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4 Best Mileage Tracking Apps for iPhone

Andjelka Prvulovic
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April 18, 2024 1:45 AM
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For employers reimbursing employee mileage, accurate and simple tracking methods are key to obtaining reliable mileage data and simplifying record keeping.  In the professional world, the iPhone is a tool that offers an attractive solution making the entire reimbursement process possible.

This article explores the best mileage tracking apps for iPhone, designed to meet the needs of employers and their teams. 

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What Makes the Best Mileage Tracking Apps for iPhone?

In our quest to identify the best mileage tracking apps for the iPhone, we thoroughly tested numerous applications. 

After comprehensive evaluation, we determined the top 4 apps that stand out for their exceptional features and capabilities are the following:

  • Timeero - Ideal for segmented tracking and real-time monitoring.
  • TripLog - Offers diverse tracking modes and comprehensive expense management.
  • Driversnote - Features intuitive tracking with iBeacon technology for enhanced accuracy.
  • Rydoo - Specializes in mileage tracking integrated with extensive expense management.

These apps have become top software picks for iPhone users based on their functionality and ease of use.

Key Characteristics of the Best iPhone Mileage Tracker Apps 

The best mileage tracking apps for iPhone have several key characteristics:

  • Accuracy and Reliability. These apps use advanced technology for precise mileage logging, which is crucial for reimbursements and tax compliance. They significantly reduce errors commonly associated with manual tracking.

  • User-Friendly Interface. A great mileage tracker app offers a user-friendly interface that caters to various tech proficiencies, making it accessible to all users.

  • Diverse Tracking Modes. Top mileage tracking apps provide various modes for different tracking needs, from manual entries to automatic GPS or Bluetooth tracking.

  • Compliance and Privacy Features. The best apps include features for compliance with reimbursement policies, such as commuting mileage reimbursement. They also respect employee privacy, ensuring that mileage is tracked only during work hours.

  • Comprehensive Expense Management.  Leading mileage tracking apps often integrate expense management software, combining mileage tracking with tax write-offs and broader financial oversight.

  • Integration with Business Tools. Seamless integration with accounting and payroll software simplifies reimbursement and bookkeeping processes.

  • Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting. Real-time tracking and route replay provide a quick overview of employee activities, improving productivity and decision-making.

  • Customization and Flexibility. Customizing settings and reports to fit specific business needs makes these apps adaptable to various business requirements.

With these key characteristics defining what makes an ideal mileage tracker for the iPhone, let's now delve into our curated list of the best apps in this category.

Timeero — The Best iPhone Mileage Tracker with Segmented Tracking

As a top mileage tracker app for iPhone, Timeero offers a user-friendly and adaptable GPS tracking system, perfect for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Timeero simplifies the mileage tracking process and is favored by companies in field services, construction, real estate, home healthcare, and sales. 

Automatic Mileage Tracking and Enhanced Accuracy

Timeero stands out as an automatic mileage tracker for the iPhone, using advanced driving detection technology to ensure accuracy. 

timeero mileage tracking iphone
See accurate business routes and mileage on Timeero’s iPhone app.

Timeero is essential for businesses looking for precise mileage tracking that need to reduce errors commonly associated with manual logbooks.

To begin using Timeero, employees need to download the app from the app store and enter their login details one time to be able to clock in.

The app recognizes when they start driving and track their business miles efficiently. The default speed threshold for tracking mileage is set at 4.4 mph, so no miles spent walking or in traffic will be recorded. These settings can be easily customized to fit your specific business needs.

timeero gps time clock iphone
Workers can attach photos and notes to keep track of their business-related expenses.

Timeero simplifies the tracking of other business-related expenses, such as fuel purchases and toll fees. Users can attach photos of receipts or notes about expenses to entries, centralizing expense data for timely processing.

Segmented Tracking for Comprehensive Monitoring

Segmented tracking is a feature unique to Timeero. It is ideal for employees who visit multiple sites daily and need to track mileage for work.

timeero segmented tracking feature
See the breakdown of your employees’ travel and on-site details.

