring, and seamless integrations with payroll systems, perfectly fit the operational needs of nonprofits. 

Its capabilities can improve workflows, ensure compliance, and provide transparency, all important aspects for running a nonprofit organization. As it tracks employee location and mileage during working hours only, Timeero safeguards employee privacy and ensures compliance with GPS tracking laws.

To learn more about Timeero’s features and benefits, read our detailed Timeero review to see how it compares to other GPS trackers we’ve tried.

Hubstaff - Nonprofit GPS Tracking App for Hybrid Teams

Hubstaff, a multifaceted workforce management tool, offers a wide range of features that can be particularly beneficial for nonprofit organizations (nonprofits). 

Here’s how its capabilities fit the specific needs of nonprofits:

Time and Attendance Tracking

Hubstaff provides a flexible and accessible time-tracking system compatible with various operating systems and devices.

Hubstaff GPS Time Clock
Hubstaff GPS Time Clock

This feature is essential for nonprofits with diverse teams, including remote workers and volunteers. Automatic timesheet creation streamlines the payroll and invoicing process, encouraging accurate staff and volunteer hour reporting.

Geofencing and GPS Location Tracking

The GPS tracking feature is an invaluable tool for nonprofits with field teams. It automatically records and tracks employee locations, allowing managers to monitor staff movements and work locations effectively.

hubstaff geofencing
Hubstaff: You can set up geofencing for work orders

Hubstaff’s geofencing feature improves accountability and efficiency, starting or stopping time tracking based on an employee’s location. This is particularly useful for nonprofits that require precise tracking of field activities.

Employee Scheduling and Task Management

Hubstaff facilitates efficient team scheduling and task management with its project management tools. 

These features help nonprofits allocate tasks, manage schedules, and track project progress, which in turn contribute to appropriate resource allocation. 

Comprehensive Employee and Productivity Monitoring

Hubstaff’s app and website usage insights help nonprofits understand how employees and volunteers spend their time. 

hubstaff reporting
Generate customized reports with Hubstaff.

Features like screenshot monitoring provide reliable data on productivity levels, optimizing task assignments and effectively distributing workload tasks during company hours.

Invoicing and Payroll Management

Automatic invoice generation and payroll processing features simplify nonprofit billing and payment practices. This functionality is beneficial for companies that need to manage finances accurately and efficiently on a limited budget. 

Hubstaff Pricing Plans

Starter Plan ($7/user/month): Basic time tracking, activity levels, limited screenshot functionalities, reports, payments, client, and invoice management.

Grow Plan ($9/user/month): Includes Starter features plus tasks, enhanced reporting, idle timeout, project budgets, and expense tracking.

Team Plan ($12/user/month): Builds on Grow plan with unlimited screenshots, app & URL tracking, auto discarding idle time, team management, payments & payroll, unlimited integrations, overtime tracking, time off & holidays, scheduling & attendance, client budgets, timesheet approvals, and daily & weekly limits.

Enterprise Plan ($25/user/month, billed annually): Most comprehensive, including all Team plan features plus location tracking, a corporate app, and higher limits on the public API.

Hubstaff also offers a discount for nonprofits. For more information, check their website. A 14-day free trial allows nonprofits to assess how the app meets their operational needs. 

Our Say:

Hubstaff’s robust time tracking, location monitoring, task management, and financial management platform make it a strong candidate for nonprofits looking to improve their efficiency and accountability. 

However, nonprofits with significant field activities should note that Hubstaff lacks mileage tracking, which may not be the best solution for companies that need it to meet their business needs. We’ve tested the app in detail, so you can read our Hubstaff review here to learn more about it.

QuickBooks Time - Nonprofit GPS Tracker for QuickBooks Users 

QuickBooks Time is a powerful software system and the most obvious choice for QuickBooks users. With QuickBooks Workforce mobile app, teams can log their time, location, and mileage, which simplifies everyday workflows.

Listed below are QuickBooks Time’s key features that can benefit nonprofit organizations.

Time and Attendance Tracking

QuickBooks Time offers a flexible time-tracking system. Employees can access it via desktop, QuickBooks Workforce mobile app, or use a Google Chrome browser extension. 

QuickBooks Workforce mobile
QuickBooks Workforce GPS Time Clock

Besides accurate time and attendance tracking and efficient payroll, the tool’s ability to generate customized reports further aids nonprofits in tracking project progress and providing data to stakeholders.

GPS Tracking and Geofencing

The GPS tracking capability of QuickBooks Time records and tracks employee locations automatically, fostering a culture of accountability. 

