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CompanyMileage Review 2024

Samson Kiarie
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Apr 18, 2024
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CompanyMileage is a mileage and expense tracking solution for companies with mobile employees. The SaaS tool helps healthcare, sales representatives, property management, and service-oriented companies streamline reimbursement. This CompanyMileage review will help you to decide whether it’s right for you if you’re contemplating using it. 

We’ll walk you through the CompanyMileage app features, how it works, and how much you pay to use it. Beyond that, we’ll compare it with the best mileage-tracking apps to help you better understand its strengths and weaknesses.  

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What Is CompanyMileage?

suremobile app
SureMobile is compatible with iPad, iPhones, and Android devices. 

As the name suggests, CompanyMileage is a solution designed to help companies in different verticals track mileage. Besides mileage tracking, the app allows businesses to reimagine expense tracking and reporting with a simple, multi-level approval process. CompanyMileage has two modules that you can use as standalone SaaS solutions:


  • SureMileage: This is CompanyMileage’s mileage tracking module for companies that want to ditch paper logs. The solution streamlines the mileage reimbursement process, from verifying mileage driven to computing expenses to be reimbursed. We’ll discuss how SureMileage achieves these goals in our next section. 

  • SureExpense: As the name suggests, this is the expense tracking module. It helps companies track expenses, create expense reports and feed that data into accounting software and payroll systems for accurate reimbursement. 

Beyond these two modules, CompanyMileage offers a mobile app called, SureMobile. The app enables CompanyMileage users to access SureMileage and SureExpense solutions on mobile devices. SureMobile is compatible with Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and HTML-compatible browsers. 

CompanyMileage Review: Key Features Walkthrough

Compared to other mileage tracking apps, CompanyMileage is overly simple. The vendor sticks to the bare minimums — offering the fundamental features only — to maintain a flat learning curve for all employees. Does the simplistic architecture impact CompanyMileage performance? 

Read on to find out how the app works.

1. Mileage Tracking

The best mileage-tracking apps embrace modern technology to help companies sidestep the shortcomings of traditional trip logs with odometer readings. One automation technology that’s catching on in the industry is motion detection.  


With motion detection, apps such as Timeero, TripLog, and Driversnote record mileage when the vehicle moves. This eliminates the need for employees to enter their start and end locations during the day continually. Such apps improve tracking accuracy and enable employees to focus more on meaningful tasks. 

SureMileage doesn’t use motion-detection technology. Instead, the app uses point-to-point calculations to log employee mileage. While the process eliminates manual paper logs, it’s half-manual and half-automated. Let’s dig deeper. 

How Does CompanyMileage Work?

Let’s say your sales rep leaves the office (starting point) for a meeting at a customer location (endpoint). The app won’t track mileage as the sales reps drive to the customer’s place. Instead, the sales rep will have to input the address of their starting point and destination for the trip.

This way, the CompanyMileage system will determine the most expedient route between the two addresses to compute the mileage. Employees can do that for each trip they take or use the “input grid” to enter a series of trips. The upshot is that this method compels your field employees to always take the shortest route.

However, such a tracking method can be tedious and inaccurate. By assuming the employee took the shortest route, CompanyMileage bases mileage tracking on prediction rather than reality — which can often lead to erroneous mileage logs. 

The SureMobile app offers two features you don’t get with the web platform: quick capture and check-in. These features are meant to give CompanyMileage more data points to work with to improve tracking accuracy

  • Check-inDoor-to-door sales reps can use this feature at each customer’s location to capture their location. This way, CompanyMileage will have more data points (location addresses) to work with, enhancing accuracy. 

  • Quick capture — Similarly, quick capture lets field employees capture their location at each destination. The employee only needs to hit the “quick capture” button, and the app will record their location’s longitude and latitude coordinates. Once they capture more than two locations, they can click “create trip,” and the app will compute mileage automatically.


sure mobile quick capture
Employees can click “add to route” to use location capture with a quick capture tool to compute mileage. 

CompanyMileage Tracking Flaws

CompanyMileage excels at eliminating paper logs. Unfortunately, eliminating paper forms isn’t the be-all and end-all of automated mileage tracking. The essence of automatic mileage tracking is to create accurate, IRS-compliant logs for accurate reimbursement and taxation. 

When you leave tracking at the employee’s discretion, human errors will undoubtedly bungle the process. Rogue employees can enter the wrong destination to claim higher reimbursement or even forget to enter a trip, leading to missed trips. Either way, the reimbursement will be inaccurate, as are your taxable income deductions. 