This advanced tracking breaks down an employee’s journey into segments, recording the mileage and time spent at each location. This detailed approach provides a clear overview of travel patterns, aiding in efficient journey planning and accurate mileage logging.

Suggested Route and Shortest Distance Features

timeero shortest distance iphone
Add destination information and let TImeero suggest the shortest distance to your job site.

By using the Suggested Route and the Shortest Distance features, Timeero helps reduce operational costs. 

By recommending the most efficient routes and comparing them with actual paths taken, the app ensures employees use the most cost-effective routes, saving fuel and company time.

Real-Time Tracking and Route Replay

Real-time tracking offers instant visibility of employee locations during work hours. This feature allows employers to monitor workforce activities, improving their efficiency. 

timeero route replay
Each breadcrumb point includes recorded time, location, accuracy, and speed data.

Employers can review paths taken by their employees using the Route Replay feature. This way, they will know if employees travel along the most efficient routes and adhere to the company’s speed policies.  These insights allow the manager to identify areas for business improvement. 

IRS-Compliant Reports and Employee Privacy

timeero mileage reports desktop
Quickly generate mileage reports with Timeero.

As a reliable iPhone mileage tracker, Timeero helps you align with IRS mileage rates and qualify for tax deductions. The app lets employees track miles driven during work hours only, respecting their personal time and prioritizing privacy. 

Responsive Customer Support

Known for its responsive customer support, Timeero guarantees any user inquiries or issues are promptly addressed. This level of support enhances the overall user experience, making it a preferred choice for businesses.

Comprehensive Features for Business Management

As the best mileage and expense tracking app for iPhone, Timeero offers features like scheduling and break tracking, geofencing, and time-off tracking. 

These comprehensive tools make Timeero a versatile solution for effective workforce management. To learn more about key features and benefits, read our comprehensive Timeero review.

Integration and Pricing

Timeero integrates seamlessly with various business platforms like QuickBooks Desktop and Online, ADP, and Gusto. This integration capability makes it a top choice for businesses seeking an efficient iPhone mileage-tracking app.

Pricing Structure

Timeero’s pricing is designed to fit businesses of various sizes:

  • Basic Plan At $4 per user/month, this plan  is suitable for essential tracking needs
  • Pro Plan At $8 per user/month, it includes job management and scheduling
  • Premium Plan At $11 per user/month, it offers advanced features for tracking and maintaining compliance
  • Enterprise Plan Customized for large organizations, providing tailored solutions and support.

Businesses can assess Timeero’s full range of features with a 14-day free trial.

TripLog — Versatile iPhone Mileage Tracker with Expense Management

triplog user interface
TripLog iPhone App User Interface

TripLog distinguishes itself as a robust iPhone mileage tracker, combining a variety of tracking modes with extensive expense management capabilities. 

TripLog has a rich set of features to cater to diverse business needs. Its interface might seem a bit detailed at first, especially for those who aren’t as familiar with tech. But once you get the hang of it, it’s quite user-friendly.

Diverse Mileage Tracking Modes

triplog mileage tracking modes
You can select your preferred mileage tracking mode.

Triplog’s tracking modes include: 

  • Manual
  • MagicTrip
  • Plug-N-Go
  • Car Bluetooth

Each mode caters to different user-preferences and driving scenarios.

triplog iphone route details
Easily see and edit trip details.

MagicTrip, which automatically tracks mileage, is particularly notable.  Like Timeero, it tracks mileage based on a predefined speed threshold. For more specific hardware-based tracking, options like TripLog Drive and TripLog Beacon are available, though they require additional hardware.

Commuter Mileage Feature

triplog commuting route iphone
Set rules for commuting and other frequent routes. 

TripLog includes a feature to deduct employee commutes from business mileage. Users can configure it to exclude the day's first and/or last trip or the total daily commuter miles, ensuring compliance with reimbursement policies.

Trip Classification and Reporting

triplog trip classification
Users can easily classify their trips.