The ‘See Who’s Working’ feature provides additional layers of transparency and accountability, allowing nonprofits to monitor staff availability and manage their activities.

quickbooks time route tracking
Use QuickBooks Time to view employee locations during the day.

The geofencing feature reminds employees to start or stop tracking time based on location, making sure staff is precisely where they need to be for field operations. 

The mileage tracking feature is invaluable for nonprofits that need to manage transportation costs and maintain accurate records for travel reimbursements.

Scheduling and Alerts

QuickBooks Time’s sophisticated scheduling system simplifies creating and monitoring employee schedules, which is great for nonprofits with various projects and activities. 

QuickBooks Time Scheduler
QuickBooks Time Scheduler

The system’s drag-and-drop interface and instant notifications ensure that staff and volunteers are always up-to-date with their schedules. 

The PTO tracker in QuickBooks Time helps nonprofits maintain continuous operations by streamlining the management of staff leave requests.

Integration with QuickBooks and Other Software

Because of the seamless integration with QuickBooks accounting software, all payroll information, employee hours, and expenses are automatically synchronized, reducing the chance of errors from manual data entry. Integrating with other software solutions like ADP and Paychex increases utility among nonprofits looking to streamline workforce management. 

QuickBooks Time Pricing

QuickBooks Time offers two pricing options suitable for nonprofits of various sizes:

Premium Plan: $20 monthly fee + $8 per user/month.

Includes Workforce app for streamlined payroll and invoicing, ability to create schedules and customize reports, features to see who’s working and manage time off, alerts & notifications, and photo attachments.

Elite Plan: $40 monthly fee + $10 per user/month.

It includes all features of the Premium Plan and exclusive features such as mileage and project tracking, project estimates vs. actuals, project activity feed for tracking progress and collaboration, timesheet signatures, and geofencing.

We couldn’t find any information regarding a discount for nonprofits. To find out the most recent information, contact Quickbooks Time customer service.

Our Say

With its comprehensive suite of features — time tracking, GPS location tracking, scheduling, and PTO management — QuickBooks Time emerges as a compelling choice for nonprofits aiming to enhance efficiency, accountability, and workforce management. 

However, in terms of pricing, it’s evident that nonprofits and small businesses can find more cost-effective alternatives without straining their budget. You can read more about the app in our QuickBooks Time review.

Connecteam - A Versatile Tool for Nonprofit Organizations 

Connecteam is a comprehensive workforce management tool well-suited for nonprofits, especially those requiring efficient time tracking, location monitoring, and employee management. 

Time Tracking

Connecteam offers a user-friendly time-tracking feature for nonprofits with diverse teams. The intuitive app interface allows employees to clock in and out, simplifying the timekeeping process. 

Connecteam GPS Time Clock
Connecteam GPS Time Clock

Notable tools include configurable settings that prevent early clock-ins and automatic clock-outs at the end of shifts, maintaining compliance with work hour limits and overtime rules. The app also provides clock-in and out reminders to employees.

GPS Location Tracking and Geofencing

Connecteam includes GPS location tracking to monitor the whereabouts of teams, particularly those in the field. The geofencing feature enhances this capability by restricting clock-ins to specific job locations, allowing employees to clock in only when they are within the designated work zone. 

This feature is particularly beneficial for nonprofits that operate across multiple locations and need to manage field operations efficiently.

Job Scheduling and Employee Management

Connecteam’s scheduling modules maximize employee hours by allowing employers to manage and create schedules easily with the drag-and-drop feature.

Connecteam Scheduling
Connecteam lets you schedule and assign shifts easily.

To promote flexibility and maintain staff levels, employees can set their availability and find replacements for their shifts with Connecteam’s scheduling features.

PTO, Overtime & Break Management

Connecteam provides comprehensive features for managing paid time off (PTO), overtime, and breaks. The app allows nonprofits to create custom policies for various types of leave and manage them effectively. The break management feature ensures compliance with state-mandated break rules, which is crucial for nonprofits with staff in different regions.

Auto-Reporting & Integrations

The app offers automated reporting for attendance, GPS, timesheets, and payroll, a time-saving feature for busy nonprofit managers. Despite limited integration options, Connecteam supports major payroll processing systems like Gusto and QuickBooks Online, benefiting nonprofits looking to streamline their payroll and accounting processes.

Team Communication

Connecteam also includes communication tools that encourage team engagement and cohesion. 

connecteam conversation
You can use the app to keep in touch with your team members.

The live chat feature facilitates real-time communication and file-sharing within the organization to maintain efficient and secure internal communications.