Besides that, the way SureMileage computed mileage can sometimes be flawed. SureMileage calculates mileage based on the shortest route, not the actual route. It relies on GPS technology to decide the shortest route. Regardless of how accurate the technology is, there are bound to be discrepancies between the predicted route and the actual route an employee took. 

2. CompanyMileage Offline Mode

If you need a tracking app for field employees in remote areas, CompanyMileage may not suffice. The app only works when there’s an internet connection. In other words, the CompanyMileage app doesn’t offer an offline mode.

Remember that the app still relies on manual tracking, and the lack of the internet will only affect certain features. For example, employees can enter their journey’s start and end points at the office (before or after the trip). Barring any change in route or destination, the lack of internet won’t adversely affect mileage computation. 

However, the Quick Capture and Check-In features won’t work without an internet connection. As a result, the features might not be helpful for field employees who rely on them to improve tracking accuracy. 

3. Drive Classification

suremobile app new trip
CompanyMileage computes mileage when employees input their starting and ending destinations. 

One of the stipulations for IRS-compliant logs is that you must declare the purpose of each trip: personal vs. business-related. As you shop for a mileage-tracking app, you should pick a solution that easily classifies your trips. 

Does CompanyMileage tick that box? 

To a certain extent, yes. 

The mileage tracking software helps separate commute mileage from other mileage. Each employee will have to set their home and office address. If an employee posts a trip between the two points (either to or from), it automatically deducts the mileage and doesn't add it to the business logs. 

However, there’s no way to separate personal and business trips automatically. The system leaves it up to the employee to decide which trips were made for personal or business purposes. If an employee enters a private trip, the system will compute the mileage and add the figure to the business log.

Mileage Threshold

You can set a mileage threshold to prevent personal trips from ending on the business mileage log. For example, if you know the distance between points A to B is 10 miles, you could set the threshold to 12 miles — leaving some allowance for unprecedented circumstances.

If an employee exceeds the threshold, CompanyMileage will alert you, prompting proper action. You could ask the employee about the trip or reject the additional mileage during approval.

4. Day and Route Planner

Unlike MileIQ or Timeero, CompanyMileage doesn’t offer a scheduling tool or a way to set shifts and work hours. However, it has unique day and route planners. 

Day Planner

The day planner isn’t a full-scale scheduler, so it doesn’t have the option to save the entered data. Instead, this informational tool helps field employees create directions and calculate the mileage from one destination to the next. 

The planner lets you manually enter destinations or pull them from your address book. Once you add your destinations and click “create route,” the planner creates the best possible route based on the order of your destinations. 

Route Planner

suremobile route planner
The route planner helps you save time and reach your destinations faster. 

The route planner is similar to the day planner but lets you save and share the routes with relevant employees. If a sales rep is scheduled to see five customers, you only need to enter the customer destinations into the route planner and click “create route.”

The system will generate a route based on the order of customer destinations. Each destination will be identified with a pin on a map. When you create the “shortest route,” the app won’t change the first and last destination. However, it will reshuffle the other destinations to create the shortest route.  

If you’re pleased with the order of destinations, click “update route list” to save the route. You can email the sales rep the map and directions. The sales rep can build a new trip from the route and submit it to CompanyMileage for mileage computation. 

5. CompanyMileage Integrations

CompanyMileage integrates with popular payroll and accounting software to make it easier to process expense reports and reimburse employees. Some of the notable integrations include:

  • QuickBooks
  • Ceridian
  • MassPay
  • Intacct
  • Oracle
  • Ceridian DayForce
  • ADP
  • Paycor
  • FlexPay
  • ExponentHR
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • ExecuPay
  • Kronos
  • Sage
  • Paychex
  • Workday
  • NetSuite

6. CompanyMileage Reporting

companymileage reporting
CompanyMileage helps generate reports to monitor and improve expense management.

CompanyMileage approval process is straightforward. Employee submits mileage logs to the supervisor, who reviews every detail to ascertain accuracy. The admins or supervisors can generate mileage logs and other reports and submit them to relevant departments for reimbursement and decision-making. 

Some of the available report filters include:


  • Mileage reports
  • Expense reports
  • Payment reports
  • Approval reports
  • Map reports
  • Customer reports
  • Personal activity reports
  • Usage reports
  • Company structure reports
  • Change audit reports

7. How Much Does CompanyMileage Cost?

We have revealed what CompanyMileage offers; let’s add pricing to the equation to help you determine whether it provides a bang for your buck. The provider offers a quote-based pricing model, meaning you must contact support to determine what your company will pay. 