TripLog allows both manual and automatic classification of trips. Users can set rules for frequent trips or manually categorize each trip as business or personal. An additional benefit of using TripLog is the ability to generate expense reports using standard mileage rates.

triplog mileage reports
Quickly run mileage expense reports with TripLog.

Route Tracking and Employee Privacy

TripLog provides detailed route mapping with breadcrumb features. This way, employers can monitor the specifics of each trip, including speed.

triplog trip desktop view
View trips with breadcrumb details.

Regarding employee privacy, automatic modes like MagicTrip may track employee drive time outside of work hours. If you choose to use this tool for mileage tracking in your company, you would need to write a clear privacy policy.

Additional Features and Integrations

TripLog goes beyond mileage tracking with features like expense tracking, route planning, time tracking, and employee scheduling. It also allows ACH reimbursement and links to bank accounts for streamlined bookkeeping. The app integrates with various platforms, including ADP, Xero, QuickBooks, SAP Concur, Paychex, Emburse, Salesforce, and Sage.

You can learn more about the app in our detailed TripLog review.


TripLog offers diverse plans for individuals and businesses:

Single User Plans:

  • Lite Plan The free version has manual GPS mileage tracking and basic expense management. It is ideal for transitioning from paper logs.
  • Premium Plan $5.99/month or $59.99/year. Unlimited automatic GPS mileage tracking, tailored for individual self-employed or rideshare drivers seeking tax deductions.

Multiple Users Plans:

  • Teams Plan $10/user/month. Comprehensive employee mileage reimbursement solution.
  • Enterprise Plan $15/user/month. Feature-rich and customizable for organizations of any size.

Driversnote — Intuitive Mileage Tracker with iBeacon Technology

driversnote UI iphone
Driversnote’s iPhone User Interface

Driversnote offers a straightforward and user-friendly mobile app experience. Its design features a home user-interface (UI) that displays unclassified drives. Users can easily access essential settings via a bottom-screen ribbon.

Mileage Tracking Technology

driversnote mobile trips
Access a trips’ detailed overview.

Unlike some competitors, Driversnote does not use a minimum speed threshold for drive detection. Instead, it uses the smartphone's GPS and accelerometer data to identify new trips. While generally effective, this method can skip parts of a journey in areas with weak GPS signals.

iBeacon for Enhanced Tracking

A standout feature of Driversnote is the use of iBeacon technology. By mounting an iBeacon device in a vehicle and linking it to a driver's smartphone, mileage tracking starts automatically when driving begins. This method is beneficial for teams traveling in remote areas and adds an additional layer of employee privacy.

Simplified Trip Classification

Classifying trips in Driversnote is straightforward. Users manually categorize trips as personal or business with a simple tap. 

driversnote auto tracking modes
Driversnote’s tracking and classification options

For those seeking to automate the process, Driversnote offers four auto-classification options: 

  • Based the previous trip
  • Always as business
  • Always as personal
  • Based on schedule

Route Monitoring

drivernote route preview desktop

The app shows the route taken during a trip. Although it lacks detailed breadcrumb features, this encourages employees to adhere to driving policies and avoid unnecessary detours.

Prioritizing Employee Privacy

Driversnote provides a manual tracking mode that prioritizes employee privacy. The iBeacon feature also supports privacy when vehicles are left at company premises, ensuring no tracking occurs during personal time. When it comes to automatic tracking, a clear policy is needed to prevent tracking outside business hours.

Additional Features and Integration

Driversnote also offers custom mileage rates, employee work schedules, odometer readings, and team management features. However, its integration capabilities are limited, with Microsoft Excel being the primary option. Read our Driversnote review to learn more about the app. 


Driversnote offers tailored plans for individual and business use:

  • Lite Plan Free. Includes detailed GPS tracking for up to 15 monthly trips, trip management, and report export options as PDF or Excel.
  • Basic Plan $11/month. Offers all Lite features plus unlimited trips and auto tracking with an iBeacon for automated trip logging.
  • Teams/Companies Plan Custom pricing. The plan expands on the basic features with admin tools for report sharing and user access management, along with a simple approval process for mileage.

