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Best TripLog Alternatives in 2024 and Beyond

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TripLog is a fleet tracking and management system designed to track mileage, expenses, fuel usage, and vehicle routes. The app offers easy time-tracking capabilities with a built-in GPS to capture the location of drivers and classify the trip as personal, business, or commute. 

TripLog also offers different methods to track mileage with your Android and iPhone app, including auto-start Magic Trip, Car Bluetooth, Plug-N-Go, TripLog Beacon, TripLog Drive with a USB, Gig App Drivers, or even manually.

The merits aside, the notable shortcomings of the app may compel you to go for one of the best TripLog alternatives available in the market. We find out why in the next section.

Track time and mileage with Timeero - the best TripLog Alternative.

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Why Consider Alternatives to TripLog?

To start with, TripLog fleet management software doesn’t offer much reliability when tracking drivers constantly on the move, which is a key requirement, especially if you want to track door-to-door sales reps. TripLog provides the basic details of the employee clock-in and clock-out location. Still, there is no information about where they spent the entire day.


Also, the app lacks a geofencing feature. Employees may take advantage of that and clock in from their assigned job site, spend the day in a different location, and come back to clock out later. Managers may have a hard time monitoring the employees and reimbursing them fairly if such a scenario occurs.

That’s just a sneak peek of what you’ll learn about the app if you read our detailed TripLog Review.

If you’re short on time, here are the best TripLog alternatives.

  • Timeero: Best Overall TripLog Alternative With a Mileage Tracker and Geofencing Functionalities
  • Everlance: Basic Mileage Tracker App With Expense Tracking and Management
  • QuickBooks Time: Time Tracker With Job/Project Tracking
  • Zoho Expense: Alternative To TripLog With an Expense Mileage Tracker
  • MileIQ: Simple TripLog Alternative With No Time Tracker

What Are the Best TripLog Alternatives? 

Now that you know what TripLog might be lacking, we decided to test a couple of apps to see if they qualify as TripLog alternatives. We zeroed in on the key features that make each mobile app stand out, including time tracking, location tracking, mileage tracking, and more. 

Let’s get started with the best TripLog alternative - Timeero. You can read our in-depth Timeero Review to see why it is the best mileage-tracking app to replace TripLog. 

Timeero: Best Overall TripLog Alternative With a Mileage Tracker and Geofencing Functionalities

Timeero is the most recommended TripLog alternative thanks to its reliable functionalities, including accurate time tracking, precise GPS location tracking, and mileage tracking capabilities. 

Time and GPS Location Tracking 

Time and location tracking is among the main reason why Timeero is a better alternative to TripLog. 

On Timeero’s dashboard, you can see who’s working at what time and place with just a few clicks. Hit the “Who’s working” button to see where every employee works in real-time, including all the turns and stops made. 

timeero who's wotking
On Timeero’s Who’s is Working tab, you can see who’s working at a designated location and what task they’re working on.

The breadcrumbing technology and route replay feature comes in handy to provide speed and finer timestamps to show where every employee spent the day, including their routes.

Timeero has further improved the accuracy of tracking employee hours in the field with geofencing and facial recognition capabilities - features missing on TripLog. The mobile device app will allow you to create virtual boundaries on a designated area, and employees can punch in and out within that area to track their progress. 

timero route with breadcrumbs
Timeero’s breadcrumbing technology and route replay work together to show the speed and detailed timestamps of the user. 

The Timeero Kiosk app allows you to use facial recognition to clock in, a feature absent on TriLog. If the app detects a face mismatch, it automatically blocks them from clocking in. It also instantly alerts you about an unauthorized attempt to clock in.

Mileage Tracking

Timeero’s automatic mileage tracker is considered the best for remote and field teams. What sets Timeero’s mileage tracker apart is its ability to record mileage in real-time as long as the vehicle exceeds the required speed limit.

timeero timesheet mobile
The Timeero app shows the timesheet with total mileage logs for all your drives.