While the company keeps the price under wraps, it reveals the three pricing plans. The plans are based on the two CompanyMileage products: SureMileage and SureExpense:


  • Point-to-point mileage calculation
  • Payroll and accounting integrations
  • SureMobile app access
  • Month-to-month contract
  • Full library of reports


  • Online Expense submission
  • Online receipt submission
  • Payroll and accounting integration
  • SureMobile app access
  • Month-to-month contract
  • Full library of reports

However, if you need both products, CompanyMileage does offer a full suite that combines SureMileage and SureExpense features.

Timeero: Best SureMobile Alternative

CompanyMileage helps you ditch paper logs. It’s somewhat accurate, but the manual tracking process leaves much to be desired. If you’d instead use an app that automates the entire tracking process to boost accuracy, Timeero ticks the right boxes. 

You can read our full Timeero review for all the nitty-gritty details, but if you’re short on time, here are the product highlights — regarding mileage tracking. 

Easy-to-Use Mobile App

timeero mobile app
Beyond mileage tracking, Timeero helps enhance location tracking and time management.

Timeero Android and iOS app has a clean user interface (UI) with intuitively placed features to offer a flat learning curve. Using the app is a cinch for all employees, whether they are non-tech savvy or using the mileage tracking technology for the first time. 

Accurate Mileage Tracking with Motion Detection

In addition, Timeero automates the mileage tracking process to enhance accuracy. As a result, employees don’t have to constantly enter their location, like CompanyMileage, to track mileage accurately. Instead, once employees clock in, the Timeero app does the rest to create IRS-compliant mileage logs.

The app uses motion detection to track mileage when the vehicle exceeds a speed threshold (such as four mph). You can rest assured that Timeero won’t track mileage when the vehicle is stuck in traffic or when the employee is walking. 

Another thing is that the app supports a pre-drive classification method. In other words, when an employee is clocking in, they have to select their assigned job. This way, all miles are attributed to a specific task, which improves classification. 

What’s more, Timeero safeguards employee privacy. To that end, the app track mileage only when the employee is on the clock. 

Increase Employee Accountability with Route Replay

timeero route replay
Timeero updates employee locations in real-time, and the timely breadcrumbs accentuate this fact. 

It’s not uncommon for rogue employees to take detours for scenic purposes when on a business trip. How do you catch such employees? Enters the Timeero route replay.

As the name suggests, the feature helps you recreate employees’ routes when on the clock. You can see whether the employee took the assigned or the longer, scenic way. The best part is that the route replay doesn’t provide a plain route on a map. 

The route features breadcrumbs with detailed timestamps and vehicle speed. Besides tracking an employee’s route, you can see when they arrived at a customer location and how long they spent there.  

The breadcrumbs also help you analyze the driving speed. If you require employees to maintain certain speeds to lower fuel costs, you can tell whether a driver violates the underlying policy. 

Save Fuel Costs With Suggested Mileage

You can generate the shortest route to each customer location with suggested mileage for delivery drivers and sales reps. Using this feature, you can review the routes a driver has been taking and determine whether there is a shorter alternative path. 

Track Mileage in the Remotest Areas

Even better, Timeero has an offline mode. You don’t need to worry about missed miles when drivers traverse remote areas. Timeero continues to track mileage when the employee loses an internet connection. It then syncs the data when they reach areas with internet coverage. 

Other Key Timeero Features

  • Time tracking with geofencing and facial recognition
  • GPS location tracking
  • Scheduling tool
  • Message Blast
  • Integration with payroll and accounting systems

Final Thought: Is CompanyMileage Worth It?

CompanyMileage is a good mileage-tracking app for a small business looking to eliminate paper logs. It has unique features, such as a route planner, which lets you create the shortest route from a list of destinations. Moreover, it integrates with multiple payroll and accounting systems to simplify reimbursement and expense processing. 

That said, CompanyMileage tracking technology is still a work in progress. The provider is yet to embrace modern tracking technology, such as motion detection, so the tracking is partly manual. The reliance on manual inputs is a recipe for an error-prone reimbursement and taxation process. 

The provider could soon use modern technology, but until that happens, we recommend using an app that enhances accuracy. Timeero ticks that box — it uses motion detection to track mileage and has unique features such as route replay and suggested mileage.

Start a free trial today and take Timeero for a whirl risk-free for 14 days. No credit card is required. 

FAQs: SureMileage Review

How Does SureMobile App Work?

SureMobile uses point-to-point calculations to compute mileage. Employees enter their journey’s start and end points, and the app calculates miles based on the shortest route. 

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