Connecteam’s pricing plans are structured to accommodate nonprofits of various sizes:

Basic: $39/month for the first 30 users, then $0.60/user/month. This plan includes all essential features such as time tracking, GPS, unlimited jobs, payroll software integration, and more.

Advanced: $59/month for the first 30 users, then $1.80/user/month. It builds on the Basic plan with advanced functionalities like unlimited geofences, automatic shift assignments, advanced filtering, recurring tasks, and more.

Expert: $119/month for the first 30 users, then $3.6/user/month. This premium plan encompasses everything in the Advanced plan, plus exclusive features like live GPS tracking, process automation, multi-branch management, and unlimited automated reports, among others.

For organizations seeking a tailored experience, Connecteam also provides an Enterprise solution with personalized support, private branding, advanced security features, and more. Details and pricing for the Enterprise plan are available upon request.

Connecteam offers a Small Business Plan that is free, catering to small businesses with up to 10 users. In addition to the Small Business Plan, there is a 14-day free trial with full access to all features across its platform.

Our search didn’t yield any results about a nonprofit discount, but there is a discount for annual subscriptions. For the most current details, please contact Connecteam’s customer support.

Our Say:

Connecteam’s user-friendly interface and diverse functionalities make it an attractive option for nonprofits looking to optimize their operations and enhance workforce management.

However, nonprofits should consider the limitations in offline functionality and potential app glitches when evaluating its suitability for their specific needs. For more info about the app, read our Connecteam review.

Where’s My Staff - Basic Budget-Friendly Nonprofit GPS Tracker

Where’s My Staff offers nonprofits a comprehensive, flexible solution for managing workforce attendance and location. 

Its blend of NFC/QR and GPS tracking, user-friendly design, and offline functionality make it a valuable tool for nonprofits looking to manage and track their employees’ attendance and working hours inside and outside of the organization. 

Time and Attendance Tracking

Volunteers and employees can use their smartphones to scan NFC/QR tags placed within the company to report their attendance. The system records the date and time of each scan and sends this data to the admin’s account via the Internet.

For field employees, Where’s My Staff uses GPS tracking so employees can check in and out with a simple swipe left or right in the app.

Where’s My Staff App
The Where’s My Staff App is quite straightforward.

GPS-based tracking can help nonprofits enhance operational coordination and safety in various contexts, including remote relief operations.

where's my staff location tracking
You can view your staff’s real-time locations using Where’s My Staff.

The software allows you to create multiple branches and departments, which is a great feature for nonprofits operating in various locations.

where's my staff working shifts
Define your working days and hours.

It also lets you set working hours so you can keep track of late clock-ins and outs.

The mobile app focuses on ease of use, providing accessibility for all employees, regardless of technical proficiency. Employees can punch in and out and access their timesheets and activity logs within the app.

Where's My Staff Activities
Your team members can see their time cards on their apps.

The app functions offline, storing data on the device and syncing once an internet connection is available.


Where’s My Staff lets you generate reports to monitor employee time, attendance, and locations. You can export these reports to Excel or print them out.

Where’s My Staff reporting
You can run customized reports using Where’s My Staff.


You can also view real-time location reports and employee clock-in and out times as well as locations.

Where's My Staff  route tracking
View employees’ clock-ins and outs and routes.


  • Time Clock: $0.99 per employee per month. This plan offers comprehensive time-tracking capabilities. Features include attendance records, tracking visited locations, support for multiple branches or departments, and managing various shifts.

  • GPS Locator:$1.50 per employee per month. Includes all the benefits of the Time Clock plan plus advanced real-time GPS tracking. 

You can try the full suite of features with the no-commitment 14-day free trial.

We couldn’t find any details about a discount for nonprofits. For the latest information, it’s best to contact Where’s My Staff’s customer service department.

Our Say: 

Where’s My Staff is a budget-friendly solution for nonprofits, appealing to those requiring basic GPS tracking features without a hefty investment. It suits small nonprofits and organizations seeking straightforward, essential tracking capabilities. Still, those needing a more comprehensive tool might have to look beyond this application or consider integrating it with other systems to fill any gaps.

Choosing the Best GPS Tracker for Nonprofits

Selecting the right GPS tracker for your nonprofit hinges on understanding your needs and budget constraints.

Consideration should be given to which features are necessary for your organization, such as real-time tracking, reporting capabilities, scheduling, or mileage tracking.

Fortunately, many providers offer trial periods, allowing you to test their solutions before committing. Among the options, Timeero stands out from the rest with its comprehensive features and flexibility, making it an excellent solution for nonprofits looking to enhance their productivity with GPS tracking technology.

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