This means that truckers, freelancers, contractors, rideshare, and Uber drivers can use the Android and iOS apps to track travel expenses accurately. 

timeereo mileage reports
Detailed mileage reports showing your trips’ miles, date, and time.

Employers can use data from mileage logs to reimburse employees fairly and generate IRS-compliant reports for tax deductions and computation.

Other Key Features

In addition to time, location, and mileage tracking, Timeero offers other features, including;

  • Geofencing feature
  • Employee scheduling
  • Time off requests and approvals
  • Approval workflows
  • Reporting
  • Time off tracking
  • Great customer support
  • Seamless integrations with other payroll solutions such as Paychex, Xero, Rippling, QuickBooks Online, Gusto, QuickBooks Desktop, Viventim, and ADP.

Timeero Pricing

Timeero offers affordable pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan: $4 per user per month
  • Pro Plan: $8 per user per month
  • Premium Plan: $11 per user per month

A 14-day free trial is also available.

Everlance: Basic Mileage Tracker App With Expense Tracking and Management

Everlance’s cloud-based app seems easy to use, with a convenient mileage and expense tracker to track your trips and generate IRS-compliant reports. It’s a reliable app for freelancers, DoorDasher, Uber, and Lyft drivers.

Read our detailed Everlance Review to learn more.

Time and GPS Tracking 

Everlance is more of a mileage tracker than a time or location tracker. With a quick swipe, the app’s GPS tracker will allow you to record all the miles you drive and categorize your trip as work or personal. This is a perfect feature for Uber and Lyft drivers who spend much of their time driving and want an overall view of the work and personal trips taken within a specific period. The Everlance app will also show the driver’s start and end locations.


everlance trip details
Everlance app shows the distance and route taken for your trip

Unlike TripLog, which lacks a route planning functionality, Everlance offers a navigation or route planner that shows the shortest route to a particular destination. In addition, Everlance’s work hours feature minimizes manual work during classification. This means that when you set the team’s work hours, Everlance will categorize all the drives during the predefined timeframe as business hours. 

Mileage Tracking

Everlance offers two-tiered trip-tracking options. 

The first one is free, which allows you to manually track your trips by hitting the “+” sign and then “Start Tracker.” If by chance you forget to start the tracker for your trip, you can retroactively enter the trip using the “+” sign, then tap “Trip” and type your start and end destination. The app will calculate the business mileage for the trip.

everlance trips
The Everlance app interface to start your trip and classify it.

The second tier is automatic tracking, available on the Premium package. Everlance’s automatic trip-detection technology allows you to log mileage once the vehicle hits 5 mph automatically. 

everlance trip eports
Detailed logs showing all the trips taken for the specified period.

You will need to classify every trip, whether you’re tracking miles manually or automatically. This classification will help you generate mileage receipts within the app, which can be used to claim mileage deductions for reimbursement purposes.  

Other Key Features

Everlance offers other features, including:

  • Expense tracking
  • Receipt management
  • Reporting
  • Integrations with Xero, QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks

Everlance Pricing

Everlance offers several pricing plans.

  • Free Plan: Doesn’t support automatic mileage tracking
  • CPM Program: $10 per user per month with automatic mileage tracking
  • FAVR Program: $33 per user per month with compliance management

QuickBooks Time: Time Tracker With Job/Project Tracking

QuickBooks Time is reliable time-tracking software with mileage-tracking capabilities for field teams. Like Timeero, it offers accurate time-tracking capabilities, which is why it’s a great alternative to TripLog.

Read our detailed QuickBooks Time review to see what other features it has to offer.

‍Time and GPS Location Tracking

Perhaps the most popular feature of QuickBooks Time is time-tracking. Field employees can use the QuickBooks Workforce mobile app to clock in and out in different ways. You can choose between basic time tracking in QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Times with more advanced time tracking features.