Rydoo — Optimal iPhone Mileage Tracker for Comprehensive Expense Management

ryfoo iphone UI
Rydoo iPhone User Interface

Rydoo stands out in the field of business expense management, uniquely positioning itself as a versatile iPhone mileage tracker. 

Tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses, Rydoo combines insightful analytics, detailed mileage tracking, and robust expense policy management, making it an ideal mileage-tracking app for iPhone users in corporate settings.

Mileage Tracking with Integrated Maps

Contrary to auto-tracking, which operates without user input, Rydoo requires manual trip planning, offering a more hands-on experience for Apple users. 

rydoo mileage tracking iphone
Use Rydoo to choose routes to a destination and add mileage.

Using an integrated map service, users can mark their trip’s start and end points, after which Rydoo calculates the mileage and expenses, providing detailed insights into each journey. 

This feature streamlines mileage reporting and ensures compliance, all while offering hassle-free operation.

Real-time Mileage Approvals and Built-in Compliance

Rydoo enhances the mileage tracking process with real-time approvals, allowing managers and business owners to review and instantly approve mileage expenses on the go. 

rydoo mileage approval
Managers can review and approve mileage expenses in real-time.

Automated calculations and cross-device notifications keep managers informed of all submissions and changes. 

rydoo mileage rates
Choose the rate for mileage reimbursement.

Additionally, Rydoo ensures compliance by following the IRS mileage deduction standards and rates from over 20 countries.

Comprehensive Expense Policy Management

Rydoo’s combination of manual trip logging, comprehensive expense monitoring, and powerful analytics makes it perfect for companies aiming for granular control over their financial operations.

Rydoo enforces strict expense policies and spending limits while alerting users about any deviations from set policies. This way, Rydoo fosters financial discipline within the organization.

It is the recommended choice for medium- to large-sized businesses requiring detailed business expense management, including business trips and mileage. 

Rydoo Pricing and Plans:

Rydoo’s pricing caters to a range of business needs:

  • Essentials Plan $10 per user/month (billed annually) or $12 per user/month (billed monthly). Suitable for growing and small businesses, it includes the mobile app, unlimited expenses, basic integrations, and more.
  • Pro Plan $12 per user/month (annually) or $14 per user/month (monthly). For scaling companies, offers per diem, advanced integrations, customizable policies, and additional compliance features.
  • Business Plan Custom pricing for companies needing multi-country compliance and custom policies. Includes all Pro features plus API access and priority support.
  • Enterprise Plan Custom pricing for large-scale operations needing advanced integration and support. Tailored solutions for companies with 50+ active users.

For those interested in broadening their options, our website also offers in-depth reviews of other mileage-tracking apps like MileIQ, Everlance, Hurdlr, or Motus. These reviews provide further insights and comparisons, helping you make an informed decision tailored to your company's needs.

Pick The Best Mileage Tracking App for Your iPhone

In the search for the best iPhone mileage tracking app, Timeero stands out as the optimal choice. It excels with features like a minimum speed threshold for improved accuracy, segmented tracking, and suggested mileage. 

Timeero’s advanced capabilities offer businesses a comprehensive and precise tool for efficient mileage tracking, providing peace of mind as tax time approaches.

Best Mileage Tracking App for iPhone: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Mileage Tracking App for iPhone?

Timeero is the best mileage-tracking app for iPhones due to its accuracy, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive features like segmented tracking and real-time monitoring.

Can I Track My Mileage on My iPhone?

You can track mileage on your iPhone using apps like Timeero, which offer GPS-based tracking and manual input options to record your travel distances accurately.

What Is the Best iPhone App for Tracking Mileage for Tax Purposes?

Timeero is highly recommended for tracking mileage for tax purposes. It provides accurate, IRS-compliant logs and features that simplify recording and reporting business mileage.

How Can I Automatically Track Mileage for Business Purposes On My iPhone?

To automatically track mileage on your iPhone for business-related purposes, you can use Timeero. It offers automatic tracking features that start recording your mileage once you begin driving, ensuring all business-related travel is accurately logged.

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