On the QuickBooks Time app, you will see the “Who’s Working” window to see who is working on what task and at what location. The app will also allow you to see employees near a specific job site so that you can assign them different tasks on the go. 

quickbooks time dashboard
On the QuickBooks Time dashboard, you can see who is working at a specific location.

QuickBooks Time app also comes with geofencing capabilities, which allows managers to create geofenced areas around a designated job area. The manager will be notified when employees clock in and out of that area which simplifies tracking and ensures that hours recorded by the employee are the actual hours they worked in a particular job site.

Managers can use the app to send reminders to employees when they forget to clock in. This ensures the correct work hours are recorded in the timesheet for fair reimbursement and tax computation purposes. 

Mileage Tracking

QuickBooks Time scores high in time tracking, but you will get less reliability than you would with Timeero and TripLog when it comes to mileage tracking. That said, it’s a commendable alternative TripLog if you want basic mileage tracking without much detail into it.

The mileage tracker is available on the QuickBooks Online Elite plan, so you must spend a little more to access this feature.

quickbooks time reports
Detailed mileage reports can be accessed on the QuickBooks Online mileage tracker.

QuickBooks Time mileage tracker allows you to manually and automatically track miles once you start driving. The automatic mileage tracker detects motion and starts to track mileage. Manual tracking means you will have to start the tracker manually, which might be a good choice if you want to have control of when to track mileage. 

At the end of the trip, QuickBooks Time allows you to accurately categorize your trips as personal or business to calculate travel expenses for fair reimbursements and tax deductions. This is enough to produce IRS-ready mileage reports. Still, the QuickBooks Time mileage tracker doesn’t offer the reliability and accuracy to track miles for large teams. You might want to go for a more robust mileage tracker like Timeero for optimal results. 

Other Key Features

QuickBooks Time offers other features such as:

  • Jobs and project tracking
  • Employee scheduling and invoicing 
  • PTO management
  • Integrations with QuickBooks Online Plus, Advanced, Essentials
  • QuickBooks Workforce mobile app

‍QuickBooks Time Pricing

QuickBooks Time comes with two pricing plans:

  • The Premium plan: $20 monthly fee plus $8 per user.
  • The Elite plan: a $40 monthly fee plus $10 per user per month. 

Zoho Expense: Alternative to TripLog With an Expense Mileage Tracker

Zoho is a SaaS software designed to offer freelancers, contractors, realtors, and trucking businesses, convenient time and mileage tracking functionalities. The app combines expense management and bookkeeping abilities to make expense tracking a bliss.

Read our in-depth Zoho Expense Mileage Tracking Review to see what else the software offer.

‍Time and GPS Location Tracking

Tracking time and attendance for your field agents and integrating them into the system doesn’t have to be stressful. Zoho mobile time and attendance tracking solution makes it easy to track and calculate work hours for field workers. 

zoho time tracker
The Zoho app will display real-time tracking when an employee clocks in.

The inbuilt GPS tracker allows employees to log time for work done in the office or outside, seamlessly capturing data for accurate billing.

Zoho only captures the worker’s actual location once they clock in and out but will have a hard tracking the real-time location of the employee on the go. 

That said, Zoho’s geo-fencing features allow managers to create virtual boundaries around a specific job area where employees can log in as soon as they arrive and log out when they leave. This ensures there are no more forgotten time entries, and you get accurate timesheet reports for reimbursement purposes.

‍Expense Mileage Tracking

Zoho also features a mileage tracker with different options to track mileage expenses. You can track mileage through point-to-point map location, distance covered, GPS, or odometer reading. 

We discovered that using GPS and a smartphone accelerator might be the best way to track mileage using the app. 

Zoho automatically picks your start and end location and calculates the distance of the trip to give you a detailed report of the miles and expenses. This report can be used to reimburse employees fairly and calculate taxes accurately when the tax season comes.

zoho dashboard
On the Zoho dashboard, you can see detailed reports of mileage logs for your employees.  

If you decide to track mileage using the distance covered, you’ll need to input the miles covered manually. You will also need a different mileage tracker to log the distance traveled. This method seems complex and prone to errors, especially since you have to use an Excel sheet to compile and track mileage.

Note that the Zoho mileage tracker doesn’t have a specific speed threshold for the app to start tracking mileage, which leaves room for errors that can potentially lead to unfair reimbursements and tax computations.

‍Other Notable Features

Zoho offers other features such as:

  • Attendance tracking
  • Reporting
  • Expense reports tracking
  • Expense and asset management
  • Employee and performance management
  • Integrations with other software solutions, such as Zoho People, Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Projects, Xero, Slack, QuickBooks Online, Sage Accounting Software, Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, and more.

‍Zoho Pricing

‍Zoho pricing comes in three tiers.

  • Standard plan: $3 per user per month (billed annually) or $5 per user per month (billed monthly)
  • Premium plan: $5 per user per month (billed annually) or $8 per user per month (billed monthly)
  • Enterprise plan: $8 per user per month (billed annually) or $12 per user per month (billed monthly)

MileIQ: Simple TripLog Alternative With No Time Tracker

Another potential alternative to TripLog is MileIQ, a mileage-tracking app that allows you to personalize it to suit your need and preferences. You can add locations or specific addresses to simplify the app’s classification of drives.

You can read our honest MileIQ Review to discover more features the app offers.

Time and GPS Location Tracking

The best tracking apps offer accurate time and location tracking capabilities. MileIQ lacks a dedicated time tracker, but the map shows an employee’s start and end destination. 

mileiq gps mobile
MileIQ only shows the start and end location of the trip.

Ensure you manually set your trips’ start and end locations to get accurate results. 

Alternative, such as Timeero, does a good job in time and GPS location tracking. You get to see the movement of your field employees in real-time, including the actual route, turns, breaks, and even stops.

Mileage Tracking

Despite lacking a time tracker, MileIQ features a reliable mileage tracker for field teams. 

The automatic drive detection uses a combination of Wi-Fi, cell data, passive GPS map lookup, and location service data to track miles automatically. But you must exceed a speed limit of half a mile - approximately 0.8km for the mileage tracker to start tracking miles.

Users can see all the details of their trip on the MileIQ app.

mileiq reports
Detailed mileage logs reports are available on the MileIQ dashboard.

Businesses that want to track door-to-door workforce might not find MileIQ the best app since it’s unable to track mileage for drives that don’t reach the speed threshold. 

But we have a detailed guide on the best door-to-door sales app to help you choose the best app for the job.

In a nutshell, MileIQ makes a great TripLog alternative as it offers automatic mileage tracking as long as you reach the speed limit. It also records fewer missed trips, and you can categorize your trips as personal or business. 

Other Important Features

‍MileIQ offers other features such as;

  • Expense reimbursements
  • Reporting
  • Drive classifications

MileIQ Pricing

Regarding charges, MileIQ has a free plan with limited usage where drivers can only track 40 drives per month‍.

The paid personal plan goes for $59.99 per year.

Additionally, MileIQ offers team plans with additional features such as IRS-compliant mileage reports, custom rates, and an option to add/remove drives. 

The plans include:

  • The Team Lite: $50 per user per year.
  • The Teams plan: $80 per user per year
  • The Team Pro plan: $100 per user per year

‍Choose the Most Accurate TripLog Alternative 

TripLog seems to be a convenient mileage and expense-tracking app for self-employed individuals, small business owners, real estate agents, accountants, IT teams, and more.

However, many TripLog alternatives offer more robust features and functionalities that would help monitor and track employees. If you don’t know where to start, try Timeero, an all-rounded mileage tracker that suits your needs and preferences.

‍Register for the 14-day trial and get started today!

Try an all-rounded alternative to TripLog with an accurate GPS location and mileage tracker.

Sign up for Timeero’s free trial and enjoy!
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